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Hey bombers,

I have a day job as a software engineer, but always wanted to make games. I finally finished making my Mobile game, for the Windows Phone Unity contest and while I was at it - ported it nice and easy to Android.

Its a pretty simple game, but (i think) has better than your average first game quality. I knew that starting small was the key to finishing a polished product. It takes inspiration from space invaders and adds in some RPG elements, randomization, and even a little 'enemy affix' concepts from Diablo. Its fun to play on the go - my coworkers enjoyed play-testing it!

I spent a bit of time developing a good workflow for creating 2d content, using the free version of unity and free programs. I tried searching around the forums for unity tutorials or experiences and didn't find anything from my (limited) search. I'm wondering if anyone has blogged about it or put anything into the community and if anyone thinks such a thing is warranted. What I found most interesting is not the game design process itself (theres lots of generic content on that), but optimizing for mobile and learning how to submit and format a games 'basics' - good menus, review links etc - that would be my angle.

but I don't want to waste my time if there is already great stuff out there.

If you are curious here is a link to the trailer and the Android and Windows phone store where you can check out some media.

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...dersmust&hl=en

WP8: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/st...6-e1483002bb3a

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I'd certainly be interested in hearing a bit about your workflow and organization, but keep in mind that Unity 4.3 is going to have new tools for working with 2D. It doesn't seem like that support is going to be all that broad, but we're most likely going to see further 2D game support in the future. So, some of your processes could potentially be changing in the future.

A lot of people that do 2D in Unity right now generally use plugins to supplement capabilities. 2D Toolkit and NGUI are two of the more popular ones that I'm aware of.

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@chaser324: That is a good point. 4.3 will remove the need for most of the plugins I used. hmm. Perhaps Ill just stick to the platform registration and features stuff. I used Ragepixel for most of my workflow (and graphics gale) with a sprite splitter.

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I'd like to hear how 2D games in Unity are done. At most, I've only messed around with the 3D stuff and 2D plugins like Orthello. Very cool stuff BTW. Did you do the art and music yourself? And how long did it take from conception to completion?