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I'm hoping that E3 can offer something interesting or perhaps a new game release will do it. Maybe it's just me but what with the lack of PS4 and Xbone games and this period of transition, gaming and gaming news feels a bit dull at the moment. Or is it just me ?

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Your thread title seems irrelevant to your complaints about this being a transition period between generations.

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Gaming news:

- Person said this on Twitter

- X game has been delayed or cancelled

- Some studio shut down or let people go

- Sexism and why it's only bad when tropes or silly clothing are related to women

Gaming news has always been pretty boring.

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I don't think Twitch Pokemon was over reported. I think everybody mentioned it like once. If you've been seeing it pop up in the news too much then it's probably because you're going to too many sites that cover the same things.

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Honestly I think the idea is pretty interesting -- it's definitely worth 'reporting' on.

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Video game news industry is pathetic, it's not the fault of anyone, but when you report on a subject that is so slow moving, you report on what you can otherwise you aren't making the profit to keep running.

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the worst thing regarding this was the Sessler Twitch stream in which you could control Sessler to do dumb stuff..... That was the point when I thought enough already....

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TPP is a neat idea, but the fan community of it has gone slightly off the deep end. The actual hatred and anger that was spewed when the creator introduced a more democratic approach to sifting through commands was nothing short of hilarious.

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That's because Patricia is a shit journalist and is (among others) been deteriorating Kotaku since Brian Crecente left.