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This is a quick question to any UK users. (I've looked through the forums and trawled Google and can't find anything).

I know that since entering administration HMV have continued to operate, but are they still accepting trade ins of used games?

Thanks :D

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If its anything like Game they will probably be desperate for trade ins, as they are cheap way of getting new stock. So while I don't know for sure, I would say yes. Just make sure you spend all the credit on the day.

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I havent seen anything instore saying that they arent but other than that I havent heard anything one way or the other.

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@amatureidiot: yeah that's what I thought. I guess I'll find out tomorrow! Thanks

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They no longer buy used games, not sure if they are selling current used stock or have dumped it as part of the administration process. Either the new owners are not in to it or building up a mass of used stock is just a poor use of capital they can't afford.