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I just want to say this first, NO this is not yet another thread asking when trophies will come back :P 
OK, so we all remember back for a week when GB had trophy support. It was really sketchy and half of my games wouldn't even show up for some reason, and all the games had really weird point values associated with it. But that's what I'm mainly asking, about the points value - Wouldn't that offset the balance of the regular Achievements that we have in place for so long? 
What brought this to my mind was back when trophies were available on GB, the staff decided to give numerical values for each type of trophy. So it was something like Bronze would be 10 points, Silver would be 40, Gold 75 and Platinum 100. This got me thinking that it doesn't really make any sense - if they added into our current achievement score form our 360 or Steam achievements, wouldn't that offset the balance of some games? 
Example - In Darksiders, the PS3 version's trophies are set up like: Beating the game on Easy, Normal and Apocalyptic all give you gold medals. However, if you look on the 360 achievements for the game, Easy gives you 10 points because it's the lowest difficulty, and both Normal and Apocalyptic give you 100 points. So say that someone with the game on the 360 beats the game on Apocalyptic and gets 210 points. This would mean that if you did the exact same thing on PS3 you'd get 300 points, which doesn't make any sense. 
Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I don't think that trophies would work with the type of achievement system GB already has in place. If they wanted to make it work, they would have to drastically change the systems because people would be getting different scores for the same games. What do you guys think? Should trophies stay away from GB because of this reason, or do you have a different idea?

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I don't think trophy's should stay away, I want my Trophy's integrated.  
I see your concerns, but, if the Dev decided on which trophy to allocate to what achievement, then that is the Dev's call. 
I just think Sony should let it's data be known to the world. It's being a bitch.