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I'm planning to upgrade my Macbook Pro, to increase to 8GB from the base 4GB and to get an SSD hard drive installed, however, I am not entirely sure how to go about this. I think I've got the RAM down, but the SSD is alluding me. I'm not sure what kind to get, what speed, etc.

So, I ask the community to give me a little hand, if you'd be so kind?

My Macbook Pro is Mid-2010 -- 17-inch, currently with 2.66GHz i7, 500GB HDD, 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

Thank you, guys.

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I assume you know something about PC parts but lets say you don't. Do not buy anything from Apple or Mac vendors since they jack up the price. Buy from Newegg or if you are lucky to have a FRYs or Microcenter or something like that around.

RAM. 8GB, get 2 sticks of 4. I think the Macbook Pros from 2010 can only take up to 8 gigs and only up to 1333 MHz, so I would stick with that. Crucial, Patriot, Kingston. Just get RAM from a reputable vendor.

SSD. I don't think Apple was using SATA III at the time but it doesn't matter. For the SSD, you really don't have to worry about the details like speed on it, you will get the benefit from it and since that Macbook probably is SATA II, it won't make a difference to you. Just pick one on price and size. Again, check the ratings on how reliable they are. You are gonna probably be shrinking your space since a 512 GB SSD is about $400 bucks. If you can spend the money then cool but I would go with a 256 and even keep that old hard drive around and use it as an external drive.

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You can do the disc drive mod on MBPs to remove the disc drive and install an SSD caddy, so then you keep the HDD too.

Will from Tested did that on one of his I believe. After all, who uses DVD drives anymore?

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