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I received an email from Giant Bomb earlier today saying to click the link to verify my account. Obviously I have an account that was verified when I first signed up over a year ago. So I guess I should ignore it right?

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You should probably ask a mod about this. Or put this in the bugs & reporting section. ~ But sure.

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Two things:

  1. You should have checked this thread before creating a thread regarding a bug and
  2. This should have been posted in the Bug Reporting board.

Still, that's odd, according to the erstwhile linked thread they've already addressed the e-mail issues. I got an e-mail I wasn't supposed to get as well, but that was about three weeks ago when the new website launched.

"Addressing the email issues. These are temporarily shut off right now, but due to a bug people were getting emails that they weren't supposed to get. Update: We've addressed the main bugs with this, and emails for forgot password and billing will now work. We've disabled notification emails though for the moment. We'll get this back up soon."

- Dave Snider

In other news, centered quotes kinda don't look like quotes anymore unless you credit them.

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@_chad: It's part of the new site changeover - it should come from and look something like this:


Thanks for signing up for Giant Bomb.

Click this link to activate your account: