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1. Its announced to cost USD$249 which is as much as a Wii and more than an 360 Arcade. For comparisons sake, a 360 arcade is AUD$300 and an elite is AUD$550. PS3s are still sitting pretty at $700.

2. The internet over here is shamed by its regional neighbours. 30gb will cost you AUD$99.99 (btw we don't have 1 cent coins so .99 deals are dodgy).


So what do you think? people of the world and fellow kangaroo cullers.

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I think the PSP Go is a step backwards, and I don't see anything positve in it whatsoever.

So no, it's not viable in this market. PSP-3000 is the way to go for people who have yet to adopt the system, in my opinion.

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ok so im aussie and im with optus, you are getting fucked paying that much for your internet, i get 60GB a month and home phone for 75

about the psp, if its launching at the same price in the US as the original psp did, then it will be $400AU like the first psp

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@jarryd: your on the fusion plan right. I'm on that too. It sucks either way. I'm used to places like Singapore, Hong Kong or Japan where internet speeds are like 100 mbits(at least) and unlimited bandwidth for like USD$40-60 .
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PSP Games really range in size. A game like Syphon Filter is a gig, while Patapon 2 was only 350 megs. The price for the PSP Go! will eventually go down, but I guess you're still pretty screwed on that front.

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I think it is not viable, unless ISPs offer bandwidth-free deals. iiNet for example offers bandwidth free Xbox 360 use, Internode offers a faster backdoor into World of WarCraft US-based servers, perhaps an ISP here can provide bandwidth-free PSP Go, though if that was to happen it'd be with a singular ISP and really not affect the majority of potentional consumers.

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I reckon they should start selling games in chips like what they're doing with music in the US. Things like their m2 garbage or more preferably a SD or MicroSD card. Wheres the cyberpunk revolution to get rid of disc media? either that or back to floppies for me.

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@jarryd: That's better than my deal mate; my family is paying roughly $120/month for mandatory landline and 25gb consolidated DL/UL traffic per month. It's from Telstra and they're the only ISP to service my area, so other carrier whom I'd be keen on (Internode, iinet) aren't available.

But I totally agree, for bandwidth-heavy services, ie. Xbox-Live (Demos, video), Steam, etc  they should be offered as unmetered in this country.
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I think we get screwed enough by the industry at large. Why invite a savage fiduciary raping!??

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My opinion is that Sony hates you, and wishes your continent would sink.

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I think the biggest problem is not the likely price - $400 and that is pretty horrible.  It isn't the internet - and that is a real problem (I have a 2gb limit per month).

No, the real problem is retail.  If there are no games to put in the games section, where does the console go?  EB games don't sell the iPod Touch and selling the PSP Go presents the same problems.  The games sell the consoles and with no games on the shelf, there are no consoles.  In stores like KMart or Harvey Norman, the PSP go will end up with the MP3 players and be ignored by the large masses.

It is going to wither and die.  Well, actually, it has done that pretty much already - the PSP sections are a ghost town.  This is the last nail in the coffin.
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It should be noted that your figures are slightly out, if Big W are anything to go by. According to BigWentertainment.com.au , the PSP GO! will launch at the ball-breaking, ass-puckering price of $506.20. What is important to realize is, however, that the redesigned PS3 now sells at $488, with EB Games refusing to carry the handheld system at all. Could it be dead even before arrival?