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Does anyone else find the forum to be a chaotic mess? I really hope that as the site develops the forums section develops actual forums, so that there can be a designated area to discuss specific topics. Am i alone in thinking that a free for all forum is not a good thing?

#2 Posted by xplodedd (1316 posts) -

the forum is broken down, its not our fault that you keep going to only 1, there are hundreds. this is just like a summary of whats happening.

#3 Posted by Johanz (248 posts) -

Well there are forum sections, check to your right or search for a game/character and enter it's specific forum. I think structure will come when things settle in, the thing you see when you click "forums" is not an overview like you do on most forums, but a recent topis across ALL forums. Takes a bit to get used to I guess. :)

#4 Posted by Pakorn (183 posts) -

You can also favorite specific boards you like - its like a "create-your-own" topic list!