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Though I absolutely detest what they did with the voiced protagonist and the sidelining of skill checks, I like Fallout 4 a lot more than most people and think it's better than 3 in a lot of ways. It's got my favorite atmosphere of any of Bethesda's recent games (perhaps barring Point Lookout).

Though I didn't "love it" per se, I had a pretty good time with Dragon Age II (it might have helped that I got it for free). Story was decidedly less than fantastic, but it was nice to play a mainstream RPG where the main character was not some sort of ordained Chosen One.

Assassin's Creed III has my favorite setting of any of the AC games so far and I really enjoyed running around the colonial countryside.

Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 is the most fun I've ever had with an MMO (I generally don't like MMOs so that might have something to do with it).

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ESO is a decent MMO now; they improved a lot and I had fun with it. I got overwhelmed with the number of quests like I do with most MMOs, though, and fell off.

Talking of which, I loved DC Universe Online on PS3. I had a fantastic time with my trench coat-wearing, dual pistol-wielding psychic girl. That's one I did finish and enjoyed, despite the criticism it received. I loved whizzing around Metropolis and Gotham City, kicking ass.

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Dragon Age 2 and Street Fighter V are the two that come to mind. Both are rushed and poorly executed but still ultimately pretty fun to play.

If Fate/Stay Night is a game it qualifies here too. Being poorly written is a pretty big deal for a visual novel but I somehow still liked it enough to go through all 100 hours of it.

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@mezmero said:

@redhotchilimist: I feel like we've talked about this before... I think the point I was getting at is that I can buy into the nonsensical Musuo mission structure BECAUSE it was a made up story centered around the sort of "military maneuvers". That plot is dumb but better than you might think for what I agree is simply fan fiction. It's better than the story in World RED that's for sure. Basing a game on the actual arcs from the series is seriously distracting to me personally, especially trying to retell it in such a hokey way with a soundtrack that is nowhere near as good as the anime. I will probably go back to it at some point but that story mode was a real slog to play. I never tried the adventure mode or whatever the other thing was called so you'd have to let me know if that is any better.

We'd probably need to talk about it in a more negative thread but PW1 was rooooooough and you might just have to take my word for it. PW2 brought in stuff like: being able to buy character levels with in game currency instead of needing to grind for individual characters, being able to "save" teammates and critical mission NPCs by getting near them to recover their HP, and the team-ups that essentially let you play two characters during a style action. These all seem like no-brainer, quality of life design improvements but this is stuff that Musuo games didn't even bother addressing for the better part of a decade prior to these One Piece games. Good iteration is hard to come by in a lot of games and I think PW2 hit it a way that didn't think that developer was capable of so I try to compliment it as much as I can.

Yeah, we probably had this talk in the anime thread some time. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on the story front, though I'll back you up on the bad music. It helped that it was my first, no doubt, so it was cool to even see those characters in a remotely fun game.

Those improvements in PW2 are real crucial, I don't think a single person in PW3 would have made it through a battle if I couldn't get near them and recover their HP. Like half the objectives in that game are just reaching another guy and rescue them from the onslaught of an enemy, which works fine for me when it's rescuing Chopper and doesn't work as well when it's rescuing Zoro. Assists are a huge part of it too, and I love how you can add more and more super moves to your big super by using the other characters' super. By the end of a stage, it's cool to have gone from a single super to four at the same time. I can't imagine what it's like without being able to buy levels for other characters. Like, I wasn't playing the others that much anyway, but the only thing that even made them an option was being able to pump them up to my current level with cash.

The DREAM MODE is... fine, I guess? It's two factions fighting, and then you pick one of them and fight along with them against the other. Something like "Ladies vs Admirals" or "Arlong Fishmen VS Hody Jones Fishmen", but with little actual unique dialogue that I can remember. I think it's supposed to be like Event Matches in Smash Bros., but the battles aren't unique enough to make it interesting. You unlock a NIGHTMARE MODE afterwards that seems to be the same thing, only harder, but I was tired of it by that point and didn't play more than one or two stages. It was hard.

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SimCity 2013. I totally get why people hate this game, but something about creating my own little small town suburbia is super fun to me.

Yeah there's like zero challenge to the game but it's my perfect "come home and turn my brain off" game :)

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I just remember Brandish on the SNES is a game I really loved playing through, but looking at reviews most people seem to dislike it which is totally understandable. The controls and the way you navigate in that game is kind of insane. Once you get over those hurdles though there is a real good dungeon crawler to be found.

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I really like Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. I think they're stories aren't great, but the combat is fun enough. Traversing through different disney themed worlds is delightful and the FF flavor thrown in is nice too. I played them originally in my youth, so that has a lot to do with my fondness for them. I went back and played 1 a couple of years ago and still found it enjoyable though. As far as I can remember, that's the only outright controversial game (in regards to quality) that I can think of for this particular topic.

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Although I don't think that it's regarded as being bad so much as middle of the road, I really enjoyed Stranglehold. Admittedly, it came out at a time when I was super deep into the Hong-Kong action scene so that definitely may have played a part in my affection, but I still think that it's a mechanically solid game that's dripping with style and is just the right level of absurd.

A more controversial choice is probably the 2007 reboot of Shadowrun. Having never played any of the original games, I came to it with no real expectations beyond hoping it would be a fun arena shooter and that's pretty much exactly what I got. A friend and I both picked it up on release and had a hell of a lot of fun with the different powers and classes. Since then I have dabbled a bit with the original and dumped a lot of time into the more recent reboot by Harebrained and can completely understand why fans of the franchise would feel burned by the '07 game though.

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I've heard good things about Alpha Protocol, and I've heard bad things. I watched footage of it being played and cringed hard through most of it.

It was super cheap on Bundle Stars yesterday (£2.48/$3), so I thought why not? I picked the field agent class, and did all of the first missions in Saudi Arabia. I was stealthy and hardly engaged anyone. I am totally into it. It reminds me a lot of Syphon Filter with RPG elements and dialogue tree mechanic. I like the characters, and I love the safehouses that feel really unique and have proper super-spy shit.

The only bad thing so far is the A.I. It's dumb and archaic. I will definitely finish it this week.

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@riostarwind: have you played Samurai Warriors 4 by chance? it has a similar dash cancelling mechanic

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probably one of my most disliked picks for favorites is Sonic Lost World. my first playthrough was an absolute chore because that game teaches you nothing. once I learned the nuances of movement and got used to some of the annoyances I ended up having a lot of fun with it.

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@siegarettes:I played a bit of Samurai Warriors 4 II. Although it does have that neat dash cancel move I had a bunch of issues with the game on PC so I didn't end up playing it much.

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Tenchu Z on 360

I might have played little bit too much of this, considering how bad it is. There is just something that grabbed me and made me go through all of the 50 missions on 3 different difficulties. Also played decent amount of the co-op multiplayer, which was suprisingly fun with random people.

It's weird to say this on year 2017, but Tenchu Z has been a lot on my mind lately and i might dig up my 360 and go finish that last difficulty...

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Dead Space 2. I did enjoy Dragon Age 2 too.. but the game wasn't bad, it just far from the masterpiece Dragon Age Origins was. I also liked DA:I, which was better than 2. Also, not super great tho.... (why do i feel i'll be added funny faced mass effect to this too...)

EDIT: Alpha Protocol was a god damn good game. :) I think people expected it to be a shooter and it wasn't.. well.. i liked the game a lot.

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Batman: Arkham Knight

Easily the best Batman game and one of the best action games ever made

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Teenage mutant ninja turtles for the NES, maybe i won't like it so much now but i loved it as a kid.

Anarchy Reigns, seemed the popular opinion was this game was bad but i thought it was one of the best multiplayer games i have played

ANARCHY REIGNS! MY DUDE! That game was so awesome. So much style, so much ridiculousness, AND it was a budget title. Still look at it longingly on my shelf and sigh...

And if you go back a few years my list grows and grows...let's see...

MediEvil 1&2 (still waiting on that sequel...), Silent Bomber, T.R.A.P. Gunner, Intelligent Qube, Winback, Killswitch, Tomba 2, Klonoa, and on and on...

Not all these games were bad, but almost all of them were definitely not popular, but what can I say, I'm a sucker for those sweet hidden gem bargain basement deals.

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Yeah my big one is Dragon Age II, I remember my friend and I picking are copies up at Gamestop when I was in high school and both of us being huge fans of DA:O. While it is know where near as good as DA:O was, I felt that the combat was more fun and I enjoyed the story of Hawke.

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Assassin's Creed Unity, bugs aside, is my favorite in the series. Syndicate felt like a dumbed-down Unity in every aspect.

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There are some visual novels, like Sharin no Kuni or G Senjou no Maou, that I think are excellent but will never be popular.

As far as outright "bad" goes... I kinda like gacha games generall, and have been very deep into Fire Emblem: Heroes. Most people I've seen around here seem to either actively dislike it or be disinterested in it, which is 100% valid. But I enjoy the hell out of it. I'm longing for a few more modes, but other than that, I like the game a lot.

I was playing Tales of Link for a while, too, a gacha game based on Namco's "Tales of" series. That one was an objectively bad game with little to nothing in the way of redeeming qualities and I played and enjoyed it for months. I only quit because Fire Emblem Heroes scratches all the same itches but is actually, at its core, a fun concept for a game.

On the subject of Tales, I really like Tales of Legendia, which is kind of an almost-universally disliked entry in the franchise. At least, among fans of the series. It's a pretty standard JRPG with some pretty fun/dumb story twists, but I played it when I was ~15 years old and was incredibly moved by the story, which I now know is super corny and cliched. That said, after you finish up the "main quest" you set out on "character quests" meant to wrap up each individual character's specific arc. People hated them because they weren't voiced, but when I played it, and even now, VO isn't a thing I really care about in games, so I just appreciated wrapping up all the loose ends and seeing the characters get to fully mature.

As far as games that are bad that I know are bad but I like and really can't defend liking... I enjoy StarFox Assault, the non-dinosaur Starfox game for the gamecube. It is a bad video game. My friends and I would play the local multiplayer and invent stories and factions and reasons for the conflict, then developed the story further based on who one. It's the only time I've ever done something like that; we were basically role-playing this game and it's not even a game that deserves the attention. I don't know, I think on it fondly because of those times, and would probably still have fun with it if I picked it up today.

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Arkham Origins is the second best batman game. Asylum is the only one better.

At the moment I guess I'm one of 8 people that liked the first few hours of ME:A

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@warlordpayne said:

@lentfilms: God, I wanted to like Knights in the Nightmare so badly, but it was just too damned difficult for me. It's a brilliant game that I wish I was better at.

The game is indeed very complicated but I just played the game on easy and that got me through it.

@siegarettes said:

i'm real interested in Another Code R and Sakura Wars, as i'm making my way through wii games. what's the deal with those two?

Another Code R is an adventure game that is a direct sequel to Trace Memory on the DS. R improves upon its predecessor in almost every way with a better story with a large cast of fairly well developed characters, nice water-colored visuals and a chill atmosphere that I really enjoyed. People might be annoyed by some of the puzzles but I had a great time with the game. Personally I think it is right up there with Cing's other classic, Hotel Dusk.

Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love is a strategy RPG that is very similar to titles like Valkyria Chronicles in terms of gameplay, in fact a lot of the team members from the first Valkyria Chronicles got their start developing the Sakura Wars games on the PS2 and Dreamcast. Along with the strategy gameplay, Sakura Wars also has dating sim/visual novel segments where the player can increase their relationship with a cast of heroines through dialogue choices and the like. It is a really fun game full of over-the-top charm and good production values, featuring artwork by Kosuke Fujishima, as well as some great vocal musical numbers. It is a goofy fun time.

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I really enjoyed Saboteur. I thought the black and white world changing to color was cool. It had its open world jank but it wasn't that bad.

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Banished on PC. It's a town building game set in the 17th century in North America. The game is excruciatingly unforgiving since any small mishap will disrupt your production chains and lead to your entire town dying. Every time you think you've got the game figured out your villagers will surprise you with some truly stupid behaviours that inevitably lead to them starving to death which sets off an unstoppable chain reaction of death. All this said, I love the atmosphere of the game and the punishing difficulty made it pretty satisfying when I finally figured out the path to victory. Once a winning strategy is figured out the game turns into a test of how well you can manage the inevitable disasters your town will face as it grows in size. Each new citizen is a liability and a strain on your economy so it can be quite difficult to increase your population significantly. It is pretty common in the game to have huge population booms that stress your town to the point of collapse because there isn't enough firewood to go around in the winter.

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I still like going through Sonic Adventure every couple years or so. Also, played through a game called Aquaria. Can't recommend it, but there was some interesting idea in it. I do wish it was tightened up though.

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Mostly just because I like borderlands in general as a "watch giantbomb or netflix" while a play and also because I like the way it ends, I am alright with the pre-sequel

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Flash games on Kongregate. Hell, I will even go more specific, I play "upgrade" games on Kongregate way too much. I'm not that big into clickers, but god damn its nice to watch the numbers go up no matter what the genre is.

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I enjoyed The Bureau: Xcom Declassified.

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Arkham Origins is the second best batman game. Asylum is the only one better.

I'm...I'm not alone? Oh joyous day!

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Darksiders 2 was something i really really enjoyed. I thought the music and gameplay were top notch. I don't think the games are known to be bad but they're definitely not popular compared to some of the other games mentioned in this thread. The ending was also very promising and had me excited for future installments......then the THQ thing happened and the series' future is became uncertain (although apparently theyre working on a new one).

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@katygaga: You have a right to your opinion of course, but I just recoiled a little bit from my monitor.

Asylum > Origins > City >>>> Knight...I couldn't stand the Batmobile overemphasis, mostly dull side content, collectible bloat, and the regressive "boss fights"