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So since I'm now a premium member, I was looking at things I can do. One of the things I can do is watch Giant Bomb on my t.v. in HD. But all I need is a Roku or one of the other boxes suggested. It's not expensive or anything, I just want to know if anyone else uses these methods or if I should use a different method like just connecting a HDMI cable to my laptop since I could do that. What do you other premium fella's think?

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Roku is fine and cheap -- and you can use it for Netflix, MOG, Pandora and other stuff, too.

Roku is a little slow and the interface feels a little ancient, but it does the job and is dead simple.

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I've got a Roku and really like it a lot. It's the best Netflix streamer I've encountered as well (and I've encountered some real bad ones too). Laptop to TV would work too, but maybe get a decent wireless mouse or keyboard/trackpad thing for convenience.

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I love my Roku. Especially if you have Amazon Prime, you can stream movies onto Roku off your account.

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Also have a roku, I prefer it over my PS3 and 360 for things like Netflix and Hulu. The best thing about the Giant Bomb app on Roku is having it save where you leave off in a video, but I wouldn't say it's worth buying a roku just for that one app.

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Another vote for Roku - I have 2, one in my bedroom and one in my basement hooked up to a TV so I can watch Netflix while on the treadmill. It's barebones, but it does everything you'd need it to do and nothing more.

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My Roku (GiantBomb Box) is pretty good.

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Yep, it's great on Roku. The way i watch like 95% of my videos from this site.

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I download the videos to my PC and then just stream them to my 360 or PS3

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I also have Netflix that I use on my Ps3 as it is. But I think I could just go with the Roku box since I don't need anything more than just that and Giant Bomb app of course. Plus it's very cheap with no monthly fee's which I like a lot. I appreciate the help duders!

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While we're talking about this stuff, anyone got any suggestions for ROKU channels to watch their twitch/justin.tv channel? Or youtube channels?

I know there aren't any real official channels for those, but i'm pretty sure there must be some decent alternatives i'm missing out on right now.