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I've been trying to remember the name of this shareware disc I used to have (so I can buy it). All that I can remember of it is what the CD looked like and some of the games on it. It had blue artwork on the disc with a dude that is holding a controller, I believe the outlines or the title on the disc were yellow but I'm not sure. I know it isn't much but I'm hoping the community could help me figure it out.

There were a lot of games on the CD but the only ones I can remember are; Doom, Bodycount, Tubular Worlds, Spit Wad Willy, Raptor: Call of the Shadows, Rise of The Triad, Commander Keen (I think it was 6), Alone in The Dark (can't remember how many), and I think Wolfenstein 3D was too.

This disc was a big part of my gaming childhood so I would appreciate any help.

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The name of the publisher of all those games was Apogee, if that helps with your search. Buying a disk that has a bunch of free games on it seems a little weird, though!

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@veektarius: They weren't full games they were all demos and some of them had completely different levels for the demos that weren't even in the full game (like Rise of The Triad). Doom is a good example of how it worked. You would get the first episode of Doom for free as a demo but to get the other episodes you would have to buy the full game.

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Game Empire, maybe?

That's a tough one... shareware compilations were everywhere back then.

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There's no way to tell as shareware compilations (which weren't usually free to get but free to "share") were often created (cd burned or disk made) by many different people and sellers which they'd then sell at tech fairs.

I still have a bunch. The only way to know is to know the name of the compilation. So you'd have to find somebody who also got the same disc in your area at the same time who either still has it or happens to know the name of the one you had. The odds are pretty astounding.

Good luck.