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Link to countdown page that seems legit (Chris Roberts tweeted it)

Looks Ultima related based on the font, and rpgs seem to be back in favor (yay), so an HD remake or a new crowd-funded Ultima game (perhaps Ultima Online 2)? Which would you want?

Or perhaps EA is making a Ultima fps...

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I think he was talking about a browser-based game on some internet show a while back...

I don't remember. I want to be excited, but Garriott's best days as a developer are far, far behind him.

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He is probably just gonna fart out a social game to feed his crippling space addiction.

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I thought you were talking about @LordXavierBritish when I read the title for the first time.

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Gotta fund that next space trip somehow.

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Wasn't the last game he made Tabula Rasa? Yeahhhhhhh.... I hold no special love for Ultima, but the man has made and overseen some pretty important games... all of which came out more than 20 years ago.

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I've always admired Garriott, but never actually gotten into his games. Ultima VII is one of those white whale games for me. If he comes back and makes something cool, I'll check it out. In the meantime, we can watch him showing off his awesome home.

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