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I think it was the most recent jar time with Jeff where he mentioned that he thought the era of silent protagonists in games was over. I agree that this is dated trope, but it led me to ponder about the exceptions to this - the games where main protagonist has a personality and expresses thoughts and feelings throughout the game.

I've not finished Far Cry 3 yet, but at the moment there feels like a little bit of dissonance between what I am feeling as the player and what the character is feeling. Jason Brody is constantly moaning about finding his asshole friends and is worried about where they are.. but I am having a fucking awesome time machine gunning sharks. The games that do feature a protagonist with personality seem often to have the protagonist not having a particularly great time (while you the player, presumably, are), like Marcus in Gears of War or even Shephard in Mass Effect.

I'm certainly not saying this is a 'bad' thing, I get that tension and drama are integral parts of a story. But how many games are there where the main protagonist is actively enjoying the thing that you the player are doing? I can only think Duke Nukem 3D, and certain segments of Serious Sam.. I guess Guybrush Threepwood kinda 'enjoys' what he's doing? At least in SOMI, where he's becoming a pirate.

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Mario I suppose. I'm not sure he has the capacity to dislike anything. The driver in Forza Horizon is probably digging what's happening to him as well.

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Maybe Sora from Kingdom Hearts. He seems to be enjoying himself making new friends and discovering new worlds. The characters around him in the various games probably have a different perspective since a lot of them "die". Some characters suffer fates worse than death, which is pretty crazy considering the Disney part of it

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Dante in Devil May Cry 3 starts off pretty excited.  Until drama ensues!
And he's so unhinged in DMC 4 that it just seems like he's having a good time.

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Trials guy sounds pretty happy occasionally. I guess you could expand this to almost all extreme sports games.

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Wasn't Zidane from FF9 pretty stoked with what he was doing? Or at the very least not mopey as hell like every other FF protagonist?

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This is one of the things I love most about Dante.

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Adam Jensen

More seriously, The Protagonist from Saints Row. Actually anyone in Saints Row.

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Salvador always seems to be enjoying himself, especially when he's Gunzerking.

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@TheSouthernDandy said:

Wasn't Zidane from FF9 pretty stoked with what he was doing? Or at the very least not mopey as hell like every other FF protagonist?

More or less. Part of the reason why I like FF9.

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Damn it! Took too long to find this video. But yeah, Dante.

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Eddie Riggs from Brütal Legend and Raz from Psychonauts.

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As mentioned earlier, the cast from Uncharted. They put themselves in the situations they get in intentionally. I dunno if I'd say they'd "enjoy" it (bullets! explosions!), but when shit gets really bad by the half-way mark or so they usually try to call it all off.

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@Little_Socrates said:

Guy from VanQuish seemed pretty into it. Bayonetta,Viewtiful Joe and Dante were always stoked, too. Basically, the Clover/Platinum heroes are generally pretty happy to be there.

Raiden is pretty stoked to be going on a mission at the beginning of MGS2, right?

Pretty much every protagonist Kamiya has made is so brimming with confidence and excitement with the exception of maybe Ammy. But she doesn't really talk much. Issun kind of fits that though. Ammy seems like she has a job to do. Bayonetta and Dante just like a fucking stuff up an Joe just wants to play the hero.

Gene from God Hand was pretty cocky too.

Raiden seemed excited to get his feet wet, but not really in love with it. I think the idea was that he was desensitized by VR that real field action would feel like a game. The first time you can kill someone in that game you can call up Rose and talk about how it feels different from VR or something. Then by the end of the game Jack realizes he's sort of been a murderous tool since he was a child, asks Snake if "he's ever enjoyed killing someone" then begins to question why he's been a soldier all along.

It does the MGS thing of trying to make the player realize maybe killing dudes isn't that fun.

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Isn't the theme of Wreck-It Ralph this topic?

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Tommy Vercetti had a blast in Vice City. And so did I.

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Seems like the Borderlands 2 characters enjoyed the mayhem

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I think Nathan Drake kind of likes what he does even if he'd never really admit it.

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Mario never stops with the "woo-hoo" and the "yipee." That guy is having a blast.

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Saints Row guys definitely fall into this category.

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I think York was having a blast in Deadly Premonition.

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@EXTomar: Is it? Cool. That movie isn't coming to the UK until February.

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@AjayRaz said:

Garcia "Fucking" Hotspur seemed like he was pretty stoked to blast dudes

As did Travis Touchdown until the end of the first game. Once that was over he went back to having fun during the "secret ending" part and continues to enjoy himself through No More Heroes 2.

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Eh, Jason Brody gets pretty excited about blowing shit up in certain missions.

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I think there are two different types of this:

  • The exuberant, cheerful protagonist who thinks adventuring and making friends is fun
  • The derangedpsychopath who doesn't see anything wrong with killing his enemies and finds it fun
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@crusader8463 said:

I think York was having a blast in Deadly Premonition.

Zack on the other hand, scared shitless.

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We said no one should say his name again but you made me:

duke nuckem

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@medacris said:

  • The derangedpsychopath who doesn't see anything wrong with killing his enemies and finds it fun

This reminded me of this badass, who I miss.

I miss the series. Just Cause 2 is similar enough and obviously has its own amazing wrinkles as far as movement but it doesn't have the charm as far as characters go (by characters I mean Mattias, because why would you choose anyone else). The story, dialogue, writing, voice acting in Just Cause 2 is just the absolute worst.

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Lara Croft used to be like that, I think.

I would suggest this as a concept page, but it would be too hard to make the distinction sometimes.

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@TheHT said:

@crusader8463 said:

I think York was having a blast in Deadly Premonition.

Zack on the other hand, scared shitless.

No one likes Zach. He's a pussy. The whole game I just wanted to punch him in his stupid face. Always cutting York off when he was trying to talk.

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Nathan Drake seems like he enjoys it, this issue is even addressed in Uncharted 3.

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The problem is that with all these games about murdering murderous murder, the more the protagonist enjoys what he/she is doing, the less appealing they become to the player unless they are balls-to-the-walls over the top in a game where the violence is extremely exaggerated and/or cartoony.

EDIT:Saints Row: The Third

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Kratos probably loves what he's doing. He's so angry all the time, so it's hard to tell. But he's getting revenge against the gods for the terrible shit they put him through. I imagine that'd be a good time for a spartan.

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Actually Jason is a pretty good example about what you're talking about, especially later on in Far Cry 3

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