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Do you know of a good video game recorder that works for PS3, Gamecube, and PS2 that is relatively cheap?

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I use a Happauge HD-PVR. Works fine and are used with Windows mainly but you can get programs that works on a Mac too.

But what is your question actually? Is it recording gear or programs? If it's not important to record in HD then a Blitzbox works fine to and it's much cheaper.

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I used Dazzle to record my vids 2 years ago. Its about 40 or 50 bucks.

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The Hauppauge HD-PVR is a great piece of kit and normally runs around $200. It's on sale right now on Amazon.

If that's too pricey then the Roxio Game Capture might be a better fit. It normally runs for $100 but is also discounted currently on Amazon.

I use the Roxio personally and it gets the job done. Here's a sample of what the end-product looks like:

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I can attest to Roxio working pretty standardly. I haven't used much other capturing devices so my opinion may be a little narrow.

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do people still use Fraps?

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Thanks to this thread I will be making vids again. First game I'm going to do is shank 2, then next week I'm going to show off the new payday the heist DLC.

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@mikeeegeee said:

do people still use Fraps?

I think so, but it doesn't work with console games?

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@mikeeegeee: I guess fraps might work with some emulators like Dolphin maybe. But I am pretty sure it won't work with PS3.