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Hey guys .. odd title, I'm sure. Some quick backstory: fiancee and I are getting married next year. We're both gamers, we met online, most of our family and best friends are away from us and online. So we had the idea of streaming the wedding to some friends and family, with a few of them being able to Skype in on laptops we had there.

Then we thought maybe we could make it bigger and live stream it to a wider audience -- namely some of the forums we've been going to for 10-plus years with a lot of people we consider friends. Both of us have done or have been related to doing charity work in the past -- mostly on the community level, but never anything related to video games.

We decided we might try to make it bigger. We have a friend who hosted a live stream for charity and had guests on and stuff (it was sports-related, and involved eating Waffles for 24 hours straight) and we thought we could get him to "host" the stream. We'd try and drive for charity and all that. We'd try and do the whole guest thing and make it something that other people would be interested in because hey, most of these people don't know who the hell we are! But for the stream watchers, I want the wedding itself almost to be more of just icing on the cake. It's going to be a pretty .. game-related affair in all.

But to the point! I wanted to ask the community here what the most popular video game-related charities are and which handle money and donations in the best way. Any ideas?