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Sounds cool.

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So who funded this before? I dunno, it's starting to feel like kickstarter is becoming a mooching ground, I dunno, maybe I am uninformed about it but man, I can't wait until the next Nintendo console gets kickstarted.

I mean I have no problem if people want to support stuff but it's starting to feel really strange. *shrugs* I dunno.

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This is great, but also weird. My viewpoint is that I already own the game soundtracks that I love, and the unique thing about Video Games Live is their Live performances... I already got the listening to the music at home stuff covered by the actual game soundtracks.

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@nmc2008: The Kickstarter makes it sound like the previous albums weren't profitable enough to make record companies want to back them. Apparently the goal doesn't even cover all projected expenses. They might be hoping that the Kickstarter goal + their reserves will be more than whatever the current potential investors (if any) are offering them.

I guess it does feel a bit weird to be backing famous people, but if this is going to make a better album as they claim then I'm all for it.

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I think it's even weirder seeing someone like James Franco with a damn kickstarter, but I was just curious about this because I remember this being a thing some year ago with tours and everything, I think it was Tommy Tallarico that was pimping it I think? It's fine though.

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@zombiepie: That sucks, I feel for the guys, would be going to a good cause.