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I've played a bit of Super Street FIghter IV, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Blazblue (roughly 10 hours each), and while I enjoy all three, I really want to hunker down and get "good" at one game. By good I don't mean "tournament" good, I just mean alright.

I think part of my problem is that I keep hopping from one fighting game to the next, so figuring out which one to dedicate all my fighting game time to is tough!

Here are my thoughts! And keep in mind, I'm getting a Vita, so having a Vita port could be part of the deciding factor. Would love some feedback, as well as some advice. Why do YOU like your preferred fighting game the most?

1. Super Street Fighter IV: I know this is petty, but I like how popular this game is. As someone who isn't really into the fighting game scene (ie: has few friends who play fighting games religiously), it is still pretty effortless busting out this game on party nights. Its easy to play, yet incredibly deep. I love the soundtrack and the looks of the stages. On the flip side, I'm not crazy about the characters (I main Juri, but beyond her no other character has really connected with me, mechanically or aesthetically). I like the pace of the fights, since the game has outlandish moments, but is relatively easy to follow/elegant. The lack of a Vita port (as of now), turns me off from the game a little.. as I'd like to be able to "train" when away from home as well. I have a 3DS and could get the game on that console.. but to be honest I find the slide pad and the D-pad not great on the system.. not to mention finding the screen real estate a little small on that system. That said, these are relatively small hurdles, and I could easily see myself playing this game on 3DS if this is the game I decide to get behind 100%.

2. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: I have a real love-hate relationship with this game. On the one hand, I love how flashy and "extreme" this game can be. massive hadoukens and triple jumps are fantastic, as are the outlandish, excellent cast of characters. On the other hand, I find that when playing against friends (or, god forbid, online) that are decent at the game, I might as well just put the controller down for significant chunks of the round: I'm just being juggled throughout a super long combo. All the things I love (massive jumps, screen filling specials), end up feeling hard to keep up with, or hard to dodge. I find it tiresome. I know this is simply a case of me not being good enough right now to break out of these combos (or simply preventing the combos from beginning), but I've started to ask myself the question of: do I really want to learn all these juggle combos? The style (and especially the soundtrack!) are things I can really get behind.. but reliance on really long air combos really bums me out. On the other hand, there is an absolutely sublime looking Vita port out in a couple weeks... and this is my favourite fighting game music song. And believe it or not, as a musician, ace original music will go a really long way in my appreciation of a game.

3. BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend: This game isn't out for another two weeks, but has the Vita version and the PS3 version launching on the same day. I've played some BB in the past and its a game I want to like more than I do. I think the hand drawn animation/general look of the game is the best of the bunch. The cast of characters is wild and varied, definitely putting to shame the half dozen Ryu variants in SFIV. I also love parts of the soundtrack (White Requiem is unreal), though in general have a rather strong distaste for metal. Mechanically, I found this game the most difficult to get into. It never "clicked". Granted, this is the game I've played the least of, but I couldn't help but find the general interface/flow of battle the most demanding. I'm consistently baffled by what's going on in the game.. and since none of my friends play BB, its hard to really play with someone in the room. I really like the general "feel" of the game, even if I'm terrible at it. And having a phenomenal looking Vita port excites me! Also, as a Persona 4 fan, I can't help but feel like out of all the fighting games I've mentioning, this one here will be the most like the P4 fighting game, since they are both Aksys joints. Honestly, the variety of the characters and the look of the animation, along with the PS3/Vita parity is what (might) push this game to the top for me.

4. King of Fighters XIII: I have played for little KoF. Max one hour total throughout the entire series, so honestly I can't say much about it. One thing I like about though is that it is seemingly (slightly!) more grounded in realism than all the other games on my list. People still have fireballs etc, but from everything I've seen, the combat seems to be way more focused on.. well, combat! The combos seem less over the top, less massive air combos, more fist fighting. I also like the art style of this game a lot. On the other hand, no character has really jumped out at me. Aaaand there is no Vita or 3DS version incoming, which, by no means a deal-breaker, sorta pushes me further away from this series...

5. Street Fighter X Tekken: This game is low on my radar. As I said earlier, I'm not crazy about the SF cast... and care even less about the Tekken characters. That said, I think both those games play well. I am interested, and with a Vita port coming out soon, this is definitely something I could play anywhere. I think I'll have to wait and see on this game...

Soul Calibur V and Mortal Kombat I should also mention. MK does nothing for me. I don't like the game's aesthetics at all. I think it plays really well, but I will not dedicate a lot of time into a game I don't really like to look at to begin with. Nothing personal against the game -- it seems like one of the best Fighting game packages on the market, I just do not like it! :P

Soul Calibur series, I LOVE that you have so much flexibility to customize your character/make your own. This is almost enough to make me give up on every fighting game and just play SC... but, beyond the customization, I'm not in love with the rest of the game. Yes, weapon-based combat is somehow still novel and awesome. But any fighting game with Z-axis (even if its just side-stepping), really bums me out. I don't like any of the music at all (or at least in SCIV) -- it was fine but unmemorable. The lack of a Vita/3DS port also bums me out. I might be willing to give this game some serious consideration if, for example, I could carry over my created character, along with all his/her unlockables and stats between the Vita and the PS3. This would be so awesome.

Alright let's leave it at that. What are YOUR fighting game series of choice? Based on what I've written, any advice you'd give me, in terms of what series to follow?

ps: the original Third Strike soundtrack is my fave fighting game soundtrack.. and perhaps has my favourite cast of SF characters.. but there is no Vita/3DS version, and the PSN version doesn't have the original soundtrack (I love Simon Viklund.. but I really love that original soundtrack!!!). I know this is petty, but this is a dealbreaker for me.

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Eh, I can't really get into fighting games. I stick with the decade+ of fundamentals I built up playing FPS games, just like those duders who've played fighting games have their fundamentals. I don't like being bad at a game and don't have the time to pick up something new. Basically if I were you I'd just pick up the latest fighting game which I assume is going to be SFxT and learn with the community if you want to get better. Coming in at the middle is probably one of the worst things you can do.

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I don't really enjoy fighting games too much, but I can recommend Mortal Kombat 9. If you haven't played it, it's pretty good.

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@Redbullet685 said:

I don't really enjoy fighting games too much, but I can recommend Mortal Kombat 9. If you haven't played it, it's pretty goof.

It's pretty goof?

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Based on what you said and how you are going to get a Vita I recommend Blaze Blue.

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@DarthOrange: Yeah I'm starting to think BlazBlue too. Thanks for the reply :)

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As the resident buyer of all video games ever, here are my thoughts.

SSFIV:AE - This is the most mechanically simple game of the bunch. All the other fighting games you mention take SF mechanics then pile more on top. It would be the quickest game to learn the basics of, allowing you to stop worrying about fundamentals and start focusing on deeper theory fighting. It is also the easiest game to dabble in since most characters follow a similar logic. Things you should be concerned about are a general difficulty playing on a pad because it's a six button fighter and very timing-specific combos that require 1/60th of a second precision.

UMvC3 - Despite the craziness, it's around the same level of complexity as KoFXIII. Because of the over-the-top nature of the combos in this game, positional awareness is key. Also this game is heavily weighted in favor of the aggressor so if you tend to be a more thoughtful, reactive player, it may not be the game for you. The room for experimentation and creativity, however, is second to none.

BB:CSE - This game is the most mechanically dense of all the recent fighting games. Not only does it have more base mechanics, each character has a mechanic completely unique to themselves making it incredibly hard to learn multiple characters simultaneously. There's a lot more micromanaging that has to be done in the heat of battle between barriers and bursts etc. Also keep in mind that because of its density and also relatively lower popularity, the people you are likely to find playing are going to be stone-cold killers. If you can get past all of this then you'll find an absolutely amazing game.

KoFXIII - While big combos are certainly possible in this game, a much higher premium is placed on your ability to maneuver your character. Also you were right in your assessment about the game being more of a brawl. Well placed single hits are going to be more common than big, bombastic combos. a majority of each round is going to be spent poking at your opponent. This game also has a significantly smaller audience, however, so bear that in mind.

SFxT - It's hard to say since the game isn't out yet, but it seems like it's going to be fairly punishing for newcomers to the genre. At a mechanical level it seems no more complex than UMvC3, but adding the intricacies of the gem system will make it a significantly tougher nut to crack. Also you will have to learn how to control two drastically different styles of play between the Tekken and Street Fighter characters. I'll be buying it day one, of course, and expect to be tearing my hair out within the first 30 minutes. This will be a rare opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor of what is basically an entirely new fighting game experience. Because of the popularity of both franchises, there is likely to be a significant number of new players for you to match up with and share the learning experience.

If I had to make a recommendation, I would say start with SSFIV:AE to learn the basics that will help you in any future fighting games you play, then transition in to SFxT in March and be part of the zeitgeist. If you have any other questions or want to play some Street Fighter or Marvel over PSN let me know. It's always good when a new challenger appears.

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Sonic The Fighters

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I find SF to be the most rewarding. BB is pretty cool though, just a lot of systems to get a handle on.

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Virtua Fighter is considered my many to be the deepest fighting game. I got fairly into VF4:Evo on PS2 in collage but that was probably because I had someone to play with. It's not the same playing with random people over the internet as learning the game along with a friend playing in the same room. VF5 I played a bit against the AI and did well and then just got smoked when trying to play online and I quit playing it.

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Street fighter is the middle ground of all fighting games, i think its best to start there to develop a foundation.

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I want to play SSF4 but I'm just no good at fighting games and don't want to invest in a whole stick thing. You should play SSF4 just so I can live my dreams through you..

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@StarvingGamer: Thanks for the thorough post. I'll have to digest some of what you wrote. I understand your points about SF4, and SFxT, but my general lack of interest in the characters kinda tears me away from it.

By no means do I dislike the characters, I just find that none of them really connected with me yet. I'll keep an eye on SFxT. I'm intrigued, albeit slightly. SF4 I should probably sink more time in, regardless of whatever game I end up choosing.

What you say about MvC giving more emphasis on offensive rather than defensive also bums me out a bit. I tend to use finesse characters who are really reactive. Might not give up on this game yet but its low on my list.

You've reassured what little I knew about KoF: that is the kind of brawler I could get into. The lack of Vita port, not to mention knowing no one who plays this game, is a detriment.

What you said about BB allures me... while also slightly scaring me away. Layers, dense mechanics I find cool, albeit hard to learn. I love the individuality of the characters, but I could see how this could bite you in the ass if you decided to start using a new character (or worse, switching over to a new game -- Persona 4, I'm looking at you!). The fact that there are so few players (and are therefore all quite good) is another con... but I want to want this game!

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Well, my favorite fighting game is Capcom vs SNK 2. Since nobody plays that game anymore, KOF XIII is the closest thing for me, seeing as I primarily used N-Groove in CVS. I'm not a rushdown type person, more of a keepaway/punisher type guy, so I can handle my own better in KOF and SF than I can in MVC or BB, though I do like playing those for a change of pace.

So, personally, my favorite game out there right now is KOF, but I have a bias towards it, obviously. I do really like SF IV, but the changes they made with AE threw me off a bit. Third Strike would be my other pick but I think less people play that right now than KOF, though I could be wrong.

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@Rmack: Mind telling me what you like about KoF/Capcom vs SNK? What do these bring to the table, in your opinion, that keeps you going to these games instead of SF, BB, etc.

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@DarthOrange said:

@Redbullet685 said:

I don't really enjoy fighting games too much, but I can recommend Mortal Kombat 9. If you haven't played it, it's pretty goof.

It's pretty goof?

Shit. I'm usually pretty good about not having spelling mistakes.

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just go with the game you like the most. video games are not a job, have fun. don't pick a game based on what other people like, it sounds like you've played a good amount, and have an idea what you like.

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@overjoyedpants said:

just go with the game you like the most. video games are not a job, have fun. don't pick a game based on what other people like, it sounds like you've played a good amount, and have an idea what you like.

Except for the fact that multiplayer games live and die by how many people are playing them, relating directly to which game other people like. This is especially important for matchmaking when you are a beginner, as less experienced players are the first to drop off when a game dips in popularity.

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I don't play many fighting games. That said, the one game that has ever made me want to get into the genre is this one:

Some people might not like this suggestion. Fine, but I do think that this is good for learning on and getting into fighting games with. Just this one, though - the first two are fun for about an hour and then you can toss them aside. This one's much better.

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You might get the most out of Street Fighter if you're looking to get serious about one game. It also has one of the bigger followings behind fighting games, so there are many, many resources you can consult to get better, and a lot of people to practice with.

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@RainVillain said:

@Rmack: Mind telling me what you like about KoF/Capcom vs SNK? What do these bring to the table, in your opinion, that keeps you going to these games instead of SF, BB, etc.

Capcom vs SNK 2 had both an amazing roster combined with different ways to play everyone. The groove system made you choose what kind of meter and maneuverability you had before the fight even starts. Because it came out in 2001, I always played in the N-Groove, because it was the thing that played most like KOF 98, a mystic game I couldn't find in many arcades back then. I loved the way characters moved in that game, with the choice of jumping, hopping, running and rolling. The new KOF retains a lot of that freedom of movement, which is why I still really love it. Like someone else pointed out, KOF is a lot about poking and reacting to mistakes, which is sort of my preferred style.

I love SF4 but the emphasis on cross up wake-up games just kinda turns everything into a guessing game that mindfucks me too easily. Likewise, when I reach a certain point in MVC I just don't have the tools to deal with my opponent anymore. It turns less into a game of reacting and more of one about rushing (though I have seen some awesome high level play with players baiting each other out). BB is fun and I still pop it in from time to time, but I could just never find a character for me.

Hope that answers your questions a bit. I've been playing fighting games since I was seven years old, but I'm not spectacular at them or anything, so don't think I'm any sort of authority on this stuff.

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The only thing I want to say is that Mortal Kombat is the only fighting game I can play decently. I can't finish the Street Fighter 4 campaign mode on it's easiest setting. I suppose if you want to get good at something without loads of stress and time I'd recommend MK, but yeah it's your choice.

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I think Mortal Kombat is the best introductory fighting game out right now

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I dont understand why you don't just get mortal kombat.

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Another vote for MK9. I'll take Mortal Kombat over all those games originally listed, in a heartbeat.

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As someone who has put well over a thousand hours into street fighter, play street fighter.

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@Carryboy said:

As someone who has put well over a thousand hours into street fighter, play street fighter.

As someone who's pretty rubbish at Street Fighter, get Mortal Kombat........And Street Fighter.

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@Cloudenvy said:

@Carryboy said:

As someone who has put well over a thousand hours into street fighter, play street fighter.

As someone who's pretty rubbish at Street Fighter, get Mortal Kombat........And Street Fighter.

No one is rubbish at street fighter, some people just havent put the time in yet :)

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I swear that I try! it's just the Ryan Davis reaction, every time I get the drop on a dude I become excited and totally mess up!

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I know where your coming from the combos and such need to be purely muscle memory if your trying to think about what button to push when you get in aswell as everything else then yeh your kind of boned.

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@Carryboy: Bound to be sucky at Street Fighter forever. : (

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If its not too late... You should definitely buy Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. You should play this game everyday for hours on end. Learn every combo. Master every character. Love every minute.

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I'm no expert. You may enjoy this however.
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Why don't you just not hunker down and play one, and just play all of them as they come. It's better to be good at a handful of different games, than better at an individual game. My favorite fighting games would have to be Capcom vs SNK, only 'cause I like the fact they bring the best (and then some) of the characters from both fighting worlds and match them up. I like Street Fighter and King of Fighters, but also, you should look into 3D fighters as well, like Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Dead or Alive, Soul Caliber. Even maybe Mortal Kombat. I suggest playing an array of fighting games. I don't play a lot of fighting games anymore, but the genre is the first genre I have ever gotten good at when it comes to video games, so I still like them a whole lot, and have most of them. By the way, they need to make another Capcom vs SNK. I also wouldn't mind a Tekken vs Virtua Fighter; not that what I would play them much, but still. There are a lot of smaller fighting games out there as well that if you look around, you may be surprised.

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For me, I choose the game that works best on a pad. So, I play Mortal Kombat and occasionally SF. I find that BlazBlue is kind of a mess with a controller. I've always wanted to get into KoF though.

EDIT: Oh, and I also couldn't get into any of the characters, asthetically. I know I could play any of them if I tried, but I didn't care for how they looked or were portrayed. This was not a rental either. I bought BlazBlue and, like yourself, tried my hardest to get into it. I just couldn't do it. I was not enjoying it as much as MK or SF.

Annnd I don't really like Soul Calibur, because of ring outs. The fighting system is fine, but not as appealing as other games in the genre.

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I would recommend Mortal Kombat 9. It's fun and pretty easy to get into, but still has enough there if you want to really get into it and pull off some of the crazy combo stuff. The story is also pretty awesome too.