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So I'm home on leave and was thinking of trying to bring my electric guitar back with me. I want to bring it as a checked bag (can check 3 bags free) since of course free is a lot better than trying to ship it across the country. I only have a soft guitar bag for it though. It's not an expensive guitar (like $150) but I'd rather have it than buy a new one right now because I'm not huge into guitar, it's just fun to have around.

Now stuff in my bags always get broken when I check them (usually minor, plastic things). So if I wrapped my guitar in bubble wrap inside the soft case and maybe throw a few shirts on the top and bottom, do you think it'd make it back in one piece (I'd loosen or take off the strings). That way I can just ship the amp over and not end up paying a lot in shipping.

Ideas? I'd buy a hard case, but it's really not worth it. I just thought it'd be nice to bring over if I can do it for free.

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It's likely to break so my advice is to just smash it yourself to spite misfortune

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I'd advise against it.

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it's a gamble- should really only use a hardshell case if you're travelling with the guitar. but if you're committed, i'd loosen the strings and pad the interior with as much/many t shirts and crumpled newspaper as possible.

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When I travel, I'm usually allowed to take it into the cabin with me as an extra personal item. You should check into your airline's policy on that, if you haven't already.

I've seen how some airport staff treat instruments (or anything), though, and I can't recommend checking it without a hard case.

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If you really care about it - hard shell case.

If you don't care and thinks it will make a pretty hilarious story when it breaks - soft case.

It's not like once you use the hard case you have to throw it away.

If you don't like it enough just sell it on craigslist/ebay.

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As someone who's worked as a baggage handler, make sure the case would survive being run over by a small car and protect its contents from a 15-foot drop.

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Just put it in a rifle case and walk into the airport. They'll understand.

But seriously, hard case or nothing. It's not like they are THAT expensive, and you should have one anyway.

At least it's not an acoustic.

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Call the airline before hand to see if they will allow you to take it as carry-on. Most don't allow that, but occasionally I have been on flights with people who finagled a way to bring their instrument into the cabin with them.

If the airline will not allow you to bring it as carry-on, I suggest you ship it by courier with insurance. Baggage handlers do not give a goddamn about "fragile".

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I think I'm going to wrap the head in a ton of bubble wrap and the body in like one or two layers and fill the sides with clothes or something and take my chances. I'm never going to pay to ship it. It'll cost more to ship than it's worth. Like I said it was under $150 brand new like 6 years ago and it came with an amp, so it's like a $99 guitar. I could probably buy a guitar with my tax return, but personally I don't want a guitar... I'd like to have it if it's free to transport...but I'm not paying $80 to ship it....