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#51 Posted by masterpaperlink (1882 posts) -

Lost planet 2

#52 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

Alice Madness Returns: I was so excited about this game, but I always get so bored and frustrated when playing it,

#53 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7198 posts) -
What you said. 
@jmrwacko said:
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I started a new game 3 times and even bought Shivering Isles, and I still found myself quitting about 10 hours into the game each time. I was never satisfied with my character, the voiceovers were drab and repetitive, and the main story was boring. I even used popular PC mods and couldn't enjoy it.  Also, Bioshock. I thought the story was contrived. Most people who thought Bioshock had philosophical depth thought so because they have never read any of the material that Bioshock references (aka Ayn Rand).
Oblivion is neither about voice acting, nor story, and not so much your character, so you're focusing on the wrong parts. 
Oblivion is about the world and the motherfucking endless content and quests in it. so much to do, too much!!
A lot of content doesn't matter if the game is bad.
#54 Posted by valrog (3648 posts) -

Mass Effect games.

#55 Posted by jkuc316 (981 posts) -

I hope you don't kill me...
 Half-Life Series

#56 Posted by Vexxan (4619 posts) -

First few hours of L.A. Noire felt amazing, after that it was all down hill as the gameplay was the same all the way to the end(which was very half-assed in my eyes).

#57 Posted by drag (1206 posts) -

I didn't want to like LA Noire, I just straight-up didn't like it very much.  
I did want to like Alan Wake because I really liked the combat, but it had pissed away all my good will by the end. 

#58 Edited by GunstarRed (5548 posts) -

Blazblue. I bought both versions of the game and put tons of hours into it, I just don't like it very much. The art, animation, music etc are amazing, but I just don't like the way any of the characters play. Littlebigplanet was also a pretty crushing disappointment.

I wanted to like Shadows of the Damned a lot more than I did.

#59 Posted by BionicRadd (616 posts) -
@Metal_Gear_Sunny said:
@BionicRadd said:
Marston.  Whatever.  Couldnt be bothered to look it up and you knew who I meant.
#60 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8609 posts) -

RIFT, Perfect Dark Zero and Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts (loved the areas, had no love for the constant building).

#61 Edited by JoeyRavn (4997 posts) -

Bastion. For all the hype surrounding that game, I can't see why it's so good.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. I can't help but seeing them as generic modern military shooters.

Oh, and E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy. I really wanted to play that game, but it run like shit on my PC, despite exceeding all the recommended specs. The answer from the devs and the community was a "fuck you, your PC is shit". Wasted €20, never buying indie again.

#62 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2778 posts) -

Damn this list might be a bit long you'll probably wonder what games I actually like but here goes:

Bioshock, anything from Bethesda, anything from Bioware, Mario Kart, EVERYTHING that was on or originally from the N64, Grand Theft Auto 3 onwards, most racing games, all isometric-view strategy games like Starcraft and Warcraft, Halo series, Half-Life series, Team Fortress 2, Geometry Wars, Shenmue, Gears of War series, Left 4 Dead series, Lumines, World of Goo, Battlefield series, Modern Warfare series, Gish, Mirror's Edge, The Witcher and I think that's it.

#63 Posted by probablytuna (3906 posts) -

I'd have to say Oblivion. Granted I played it after playing Fallout 3 which I loved and also I didn't play a tonne of it so I never got really far into the game, but there's something about the game mechanics and visuals just turned me off.

#64 Edited by BR00KSIE (39 posts) -

Crysis 2 and the Killzone games.

#65 Posted by TehFlan (1928 posts) -

After all the good I heard about Fallout 3, I really wanted to like it.

#66 Posted by JerichoBlyth (1044 posts) -

Deus Ex 3. The game is solid but the story is pants.

#67 Posted by DelroyLindo (387 posts) -


#68 Posted by cstrang (2381 posts) -

Umm... I really wanted to like Oblivion, Far Cry 2, New Vegas, and Vanquish. Sadly, I found those games to be mostly bollocks.

#69 Posted by DelroyLindo (387 posts) -

a lot of people have said vanquish. Fair enough, but that game was the most fun ive had in years. ho hum.

#70 Posted by GunnBjorn (2911 posts) -

The Halo games. I absolutely loved Halo 2's superb multiplay, but I couldn't care less about the Halo universe (The Story, characters, etc).
#71 Edited by Raineko (431 posts) -

Crysis 2 singleplayer I found cool but the multiplayer even though it seemed so cool in the trailer I find utterly broken. Just the fact that every single person has such a strong stealth ability makes TDM really stupid imo. Everyone runs around in cloak only and you get killed all the time from behind.
3D Dot Game Heroes. I have always fuckin loved Zelda when I was younger and I thought 3DDGH would be similar. But that game is trash. This gigantic sword feels super broken, you never have motivation to keep on playing because of non existing story, the dungeons have stupid level design, and overall the game is badly designed. For example I once had to return to a temple that I had already beaten just because I didn't take the item of that temple with me.

#72 Posted by Yanngc33 (4461 posts) -

Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Metro 2033

#73 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7617 posts) -

Final Fantasy XII, Oblivion and Dragon Age 2.

I was on the side that believed the changes to DA2 would mostly be for the good and result in a much better game. I'll freely admit I was wrong. DA3 needs to be a sequel to Origins.

Oblivion took much of what I loved about Morrowind, but simplified, dumbed it down or outright removed it. It was still a pretty enjoyable game, but not as great as it should have been. Hopefully Skyrim fixes the problems.

#74 Posted by Ventilaator (1502 posts) -

Half-Life 2 comes to mind.

#75 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (3939 posts) -

@jmrwacko said:

Also, Bioshock. I thought the story was contrived. Most people who thought Bioshock had philosophical depth thought so because they have never read any of the material that Bioshock references (aka Ayn Rand).

Thats cool if you didn't like it but reading Rand isn't and shouldn't be a prerequisite to being able to judge Bioshock as a game. Maybe it doesn't have the depth of a novel but for a videogame it definitely did.

Fable 2. I really liked the first but I just got bored playing the second.

#76 Edited by PenguinDust (12667 posts) -

Well, I wanted to like Alpha Protocol because it sounded like such a good idea.   I also really wanted to enjoy Crackdown 2 since I was such a huge fan of the original.   

The only one I can say I actively disliked in recent memory is The Darkness.  Several people suggested it to me and I had strong hopes for it, but I just hated practically every feature of the game.  I didn't like the characters, the story, the setting, the play-mechanics, the pacing, the U.I., etc...
Oh and Red Dead Redemption didn't thrill me either.  Parts of it were good, but I hated anything having to do with roping.  I also wasn't a fan of timed events in the game.  In the end, not enough of it was good enough to entice me to continue after 8 or 10 hours of play.  There were too many tasks I didn't want to do and that made the game boring while I wandered around looking for goals to achieve.

#77 Posted by lockwoodx (2479 posts) -

I wanted to like Battlefield 3, but it's not going to be on steam.

#78 Posted by Frenchie108 (51 posts) -

i had wanted to play oblivion ever since i had bought my 360. When i finally borrowed it 3 years ago, i was overjoyed. However, the game just proved to be clunky, i hated the UI with the passion although i guess the argument could be made that it fit inside the gameworld. I feel that i would've enjoyed oblivion a lot more if i had a pc (i have a 4 year old mac) so i wil never really know. I hope skyrim will be a big improvement.

#79 Posted by GuyIncognito (445 posts) -

I wanted to HERP but instead I DERPed.

#80 Posted by DrHawking (211 posts) -

Dragon Age: Origins and Dawn of War 2. I loved the first Dawn of War when it was a more traditional RTS and not the hero/squad focus they went with in the new one. Dragon Age was just..meh.

#81 Posted by Bollard (5935 posts) -

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. I wanted that game to be good so bad, but nope. That and Sniper: Ghost Warrior.

#82 Posted by Kaowas (124 posts) -
Dragon Age: Origins and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for me. 
Dragon Age: Origins I think I just need to try a new character or something, but I just can't get into the supporting cast as much as I want to. Though the look of the game throws me off. I just don't think the way armour looks in the game is appealing at all, and there's something about the way the characters look I'm not fond of. Yet, I'm a fan of both Baldur's Gate games. I don't know why Origins didn't sit well with me. Maybe it's because I was also playing it on the Xbox360 as I lack a suitable PC. 
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was a game I REALLY wanted to like. Morrowind was one of my favourite games from the previous console generation (having played it on the XBox and loved it) so I thought more of the same style of game would be great. While I liked the quests and the vast amounts of things to do, I couldn't get past the character design. I'm also going to take some of the blame on this one too, as I went in playing a character spec'd for unarmed combat, which as I now know does sweet crap all for killing dudes. Cut to me grinding out my axe and sword skills for the next 5 hours so I can actually be useful in combat.  
Surprisingly though, I really dug the look I achieved with my character despite giving him the biggest nose I possibly could. I think a key tip for making your character look good in that game is to exaggerate the facial features since normal looking people look weird in Oblivion. That's just me though.
#83 Posted by billyhoush (1207 posts) -

Fallout 3. Couldn't get into it no matter how much I tried. The game felt like a huge chore.

#84 Posted by SMTDante89 (2606 posts) -

Grand Theft Auto IV

#85 Posted by Burns098356GX (1366 posts) -

Red Dead. tried a few times. couldnt like the controls, plus it just feels like another GTA....in the desert.

#86 Posted by ShockD (2421 posts) -

Gears of War.

#87 Posted by JTB123 (1044 posts) -

Mass Effect, I really wanted to get to into it, but man I hate dialogue trees. Halo Wars too, turns out no matter how bad anyone is at RTS games, I am worse... WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN ALL UNITS FAILS YOU!!!!!!!!!!

#88 Posted by kashwashwa (11 posts) -

C&C Tiberian Sun... how could the follow up to Red Alert possibly be bad?

#89 Posted by SpacePenguin (479 posts) -

Final Fantasy XIII and Far Cry 2 I really wanted to like them but I couldnt I started both multiple times but just could not get into them :(

#90 Posted by JackSukeru (5993 posts) -

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, I managed to like it to some extent but ultimately it was a big disappointment to me. I still have some hope for the sequel...I guess.

Street Fighter 4 didn't help me to get into Street Fighter, so I guess that's another one.

#91 Posted by amir90 (2179 posts) -

Oblivion, played Dark Messiah before it, couldn't accept the fact that you cannot decide which direction you will hit with your sword, also too much choices regarding your character.
Farcry 2, obvious why here-
Basically all Halo games, don't get me wrong, I like playing with friends, but the campaigns are boring for me.
Crysis 2, Dragon Age 2, GTA 4,  LOTRO
To some degree Demon Souls, but I haven't given it a proper chance, I have actually only watched someone played it, thinking it was too random as a game or something.
Also, I hate Dead Rising 2, HATE IT.

#92 Posted by Scarlet_Rogue (507 posts) -

Stolen I had liked the idea of non=violent action stealth game. Then I was forced to gun fight a rival theif....then I was forced to remember what I had been playing for the hour prior to that. Then I cried.

#93 Posted by zaglis (910 posts) -

Everythign Bethesda related (Including New Vegas)

Any Battlefield game after BF 2. The story of DICE just baffles me. They make BF2, the best large scale multiplayer game to date and then go make possibly the worst multiplayer  I have ever played in my life, Bad Company 2.

#94 Posted by MaFoLu (1859 posts) -

Oblivion, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, Baldur's Gate 2, the Total War series.

There are probably a lot more, but these are the ones I can think of right now.

#95 Posted by Loose (411 posts) -

Oblivion and Fallout 3 are stand-outs for me. I don't think that they're bad games, I just can't get into them for whatever reason. I also got Darksiders recently and have found myself unable to enjoy it.

#96 Posted by TobbRobb (4886 posts) -

Far Cry 2. And Oblivion. I put a lot of time into both, and they both have some really awesome stuff, I mean stuff that fits me almost too well. But then they both have a lot of bullshit which just barely outweighs the awesome.

#97 Posted by apoptosis61 (568 posts) -

GTA series and red dead redemption

#98 Posted by BestUsernameEver (4825 posts) -

Street fighter 4. 

#99 Posted by XenoNick (1485 posts) -

Fable II

Fable III

Lost Planet 2

Too Human

Far Cry 2

God of War 1, 2 and 3

Fallout: New Vegas

#100 Posted by Bulby33 (621 posts) -

LA Noire, no doubt. Exceptional idea, terrible execution. One of the most boring games I've ever played. It looks good, it has an interesting story, but it's just soooo boring. 
I also never cared for Eternal Darkness and Viewtiful Joe on the Gamecube. I bought both of them for cheap because I heard they were so good but I never could get into either one.