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Pandemic's Destroy All Humans, that first game had a great premise...a funny "plot", and interesting locations. The second one was still fun but didn't capture the atmosphere the first game created. Destroy All Humans: Big Willie Unleashed was horrendous, and the Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon was very disappointing. I made myself sad, was so pumped for that first game...it didn't disappoint but the sequels sure did.

Just realized that was published by the fine people of THQ... what am i thinking no one is going to pick it up if it was availible

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I remember the classic Army Men franchise getting ground into the groundbysequelaftersequel,spinoffafterspinoff... to this day, I have never seen a franchise outside of Mario treated the way Army Men was. Which was all the more saddening because the first game was actually, well, good.

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Elder Scrolls. From needing to listen to what people say to you and actually remember or right down directions turned into mash through limited dialogue and follow the markers on your compass.

The games are still enjoyable, and there are a few improvements throughout, but there is no denying they get more shallow with every iteration. They are making a killing though, so I don't think it's going anywhere.

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Final Fantasy. That's probably the biggest fall from grace in the medium.

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I really hate to say it but... Most of them?

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@Slag said:

Arc the Lad

that final game was god awful. It killed the whole series

Good man.

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What happened to Silent Hill hurts me the most.

Then there's Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Fable......

@Mageman said:

catering to fat yaoi fangirls, forced and random overly weeaboo characters

Dude, I've had to put up with so much creepy fan service for creepy guys (from chain-mail bikinis to butt spotlights) over the years. You need to learn to deal.

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Silent Hill wins if only because it has one, if not arguably THE single greatest game ever made in its line of continually depressing mediocre entries

Also Konami does nothing with Silent Hill's unlimited potential. It is just compressed and repelled from the excellence it once strived for and achieved.

Silent Hill 2 is the greatest /end rant

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For me defintntly resident evil have played all the original series and code Veronica to death. 6 just seemed like a huge let down I even enjoyed 5 at the time a really good co op game.

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@Nikoran said:

The Elder Scrolls for me. It started to go downhill after Morrowind for me. Oblivion was alright but Skyrim I found was just very boring and repetitive. It was definitely my biggest disappointment of 2011.

I thought Skyrim was a huge improvement over Oblivion, but it still lacks the depth of the older games. For all the scorn against Dragon Age and other games being "dumbed down" I can't believe the Elder Scrolls still gets as much praise as it does. To quote a certain critic, Skyrim was basically a game the size of an ocean, with the depth of a paddling pool. It's been watered down to a point where there's little enjoyment outside of the basic exploration.

Dragon Age and Final Fantasy are other obvious examples of pretty sharp drops in quality.

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@Legion_ said:

@Anund: Started to believe in human kind again. Then you came along.

Hehe, sorry man... I just didn't appreciate the streamlining and that got from bad to worse in 2 and 3. I never had any sort of problem with the action parts of the first one. I loved that loading screens were hidden behind elevator rides and exploring planets in the... whatever the name was, that car thing... waaaay better than freaking scanning planets for materials. Sheesh. Seriously though, who thought having a loading screen was a better idea than riding an elevator, listening to in game news and chatter between your companions? That guy should be fired.

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The Tony Hawk franchise began with arguably some of the best games ever made.

The more recent entries have been arguably some of the worst games ever made.

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Although I still play them - nothing will resemble the first time you play it.

I believe this is called the Unified Mario Kart Theory...

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Pretty much every series that released a direct follow up in 2012.

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Mass Effect is the correct answer. 1 is the best, followed by 2 and 3.

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Surprised that I haven't seen God of War mentioned...

So, here it is: God of War 1 was probably my favorite game of the previous generation. God of War 2 was pretty good, but it has the lurking shadow of "more of the same". Between the main numbered games and the PSP prequels, they have explored, retold and contradict more than I would care about the character and his history. By the time I reached 3 there was no way to disguise the fact I was playing the same game with HD graphics and a poorly developed character. There are 2 months left for the next game, and I couldn't give less of a crap.

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@WinterSnowblind: Yeah. Maybe I was just too hyped but Skyrim just disappointed me.

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I have to agree with however many people said Sonic. I wish they would just leave the blue rodent alone already.

Disagree with Final Fantasy, because although the quality fluctuates, they're still trying different things and every now and then they do something spectacular.

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@L44 said:

Surprised not to see Prince of Persia in here.

Absolutely. Baffling design choices again and again as each sequel was released. Some of it I would attribute to marketing and PR departments polluting the design; but other stuff, no clue how some of those decisions happened.

Another that hasn't been mentioned, which I suspect might be somewhat controversial (not sure), is Colin McRae Rally/Dirt series.

Also, I'd like to give a mention of the positive opposite side of this subject: a series that has steadily improved for the better with each iteraction: Trials series. That is how you iterate on a successful formula. More developers should look at the Trials games and take note of which things changed and which things were left alone, where to expand, where to innovate, and where to stay hands off in order to keep the best parts of the games true to the things that people have always loved about them. :)