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Track Editor 
1000+ Cars  
Fully Customizable Cars 
Racing Performance Car Editor 
Support for the G-27 Racing Wheel
GT-TV (full episodes of Top Gear and whatnot) 
Damage (finally) 
Day/Night Real Time 
Weather Real Time 
F1 Racing 
World Championship Rally 
Fully Featured Online Mode 
Arcade Mode 
Driving Licenses  
Sebastian Vettel   
Kitchen Sink
What I don't get, is why EA is stupid enough to release NFS just one week after GT5 hits the world.  Would anyone even buy it compared to the sales of GT5?  Hell, the fucking demo of GT5 sold 5 million units, a DEMO sold more than every Forza game did on it's own. 
Speaking of Forza, Turn 10 must be insanely pissed.  For all the shit they talked, while the GT5 guy said NOTHING, well the moment is about to come.  Those idiots at Turn 10 are going to have their bar shattered and a new one will be placed in the heavens.   
What I don't get is why in god's name you even talk all that shit when you know GT5 is around the corner, and when you know the DEMO of GT5 has been outselling your games.   
Is anyone else glad Turn 10 is about to get their asses handed to them in 2 months?  I hope they lose face, and they stick with Kinnect racing games, they aren't even worthy of making another simulation of cars.   
Pro Tip - Don't talk shit on a game when the paid demo edition is outselling your full retail games.

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Don't forget the kitchen sink.
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Why would Turn 10 be pissed? It's going to be over a year after their release.

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Yes, i would rather buy the NFS game if its any good as the old hot pursuit.
EDIT: And i thought that GT5 was a sim racer? Why would even compare those two...

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@Alexander: If I remember they clearly stated Forza 3 would be the DEFINATIVE RACING GAME of the Generation...and NOTHING would come close to beat it.  :\ 
Plus all the shit they talked about GT5 and the team who is making it.
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This might be the first driving game i pick up in years.The last one was Most Wanted.

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Well developers are meant to talk up their own games, and Turn 10 have already reaped the benefits by releasing their game a year earlier. GT5 having all these features doesn't take anything away from Forza 3, so I don't get what you're point is. Just seems like a false sense of fanboy justice, unless I am mistaken.

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@Dirty_Harry: Forza...is the DEFINITIVE RACING SIMULATOR, remember? 
I take back NFS, as it is vastly different...but still a racing game coming out within a week of GT5.  >.>
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I dont think that Turn 10 is all that phased by most of these points. 
Turn 10 has never had or has never tried to achieve the same quantity of cars as in a GT game. GT4 came out before Forza 1, so certainly if they were going for quantity they could have done it by forza 3 - so i don't think thats really on the agenda. 
Kart Racing ? GT always included more novelty cars like the Ford Model T and Jay Leno's Tank car, whereas Forza is a bit more serious. 
Track editor is very cool and Im sure something that Turn 10 would look into.   
I don't think GT-TV will be all that big of a deal. Of course this is just my opinion.  
Arcade Mode, Online Mode, Licenses? This is just a copied and pasted list right? 
NFS is an arcade game and GT5 is a sim - NFS will still sell alot of units. 
I'm sure Turn 10 are not all that worried, as I believe Polyphony may have actually been after seeing Forza 3!

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    Audi R10 TDI Stealth Model

    Honda NSX GT500 Stealth Model

    McLaren F1 Stealth Model

    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Stealth Model

I need to change my pants
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@Scrumdidlyumptious: GT team never talked shit through the entire development of GT5, they kept their mouth shuts the entire time. 
@SamFo said:
"  whereas Forza is a bit more serious. !"
...which is why Forza had F1 Simulator, WRC, and NASCAR right?   I mean, you can't get any more serious with racing than F1...the apex of racing.    Sebastian Vettel flat out said GT5 is the most realistic racing game ever made.  Fucking F1 drivers are praising GT5.
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That post stunk of fanboyism, but yeh, theyre probs going to have to have a sitdown and think about what they do with the next installment.

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@KaosAngel said:

  For all the shit they talked... 
  Pro Tip - Don't talk shit on a game when the paid demo edition is outselling your full retail games. " 

@Turn 10 dude:
"I've got huge respect for Yamauchi and what the Polyphony Digital team does, they're a great developer. But do I personally feel confident that it would be difficult for any other racing game to do this,"      
I would barely call this 'talking shit'
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@SamFo: Their entire E3 2009 and post-E3 shit with Forza being the definitive racing simulator, and that no other game comes close?  All the shit they talked at E3, and then up to the release of Forza 3.
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In the time that GT5 has been made, Turn Ten has turned out(see what I did there)three different games. The games are on two different systems, with Grand Turismo being released to a smaller base. Sure at the end of the day GT5 is going to have a lot of features, but it's not going to sell to anyone who doesn't like extremely hardcore racing games, a very small market in the grand scheme of things.

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GT5 wasnt out? No game does come close to Forza 3 at present. 
Did you expect them to say "No game comes close to Forza 3... until GT5 comes out"
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@Gearhead: ...but GT5 Prologue still out sold each of the Forza games....so that should tell you something? 
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This thread is full of GT fanboy rage lulz

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Even if they did, and they're wildly wrong about it, from the standpoint of sales Froza 3 is done and it sold very well (I don't know the full figures but 1 million in the first month is what you'd call good). From the standpoint of development Gran Turismo 5 is six years after Gran Turismo 4, when GT5 comes out with all these features I doubt Turn 10 are going to care to compare when in that time they put out three games and a franchise to rival what was once the only popular driving simulation going. There are a large number of innovations they've put into the genre for which they should be happy about.

Now when Turn 10 said "Forza 3... definitive.. this generation blah blah", you think they did that because they wanted you to know what they thought or do you think it was all in the name of promotion and publicity? I'd go with the latter; Turn 10 don't give a shit about what they said all that time ago, they're going to learn from what GT5 brings to the table when they go about making the next Forza.
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Love me some Forza and GT, what was the question again?

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Wow, the first fanboy thread I've seen on this site since I been here.  Way to go tool.
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@Alexander:  @SamFo: The professional F1 racers are praising the hell out of GT5 and NOT the F1 racing game, that should tell you something.  GT never had to pay for cars and every company on the track list was demanded by the manufacture, which is why Porsche isn't on the list...they charge for royalties or some shit. 
When you have the car companies begging to put their cars in GT5, and the F1 drivers claiming GT5 is the most realistic racing game coming out over the official F1 game, you know something is big.   
Forza team talked way too much shit, and they still couldn't outsell the demo of GT5.  Forza either goes to being an arcady racing game or they man up and admit they can't make games compared to Poly.   
How could you even claim you were the definitive racing game when you didn't even have F1 in your simulator? 
@sins_of_mosin:  @lawlerballer: Six god damn years, and too many damn delays!  >.>
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Ok kids, I'm not into racing games at all -- but Turn 10 do indeed produce quality racing titles, as proven by the fanbase and critical reception. And remember that Forza 2 was originality meant to compete with GT5, yet they've pulled another game out of their hats with still a year inbetween the release of GT5. Now I don't count all the PR shit that goes around to get you hyped and tell you this game is the second coming of Jesus or a similar spiritual figure in your preference. Its just stuff you don't need. GT5 looks very promising sir, and has a good chance of knocking the racing genre on it's feet -- but that doesn't mean Turn 10 hasn't had it's run of great games for the past 2 years.

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@KaosAngel said:
" Pro Tip - Don't talk shit on a game when the paid demo edition is outselling your full retail games. "
Pro Tip - Don't talk shit about a game. Period. It just makes you look like an ass.
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You seriously make the dumbest threads on the internet. 
Also half those points you mentioned are retarded or in Forza 3. Turn 10 made 3 games in the time it took PD to make one, who do think is happier MS or Sony. They also changed racing sim games and made it accessible to everyone, something PD is bound to copy.

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@KaosAngel: My point is that Turn 10 don't care about what they said, they are not shitting their pants / thread title most likely wishful thinking on your part.
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Which drivers (plural) are saying that about GT5? Is there anything on the net about this?  
Also how many Formula 1 cars are actually in this game?
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@zombie2011 said:
" and made it accessible to everyone, something PD is bound to copy. "
....that makes no sense.  GT3 and GT4 both sold over 10 million units, while no Forza game broke 3 million.   Which game made it more accessible to everyone? 
@SamFo: They're keeping quiet about the F1 until a later date, but Sebastian Vettel is already confirmed.  If they scored him, the others should be confirmed too.
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Forza 3 has way better driving/racing physics than any GT game. GT5 may have more features and may sell more but It will have a tough time coming close to the driving feel Forza has. I've always preferred Forza over GT because of this and unless GT5 improves their driving, then Forza will always be better than GT as far as driving physics go.

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@Guyzea: ...did you play the Time Test Trial that came out earlier this year?  They vastly improved the physics, and GT5 supports the G-27 wheel with clutch, something Forza couldn't even do, even with the lower tiered G-25 racing wheel.
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@KaosAngel: Turn 10 released 2 games in the series, and is already at work on the 4th Forza in the time it took to make GT5. I don't understand why you are saying this is a good thing for GT5. Longer development time = more features. Duh. 
And they said it was definitive because they made the game, they want it to sell, so they were marketing it. Just look at the back cover of your games and you'll see similar quotes about that game in that genre. It's just how things work.
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People will still buy NFS.  Those are people who don't own PS3's. 

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Damn fanboys get out of here. Where the hell did this come from. BACK UNDER YOUR ROCK. I thought this place was free of stupid posts talking up consoles and games like it's nazie germany vs the allies.

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@Sadisticham: I'm not fanboy, and I own all the consoles but if you were here in 2009, you'd know how pissed I was at Turn 10 last year, and you'd also know how much I love me some cars...I own a Mercedes E350 Coupe and an Infinity G37 Coupe.  >.>
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I agree GT 5 is turning out to be impressive game. However I disagree with you other points. First EA is not dumb, the market crossover for Hot Pursuit game and GT 5 is pretty small. I know I looking forward more to NFS then then the next Forza. In my opinion that like saying people who play MW2 will drop it when the next ARMA comes out. Second why does turn 10 care anyone who was going to pay close to full prive for Forza has already done so, they have their money.

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 Not really. Turn 10 took racing to a whole new level. They made it social, they made it classy, they made it kick ass, they made it easy to get into and still kept every bit of depth. And it didn't take a billion years to make. Considering the only GT stuff I've played in recent times handled real poorly, looks really blah, and was poorly presented, I'd say that Forza 3 is a better over all package than what we have seen so far. The thing that was cool about GT was the hardcore dedication. With a track editor and kart racing and all of that shit, its quite clear that Turn 10  @Alexander: Defined  what modern sim racing games kinda have to be: accessible with a wide range of activities and gameplay with a manageable learning curve, without giving up detailed physics engines and all of the hardcore stuff we were used to. Turn 10 knows how to present a damned game. I hope GT is good for you all, but I also hope you get over your fanboy crap and see that there's more than one big boy on the block now. And that is a good thing. Now they can play off of each other (which they are doing) and improve and compete.

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I never understand alot of your posts, their game has been out a while now.
And they've time to release that and more if they wanted in a sequel.
 And it's a NFS game, does that game still carry as much as weight as it did?

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  Here's the website you were looking for.
Let's keep have a little more maturity when posting on Giantbomb.
Not to mention dignity..  you sound like you've been god damned brainwashed.
I also don't understand your point.  Forza 3 is still a fantastic game and boasts features that GT5 still doesn't have, and they managed to complete it and release it in a reasonable time frame.  If GT5 is anything short of a masterpiece after all this time, then they've just wasted their own time and money, along with everyone elses.  I'm sure it'll be a great game, but I'm also sure that Turn 10 will be able to come out with Forza 4 in a fraction of the time it's taken them to develop GT5.. and it'll likely be even better.
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@KaosAngel:  I don't care what you own. Fact is your here now, with your stupid title and your stupid post going on about how superior one game with 5+ years of development is to another game with significantly less. 
It's not a fair comparison. You know it, i know it, everybody else with some common sense knows it. Buy the game enjoy the game and get over this odd obsession with Forza and turn ten. It's been a year..move on.
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@KaosAngel an F1 driver paid a lot of money to be nice about the game is nice about the game.. big whoop. 
I much prefer GT to forza(esp if they put in an equal or better racing line aid) but take these things with a grain of salt.

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@WinterSnowblind: Uh, again..you know I love cars right?  I've been pissed at Turn 10 for years for not supporting F1, the G-27 racing wheel I paid $250 for, and a bunch of other stuff.  This has nothing to do with fanboys but the shit Turn 10 pulled last year. 
I just bought a $70,000 car for my Business School graduation, trust me when I say this...I love cars and GT5 is shaping into a car lover's dream.
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@zombie2011 said:

" @KaosAngel: You seriously make the dumbest threads on the internet.  Also half those points you mentioned are retarded or in Forza 3. Turn 10 made 3 games in the time it took PD to make one, who do think is happier MS or Sony. They also changed racing sim games and made it accessible to everyone, something PD is bound to copy. "

This. I gave my sister Forza 3 and she has never played a racing game before, and she is addicted. She uses all of the assists but she is having fun. She wouldn't last 5 minutes in a more "hardcore" racing game. 
I already have rFactor. It's the simulator that the F1 teams use. And A1GP. It has way more content than GT5. It has Karting, about 20 seasons of F1, a load of NASCAR (including more than just the sprint cup), Touring cars from the last 50 years, loads of junior open wheeled series such as F2, F3, GP2, Formula Nippon and Formula Renault, and over 1000 tracks (including the Top Gear test track, and pro tip: It's a boring track). The physics are also more realistic than GT5. You can have more than 16 cars on track at the same time too. If I want to play Rally games then I play Richard Burns Rally, which also has way more content and better physics. If there is a car or track that rFactor doesn't have GTR2 or GTR Evolution will have it. The only thing GT5 has that I don't already have is the eye candy, and that doesn't justify me buying a PS3 just for that. Especially as rFactor 2 is coming out soon. If I wanted eye candy I would sign up for iracing.  
Here is an rfactor video, this is a racing simulator. 
GT5 is a driving game. When you get the box in your hands and it says the real racing simulator, now you know they are wrong. 
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I think KaosAngel's merely trying to point out that Turn 10 should have been a bit more sincere in the build up to their game. They were disrespectful about Kaz and co -- constantly dropping the "definitive racer" line, their community manager in GAF, and claiming they now "lead the racing sim genre" in interviews don't help their position. The Gran Turismo 5 feature-set (as posted in a couple of threads around GiantBomb now) is above and beyond anything we've seen on  before. I'd argue that this is the most complete game ever released. It's just enormous.
There's plenty of room for Forza and GT to coexist. If Turn 10 had been a bit more humble in the first place, there'd be no discussion. Polyphony's only ever respectful about other competing titles.

#45 Posted by senrat (336 posts) -

Turn 10 has been the developer putting the most innovation in the racing genre over the last few years NOT PD. I have no doubt PD delayed GT5 because of the kickass package Turn 10 put together with Forza 3.  Im glad their are two good racing sims out their for consoles. This is fueling innovation in the genre from both developers.

#46 Posted by Burns098356GX (1366 posts) -

For a game 6 years in development, it better include all that shit.

#47 Posted by KaosAngel (14251 posts) -
@get2sammyb said:
" , their community manager in GAF, "
Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that last year.  Turn 10 pulled so much shit last year, I'm surprised no one remembers.  This has nothing to do with games, but face.  Turn 10 did a lot of shit Poly would NEVER do, and it's not just marketing it's a lot of shit.
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@Guyzea said:
" Forza 3 has way better driving/racing physics than any GT game. GT5 may have more features and may sell more but It will have a tough time coming close to the driving feel Forza has. I've always preferred Forza over GT because of this and unless GT5 improves their driving, then Forza will always be better than GT as far as driving physics go. "
That's bullshit and you know it. Absolute bullshit. Did you play the Time Trial demo? I played the rally track at the PlayStation Beta Rooms earlier in the year and it's unbelievable. It's crazy life-like with the official steering wheel and force feedback (which is what they had on display when I checked it out).
#49 Posted by 71Ranchero (3139 posts) -

If the actual driving is still the same as all the past GT games then it doesn't matter how much content they put in. You should not be able to win a race by putting in the largest turbo and holding down the gas button.

#50 Posted by Binman88 (3707 posts) -

I can't remember the comments Turn 10 made about their own game, but if they were trying to snub the GT series, GT5 will undoubtedly be a slap in the face for them. Other than that, there's nothing wrong with these games existing in the same planet, but for me nothing compares to the experience GT games of the past have given me.