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Hey! We sold something like 1,300 posters but have now signed over 2,000 of them. Isn't it great when stuff gets damaged in shipment?

please let's never do this again

If you still haven't received a poster but have an order confirmation, you should receive it within two weeks. We have the remaining posters all signed up and ready to go back to the warehouse. This time they're sending a messenger over to pick them up themselves, rather than ship them via UPS (which I suspect stacked the boxes on their sides the last time around, causing many of them to get bent while they shipped). We've had a number of them get damaged in between the warehouse and their final destination. If you get a damaged poster, please contact orders@socialimprints.com and they should be able to help you out. (But be sure to send pictures of the damage, as we've had a few people try to get second posters as "replacements" for "damaged" ones without being able to provide any visual evidence of said damage. I will not hesitate to give out site bans if I catch anyone trying that.)

So, hopefully, if you ordered a poster and haven't received it yet, you will get it within a couple of weeks.

Once all the posters are shipped out and every order has been fulfilled, we'll take stock of how many good posters we have left and might put them up for sale at some point in the future. Or we'll save them for site giveaways or something. Or we'll set them on fire during a livestream, or seal them up and bury them across the United States as part of the premium-exclusive Gigantic Giant Bomb Geocache Gala! feature that I'm planning for 2017. We'll see.

Sorry for the delays in getting these out to you. Hopefully they'll be worth it when they arrive.

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Mine was a little torn up and bent in the lower right side, but after getting it framed you can hardly tell. I am just happy you guys were willing to ship it all the way to Acapulco, Mexico!

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Thanks Rorie!http://wagsandwhiskershouston.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/puppy-dog.jpg

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Thanks Rorie. Just got my shipping confirmation, really do hope it's in good condition, it's travelling to Spain.

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Yes! I got my order has been shipped e-mail a few hours ago. I was beginning to give up hope. But now I'm so happy!

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So, basically, you guys are taking a loss on this initiative? Just like when the 'T-shirt guy' took off with the money?

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Why aren't you using stamps.com small business owner?

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@rvone said:

So, basically, you guys are taking a loss on this initiative? Just like when the 'T-shirt guy' took off with the money?

What happened concerning this mysterious "T-shirt guy"?

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@wolfgame said:

@rvone said:

So, basically, you guys are taking a loss on this initiative? Just like when the 'T-shirt guy' took off with the money?

What happened concerning this mysterious "T-shirt guy"?

They gave some guy money to make a bunch of shirts then he ran away with the money.

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I vote for the Gigantic Giant Bomb Geocache Gala premium content.

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Social Imprints is the problem as far as I'm concerned. The first poster I got, shipped via UPS, the tube was so badly damaged that I still haven't gotten the poster out of the tube. My replacement poster came via USPS, and the tube was bent in the middle and one of the ends so all down the middle and bottom of the poster are dents and white marks. Email has been sent for a third one.

Back when Tested had a poster made I also went through THREE posters before I got one that was not completely trashed (still not perfect, mind you). It's not like I live in some third world country like the UK or Australia. I'm on the east coast.

Is it illegal to ship something in a PVC tube? Seriously, that's what the need to fucking do. I don't give a damn how much the shipping would be. I want my thing to not be completely busted when I get it.

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I got mine yesterday, but it was unfortunately messed up as well, too much to get it framed. However, since I'm getting a replacement from social Imprints I might as well give this one away to someone who didn't get one. The upper left border is dented, and there are a few very visible dents over the poster, and many more less vible ones (pictures). I'd just ask whoever wants it to cover the shipping. I live in Germany, so prices may vary depending on destination. If you want it, just shoot me a message. And it's gone!

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i got in touch with Holly at social imprints and there are on it. she hasn't asked me to show the damages but im ready to if necessary.

like i said before if i dont have to send back the damaged ones, id be more than happy to bring them as giveaways at PAX East. Sucks because I was hoping to bring the good posters their to get some missing signatures...

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I got an email saying mine shipped yesterday. Thanks, and I'm sorry you guys have had to deal with these headaches over a really cool thing you decided to do.

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Hurrah! Thanks Rorie et al, here is your puppy based reward, except this time, you're the one getting chomped!

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Getting ready for round 2!

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why doesnt anyone ever sticky @rorie's threads????

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I got a damaged one, emailed Rorie, and got a replacement in about a week. Thanks for all the work you're putting into this, Matt, I really appreciate it.