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I want that hat.  

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I want that outfit. 
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I want his coat,

and his coat,
and all of her outfit on my significant other.
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Morrigan wears good stuff!
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 Tokido's godlike pose.
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MC Buffalo Wiz'
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I'd like to wear Samus' suit, simply because I want to see how it folds a human being into a ball without killing them. Also, I like wearing girl's clothes.

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I want mini-kegs in my hair
Warhammer Online
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I would love mini kegs or cans in my girl's hair! Would be awesome.

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Only real 'outfit' I would dare to be seen in.
Besides the obvious Varia Suit from Samus, blasting fools!
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@TaliciaDragonsong:  Thank you for giving me an excuse to show this image. :-)
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Let's see: Jonny Boy's straight mackin' photo + Paint.net = Bill (or albino Saddam)

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Donkey Kong's tie.

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Make the pink more red and I'll wear it!
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For me, well I guess it would be the Spartan Mjolnir armor

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I would like a Raccoon City PD jacket 

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John Marston's Duster From Red Dead Redemption would be awesome.

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Either this one or this one
Well ok, actually just the second one, the other one I already have but it just feels so nice to walk around in. 

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Slick N7 armour or Altair/Ezio's outfit.

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By doing so, I will condemn myself forever to weeaboodom. But you gotta admit, they're pretty smart uniforms.

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I wanted to make a Nathan Spencer outfit, but my wife wasn't into the idea of me killing her and using her body parts to create the arm.  Talk about not contributing to the team.

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@WhiskeyMcGhee:  I would definitely  wear Mr. Tunoku's jacket. 

Also this.
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Dante's from Dante's Inferno, Isaac Clarke's, and Nomad's from Crysis.
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any power armor ever, not because it looks badass but because I could do badass things.

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I'd like to wear pretty much any video game power armor but my number one pick would definitely be the MJOLNIR mk VI armor.

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T-51b Power Armor 
the regular armor I have sucks
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Chinese Stealth Armor all the way.

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I just want to see if I could actually walk in it without tripping all over myself.
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Rolento, Street Fighter 3!