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Bravo! Tomorrow night shall be a splendid affair!

#52 Posted by SharpShotApollo (164 posts) -

Shit these are amazing. Well done! Looking forward to Unplugged tomorrow more than ever now.

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Wow, that's some quality fucking work.

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GB Community representing! Awesome job guys!

#56 Posted by Y2Ken (1808 posts) -

These sets are both fuckin' incredible. Great job, both of you!

#57 Posted by djou (895 posts) -

I don't know anything about DnD and I haven't watched any of the Pathfinder videos but the fact that someone made these miniatures is absolutely awesome. The community on this site is fantastic. Hats off to you.

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The word is out on the streets. The Last Canadians are rolling dice and goblins best be running for their lives.

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Those are great!

#60 Posted by PulledaBrad (631 posts) -

@essi2 said:

Nice minies!

Now I'm kinda ashamed my Space Wolves still remain unpainted.

I still have a Hobbit set and 1/2 of the DA set unfinished from last year :(

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Slow fucking clap. I wish I could add to the conversation but what else is there to say other than HELL YES!

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Fuck both those sets are incredible.

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Really cool to finally see these after the were mentioned a few streams ago.

Nice work, duders.

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Those figures are amazing!

Can't wait for the next livestream.

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Wow, those look amazing.

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The more I look at them, the more they fill my heart with wondrous glee.

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Dear God those are cool.

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Oh hey, I remember seeing these when the guys were making them in their thread. Awesome that they made it to the offices, those things are kickass.

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Amazing work!

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Good job duders!

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This is awesome, like really awesome.

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Those are some of the greatest things I've ever seen, what a great community GB has!

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Absolutely amazing. Great job!

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Wow, this is incredible. Well done!!

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Well, this just became too cool for the internet. Shut it down, folks.

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I love. That is all.

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Hoooooooly crap, those are amazing.

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Oh my lord, I love you guys.

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Now where is that sound file from Unreal Tournament 2004 where the announcer belts out "HOLY SHIT (add reverb)"?

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@zelyre: Hey duder, thanks for the informative post. I think "kitbashing" is my new favorite word.

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I'm fucking floored right now. That's SO COOL!

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Im calling it now Vbomb and Mirror Vbomb team up

#86 Posted by RonGalaxy (3718 posts) -

Giant Bomb community has been OP as of late. Honestly, it might be the best gamecentric community on the web.

#87 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Each and every one of these is a goddamn work of art but VBOMB with the statue arm and sword makes me giggle every time I look at it.

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These are amazing. I love VBomb #2 holding the hand.

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You've got some serious miniature painting skills. I used to play Warhammer, 40k, and Mordheim way back when, but I couldn't paint at all. They all looked horrible, even when I really tried. Was great fun though.

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Fantastic job on both of those sets. Although I have to say, I prefer the second set of characters mainly because I feel like each character feels unique and has their own identity (whereas the first set feels too much like a team, if you get my meaning). Still they look pretty damn awesome!

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This is ridiculous in all the best ways.

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Amazing stuff.

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That it just great. Cant wait for the next episode.

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So glad people like this continue to exist. <3

Gives hope for mankind.

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Excellent work! Alright I need to catch up on some Pathfinder.

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Just... wow!

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These are great. Can't wait for the stream today.

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@rohay: or V-Bomb gets mad that mirror world V-Bomb is articulate and makes him look bad, so he kills him.