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So I'm currently staying a few months in Seoul, training at a Taekwondo academy and the master here is trying to brush up on his social networking to keep in touch with people and the like. I've helped hook him up with facebook but have never used twitter before in my life and have no idea how to explain it to him. He's wanting to use it for the same ends as facebook and I was wondering if someone here could break down 'The Tweet', as he calls it, in simple terms that I could relay back to him (i.e. what it's used for and how to use it). I tried making an account myself but have seriously no idea how the damned thing's supposed to work.
Thanks for the help!

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Twitter is like sending an instant message to the entire internet. It's not really about communicating between two people. You follow people who interest you, and others will follow you if they find you interesting. Tweet about what you like and see who comes by.
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You can also set your profile to private if you only want to share with your friends. Twitter is basically facebook, but only the status updates. 

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^Those guys pretty much explained everything. 

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Toby's pretty much got it. You could follow me at mikemennuti , but I hardly ever tweet. You'd probably be better off following me here. I don't know why you would do that if I didn't know you though.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate all the help!