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So I've completely hit my ceiling in terms of storage space on my 60gb PS3, and I'd like to put a bigger hard drive in there to get some more space, but I'm really worried about my save games. When my last ps3 broke I tried transferring some save files onto the new system by putting them on my flash drive, but I wasn't capable of copying half the files, and some of the ones I could had weird restrictions, like in FF13, where I was able to move the file, and load the file, but I couldn't save it after playing. So my question is, is there any way to transfer all of my saves onto my bigger replaced hard drive without some dumb restrictions? I'd just like some confirmation from somebody who knows before I spend my money.

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I did this exact thing a few years ago, upgraded from a 60 GB to a 500 GB. What we did was partition a drive an external drive, threw everything on that, put in the new one and then transfer that data onto the new drive. If I remember correctly, some saves just won't work and you will loose them no matter what so maybe google search what saves won't transfer onto a new HD. Maybe purchase a month of PS+ and use their cloud for your saves, that should work.

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@Nightriff: Well damn it. I can't play through Dragon Age again. The PS plus thing might work, anybody know?

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If you use the built in backup function in the systems menu you should be able to copy everything to an external drive, even saves that are usually copy-protected. Just make sure that the transfer drive is formatted in the same way and you should be fine. Here is a video that walks you through the steps, it's a little old but seeing as you're using the same console as the video you should be fine.

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Couple ways to go about it. You could do the cloud saves, which allows you to copy protected saves (I did this for my good ol' 60 when it finally bit the dust to save those saves). Or if you use the actual backup tool that is on the PS3, it will copy your protected saves. The thing about the tool is that A) you need somewhere to put the backup (like an external drive) and B) it takes for-god-damn-ever to do. for a 60 gig between saving to the external and then transferring back you're literally looking at a good 4 - 6 hours overall. I shudder to think how long my 320gb would take. (currently about half full).

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Okay thanks guys, I'm gonna try it out on payday. And if it doesn't work I think I can still just slap the old hard drive in.

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Just delete game data (installed games and patches) and digital games before backing up so you only have game saves copying over.

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God, such a shitty way of doing things. THEY ARE JUST SAVES SONY.

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Make a backup and restore it to the new drive.

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@MordeaniisChaos: The decision is left up to each company actually, so shame on Sony for letting them do it, but the ones I'm really mad at are Bioware and Squeenix for choosing too. Most first party games are not protected, that I've seen.

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I got PS+ at the same time I upgraded my hard drive (PS+ was the reason I upgraded)

Had no problem with any of my saves/data transferring over including my FF13 saves.

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Just remember that Little Big Planet 1 and 2 keeps your save in the game data utility, rather then as an actual save file, and has to be exported into a save from within the games itself.

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@Hunter5024: It's system level stuff, so it's up to the system owner to make sure it's good for the consumer.

It's also just been so difficult to use their tools in the past even without that crap.

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On a related note, does anyone know if the 12 GB ultra slim lets you install replacement drives?

Edit: Also, I totally lost gamesaves when replacing my 360 HDD with Microsoft's official transfer cable.

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@TrafalgarLaw said:

Just delete game data (installed games and patches) and digital games before backing up so you only have game saves copying over.

I would only do this if you have limited space on the backup drive or know you're never ever ever going to play those games again. Downloading patches/games and installing game data again will take longer than just backing it up and restoring.