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#51 Posted by GunstarRed (5305 posts) -

I don't have any up now, but I used to have a picture of Baird getting curb stomped by a locust out of the official Xbox magazine on the back of my door.

I have a print signed by a bunch of supergiant with a scumbag from Bastion somewhere. I have never found a good place to put it. It's a lovely picture though.

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@d_bones: I would definitely put up a video game poster if it was something along the lines of the prints that go for sale on Mondo. Generic ones maybe not.

(It's not a video game, but I just got this one in the mail and am pretty psyched about it.)

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@chaser324: Looks like I won't be getting one of those then!

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@crosstheatlantic: that is pretty sweet I'm sort of really interested in the minimalist style as well. Just found this dude think his name is William henry that has some awesome ones for sale. I'd go with the Mass Effect 2 one and his movie ones are awesome too especially drive. Found him on etsey.

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I don't have any up but i have nothing against the idea. I actually own a few game posters that i would like to throw up but its expensive to get large posters framed or mounted and the rooms in which i would hang them are already pretty full with movie posters.

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People who don't frame their posters what do you use to stick them to the wall? My tape always dries and the posters fall on top of me when I'm sleeping.

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I recently bought these 3 and hung them up, i like the simplicity (think the flower one isnt that great but part of a set). I think the artist's name is Taylor Hick. So i guess my answer is yay if its tastefull

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I want to have the Oblivion map and age the paper and frame it and mount it up on the wall. I want to do this with the Skyward Sword map as well so people would assume that it is just old maps as opposed to a video game homage.

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I've recently ordered my first (Warning: Bioshock Infinite spoiler, so don't click that if you haven't finished the game) video game poster; I never had anything against getting them, but I've spent most of my time collecting movie posters. I liked the idea of getting one from each decade; some are originals, but most are replicas (say, for instance, this Metropolis poster, whose original is technically the most expensive poster ever. Probably not getting my hands on that). I don't really mind replicas; I buy what I buy because they are nice to look at, not because they hold some kind of monetary value.

If I were to keep getting video game posters, it'd probably be more abstract ones like that Bioshock poster, rather than direct art from the game itself.

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There's a lot of WoW art that I would hang on my wall.

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I got this sexy beast on my wall. It's one of the limited edition lithographs they had on the offical Bioware store. Apparently no one bought them and I happened to catch it on sale for like $10-$20. It's the first art I bought and I really love it as Dragon Age Origins is one of my all time favourite games. It's an old photo too. Now it hangs on my wall behind the TV at the foot of my bed.

I also went on a Spending spree and bought all of the TF2 head posters. I frustratingly bought frames for all of them too only to find out once I got them home that they were POS frames that didn't stay together and literally fell apart in my hands. At $15 a pop that was a lot of money to waste. I have been wanting to get the framed as just putting posters on the wall looks bad to me, but to get any kind of halfway good frame at 18x24 you are looking at $20 a pop. Rather expensive.

This is not my picture, but it shows what they all look like. Mine are all sitting in the tubes they came in.

Edit: I also got the Banner Saga poster but the fucktards mailed them all out in a tube that was too big. So when most of us got them the posters were all ripped to dog shit and had to be thrown out. Really burned on that. I don't think they ever did anything to make up for it too, but I'm going to try and track them down and see. It's been so long now that I doubt they would do anything. If it hadn't have been ruined I would have had that framed and put up too.

Again, not a pic of mine but included to show what it's supposed to look like.

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@epicsteve: Just got this today!

Also here's a signed Firefall poster I got a good while ago. Damn shame what happened to Red 5. They were good people.

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I actually looked into getting some video game posters that I could reasonably hang on my wall last year. Most were way too tacky for my tastes and it almost seemed useless. I eventually came across these on amazon. They were very minimalist and just what I was looking for. I framed them as well of course.

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@d_bones: Those look awesome! I might have to order one of those Mass Effect posters.

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I have a lot of trouble finding video game posters. It's usually just promotional art which is not something I'm interested in. I just want a piece of art I like. Which usually doesn't exist as a poster for the games I like. I've been thinking of doing some perler bead stuff but I'm worried it would look tacky.

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I had a Warcraft 3 poster way back when, no game poster compares to this one though:

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I had a resident evil 4 poster for a really long time that was leon getting chainsawed in the neck by dr. salvador. Back then I used staples to put up posters, which ruined the corners and then my cousin accidently ripped it. Even after that I had it up because I loved it so much, but recently I got rid of it... Really wish I could find another one. Right now I have a dmc4 poster on my wall that's pretty cool. Used to have an infamous 2 poster, but I dont know where it is anymore...

So Im all for video game posters!

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These are pretty badass posters.

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@chaser324: I personally think I am already too old for posters in my living space in general (and I am only 26) but that portal poster is classy and beautiful. If its something like that I would put it up.

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Bonus Yay.

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Anything that has a logo as prominently as the art is pretty much a no-go for me, but if it's just a nice piece of art that happens to be video game inspired, I'm down with that. It would have to be something nice enough to get framed. Most promotional posters are pretty tacky. That said, I don't have any game-related posters on my walls. I do have a Psychonauts poster signed by Tim Schafer, but I don't have it displayed anywhere. (I actually think I have @butano's Brutal Legend poster signed by Tim Schafer too, but I'm not sure exactly where.)

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I have a few so Yay to game posters. I have this cheap but decent sized Shadow of the Colossus poster I got out of a magazine a long time ago if that counts. A few months ago I bought this print of Sander Cohen from Bioshock, which I really like: Sander Cohen . I'd also like to get their some of their other Bioshock posters like this one: Lutece. I like buying posters by artists or their fan work. My posters aren't currently hung up because I don't have enough wall space in my room or frames for them, so I need to get on that.

Edit: Thought I'd add the images of them.