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Two hardware launches in as many weeks, a couple of superb Nintendo games, a random couple streaming talk shows from their PS4. Execs on both sides congratulating each other on their hardware launches, everyone I know who is into games is excited about something right now and it's pretty damn cool.

I just wanted to express my appreciation for a community that is --to my memory-- way more excited and inclusive this time around than it was back in 2006. Bravo guys.

I'm going to go play Knack while I wait for My Xbox to arrive.

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Thought it was pretty cool that Adam Boyes and Scoops called in as well!

Edit: and now Dennis Dyack!

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I didn't know video game were ever gone, but I agree it is a great time be a fan of games.

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Doesn't seem significantly better or worse to me.

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Don't call it a comeback. I've been here for years. Rockin my peers putting suckas in fear.

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I don't know, I still feel skeptical when it comes to "the hype" but all of the games of the generation debate on forums made me feel optimistic and going "Hey, not everything awesome this last gen was an FPS." More excited to pick up Zelda this weekend.

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I am also pretty hyped with the launch of Xbox One today. The "next-gen" is now officially the current gen.

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That talk show is next level bonkers

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They got calls from Adam Boyes and Patrick Klepek, Executives from Sony!

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being into an entertainment form that's still young and still growing is entertaining in itself.

as a movie fan first and foremost, that scene hasn't been through any significant changes since the huge profits of jaws and star wars put the hollywood innovations of the 1970s to rest, but just look at the games biz from the last two years - all those studios closing, the obscene profits of Call of Duty and the efforts to harness that mass appeal, then modest games like Journey suddenly gaining equal footing on GOTY lists, the return of hardcore elements with the Souls games and Xcom, writing in games finally reaching a commendable standard, the apparent decline of the MMO despite looking dominant just a couple of years earlier, the million and a half prize money for TI3, which was truly fun to watch,

for now the new hardware kinda looks like it's just going to put a lot of performance and network issues to rest, but nonetheless it's exciting times for sure.