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#151 Posted by FrankieSpankie (228 posts) -

-To The Moon. Most I've ever cried in my life at anything. Openly sobbing.

-Portal 2. I'm not even sure what emotion I was feeling, but that song that the turrets and GLaDOS sing is incredible.

-Mass Effect 3. Teary-eyed, but not really crying. That is, until the confusion started seeping in.

-Bioshock Infinite. I'll be honest, I didn't actually cry, but when you finally see how Elizabeth loses her finger... Chills man...

I cried at that part of Bioshock Infinite myself, also the very end before the credits roll.

Only other game that made me cry was the ending of The Walking Dead. I've been meaning to play To The Moon but still haven't yet, soon enough I will.

#152 Posted by Sursh (243 posts) -

i don't really cry. (because i'm fucking badass, obviously.), mass effect 3 had moments that i thought were very sad, and made me feel sad, but that's about it.

#153 Posted by PenguinDust (12483 posts) -

The end of Persona 3 made me misty. That's about as close as I've ever come. I don't cry too much from movies either, but some TV shows will get me choked up and reaching for a box of hankies. I usually attribute that to the time you spend with the characters of a TV show versus the time spent in a movie. You think a 30 hour game would do the same as a TV series, but I guess the interactive element of a game pulls me away from becoming too involved in the story. I have to take a break from the plot to go play the game.

#154 Edited by Meowshi (2911 posts) -

The end of Metal Gear Solid 3. That's the only game that's ever done it to me.

Games aren't movies.

#155 Edited by A_Dog (744 posts) -

Depression Quest made me cry a few times.

#156 Posted by AlmostSwedish (551 posts) -

To the Moon

Deals with some... things I can relate to all too well.

That scene in Persona 4 came close to, but not quite.

#157 Posted by sub_o (872 posts) -

MGS 3, during the last battle with The Boss.

And weirdly, Asura's Wrath.

#158 Edited by katieee120 (2 posts) -

In my opinion if someone cries at a sad scene in a game then the creators have done their job right, just like a film the Director, Storywriter are looking to get emotion out of you :) ! I'm not ashamed to admit that I've teared up at some games like Mass Effect 3 or Metal Gear Solid 4 haha

#159 Posted by HolyCrapItsAdam (448 posts) -

The ending of TellTales The Walking Dead was so heartbreaking to me that I did tear up a little bit. I wouldn't say I was outright crying hit I did have to wipe a tear off my cheek. I was so invested in that story and those characters that the final decision I choose broke me.

#160 Posted by kaos_cracker (577 posts) -

I say Journey and the end of my Mass Effect 3 game when I thought I messed up and ended up getting Joker killed, but I didn't, was really sad tho. Batman Arkham City ending was also pretty sad, same with Bioshock Infinite for me. Most of which had me pretty upset. Only time I actually cried was Journey, parts of the Mass Effect series

#161 Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials (2355 posts) -

Because of a storytelling moment, God no. I've never cared about a character enough for that to be possible.

The title screen music in Ocarina of Time can affect me like that, but that's more of a "bygone youth" thing.

#162 Posted by GnaTSoL (791 posts) -

You guys are all sissys.

There is no Storytelling in gaming impactful enough to warrant a powerful emotion like crying. We haven't gotten there yet. Just admit you guys function like a faucet.

#163 Edited by VoshiNova (1669 posts) -

@Abyssfull said:

I've definitely had feelings n shieette... but I don't think I've ever shed any tears during a video game story.

Well, maybe Dark Souls, though that wasn't because of the story.

Yeah I hear you there. Ornstein and Smough.

God dammit Ornsteins charge is stupid strong! I want that armor so bad.


No, unfortunately games don't have enough "umph" for me to react that emotionally.

#164 Edited by Bloodgraiv3 (2712 posts) -

Metal Gear Solid 4 and The Walking Dead.

#165 Posted by TobbRobb (4588 posts) -

Can't remember ever crying to a game. But then again, I'm one to prefer the more mechanical games over story ones.

The only ones that would've made me choke up are Visual Novels, but that's basically reading a book at this point. And I'm infinitely more prone to get that emotionally invested in a book, definitely cried while reading :(. I think the disconnect between being shown something or making the image myself based on the texts information is key.

#166 Posted by blackichigo (170 posts) -

A certain scene in Persona 4 makes me never want to get the bad ending. It not so much the scene itself, but how the other characters react to it. It never fails to get a reaction out of me.

#167 Posted by bunnymud (717 posts) -

The end of Portal 2. One big fat man tear ran down my face.

#168 Posted by CaLe (3944 posts) -

I cry pretty easily and only To the Moon and Walking Dead have gotten tears from me in all my years of playing the video games. 2 minute YouTube videos > Most game stories. Sad reality.

#169 Edited by ScreamingGhost (214 posts) -

ME3 sent me on a rollar coaster of emotions jumping for sadness to anger to confusion to apathy. Infamous 2 also got to me both the endings had there moments. Not ashamed to say its not to hard to get to me emotionally. I know there are other games that are just slipping my mind that have made me shed a manly tear of two. Just like the movies though the ones that hit closest to home always tend to get me.

#170 Posted by Twinsunian (34 posts) -

I cry at least once per every 2 games I play.

The games that have reduced me to the biggest mess are Mother 3 and Ghost Trick.

#171 Edited by troll93 (386 posts) -

The walking dead got me real good. Also, the assassin's creed revelations dlc, the archives of whatever it was. That last one was because of some personal connections with the story.

#172 Edited by LackingSaint (1783 posts) -

The Walking Dead was the closest I ever got to sobbing, though I definitely got chills at points playing Mass Effect 2 (mostly because I brought my best bro Garrus and my gal pal Tali to the final encounter and it seemed like they hadn't made it out of things alright at first).

#173 Edited by frankfartmouth (1016 posts) -

I blubber like a kid who dropped his ice cream at movies, but no game has actually managed to trip the switch yet, which definitely says something to me about the differences in storytelling refinement between the two media. The Walking Dead would be the closest I've gotten. Moving, haunting, engrossing, but still not quite to the level of dramatic immersion that a film or novel can get.

That said, there are lots of experiences I've gotten from games that couldn't have come from anything else, so it's not necessarily an evaluation so much as an observation. Games are games. They don't need to be movies. Maybe they're not meant to move us in that way. They have their own things to offer. I kind of wish developers would get off this fascination with "catching up" with other media. I think it deflects their energies from the uniqueness of gaming.

#174 Edited by vikingdeath1 (947 posts) -

Just got Ni No Kuni and that opening bit made me tear up a bit, but probably because it made me imagine if my own mother died so maybe that's cheating?

#175 Edited by Wheady (106 posts) -

Lost Odyssey had me tearing up constantly, lol. that game is freakin depressing.

#176 Edited by Addfwyn (1917 posts) -

Yeah, usually they are JRPGs, though Journey is perhaps the only game I cried tears of joy.

It's more the song than the game itself, but every time I hear Zanarkand I can't help but tear up. It's a beautiful piece of music.

#177 Posted by ThomasG666 (154 posts) -

Almost, when I finished Dark Souls. It was not the ending but it was the feeling of finishing that one game, that'll be on your top 10 games ever played.

#178 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2498 posts) -

To the Moon

Fuck - I just finished this game.

Oh my god - yup, talk about games that can make you cry. Huuuuge recommendation from me - but be forewarned, it's got little to no actual "game" to it. Think walking around town in old RPGs, but with an awesome story line and amazing soundtrack.

#179 Edited by Coafi (1483 posts) -

I haven't actually cried playing any game, but I have gotten a bit choked up. The only games that have managed that are Journey, The Walking Dead, Virtue's Last Reward and The Cat Lady. Those are the few that come to mind right now.

#180 Edited by Zojirushi (61 posts) -

Not quite crying, but the ending of Final Fantasy X kinda got to me at the time. From today's perspective it would probably be considered way too hokey, curious too see how people react to it when that vita version comes out. Because that's still coming right?

#181 Edited by AndrewB (7567 posts) -

Nine Nine Nine. And I fail to see how the iOS version will be able to recreate that scene with significance on the level of the DS game. One of the biggest mind-blowing moments I've ever had in a video game/visual novel, and I've played Ever17 and Remember11.