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For me, it's GTAIV and Bioshock. Started new saves on them a few times but just dislike them both. It's a shame because I've loved all the previous GTA games, and I really like the world Bioshock made. But that wasn't enough really.

I thought the Fable games had more going for them than they ended up having. I quite liked the first one... Didn't care for the second at all but didn't nessessarily want to like it, even. Didn't play the 3rd and won't play any others at this point.

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Metroid Prime. I bought the trilogy on Wii and wanted to like it since I had heard nothing but great things about it. I just couldn't get into it.

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Bioshock,little sisters annoyed me,weapons where not satisfy to use,characters where to over the top silly at times.
Farcry2, all the missions where pretty much the same the driving sucked,Malaria was a stupid idea and enemy's keep respawning after you kill them killed the fun factor.
Fallout 3, The only game I ever played that was ruined by crashes and framerate issues also couldn't stand the characters the only thing fun about that game was vats.

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Metro 2033 and L.A Noire are two big ones.

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Just Cause 2.This game looked amazing from every single trailer and gameplay videos,had great looking graphics,really big open world and ability to do crazy stuff with your surroundings,but it was really frustrating that with every single action that you take,there are like 20 people shooting at you non stop and also the story of the game was awful followed with one of the worst voice acting I've ever heard. 

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Bioshock, GTA IV, Oblivion and Fallut 3 are the ones that come to my mind. Never finished either of them.

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FF13, Brütal Legend, The Witcher 2, Oblivion, Bioshock, TW Shogun 2, Alpha Protocol and RE: Darkside Chronicles come to mind.

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Naughty Bear. Like Manhunt, but with teddy bears. I loved Manhunt. Didn't like this though.

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@FluxWaveZ said:
Vanquish. It seemed that the concept would appeal to me a lot, but it turned out to be real boring and frustrating.
Same.  Rocket Knees ended up being pretty lame, and pretty much every other aspect of the gameplay as well.  The Bayonetta magic was absent from this one.
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Bioshock and Mass effect 1 and 2. 

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Oblivion, Vanquish, Fallout 3, Half-Life 2, The Witcher, Magicka, Far Cry 2, Darksiders, Borderlands hmmmm, that's all I can remember right now!

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Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock,

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@Raineko said:
Crysis 2 singleplayer I found cool but the multiplayer even though it seemed so cool in the trailer I find utterly broken. Just the fact that every single person has such a strong stealth ability makes TDM really stupid imo. Everyone runs around in cloak only and you get killed all the time from behind. 
I also really liked crysis 2 singleplayer but goddammit that multiplayer sucks .
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@XenoNick said:

God of War 1, 2 and 3

You just keep coming back for more , don't you ?
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@JoeyRavn said:

Bastion. For all the hype surrounding that game, I can't see why it's so good.

This too.
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 Gears of War
Deus Ex: HR.  This game started off great but felt like a chore after a few hours. 

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I still haven't finished l.a. noire and darksiders I personally couldn't understand the hype for darksiders I thought it was pretty bland and even a little boring 
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@TomA said:

LA Noire. Boring as shit.


I want to be able to see what was so good about Halo and Gears of War but I just can't. But that's not quite the same.

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Demon's Souls, it was fun over Skype with friends but since that initial playthrough I cannot bring myself to do it again. I can't get invested in the world or make the effort to get certain items.

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@left4doof said:

@XenoNick said:

God of War 1, 2 and 3

You just keep coming back for more , don't you ?

It was an odd situation where I got the HD collection and 3 all at once quite cheap. I know it sounded a little weird when I first posted it.

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Straight of the bat I'm going to say Final Fantasy XII. Really dissapointed me. It's probably a lot more games too, but that one stands out from the top of my head. 

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Ninja Gaiden 2. A game so bad that when I tried to return it the next day, Gamestop would not take it back.

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enslaved... There's a couple of things that are awesome about the game, but the gameplay feels so mechanical....

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FF13 and Alpha Protocal... its just to glitchy........

#131 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

The only game that I remember that I actually tried to make myself like and ended up hating it was Chronicles of Riddick Dark Athena.

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Oblivion, I was sooo disappointed after absolutely loving Morrowind.  Really hoping Skyrim is, to me, more towards the feeling Morrowind gave me.  I've actually been afraid to try Fallout 3 because of this =/

#133 Posted by KarlPilkington (2783 posts) -

Borderlands, really didn't like that game.

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Fallout: New Vegas. For some reason didn't have the same appeal to me as 3.

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GTA 4, I had no fun and found the story bland and boring.

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GTA IV and Dragon Age 2 are the ones I ended up hating the most. 

#137 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2453 posts) -

I really wanted to like Morrowind.

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The first time I played Mass Effect I just barely got into the point where you control the Normandy, and then had given up on it. Found it too boring, slowly paced and not intriguing.
Came back to it 5 months later with a different mindset (doing every sidequest, getting the full story, etc) and adored it. It's in my top 10 games (series' included) now.
But for one that maintained its 'wanted to like but didn't' status for me:
-Puzzle Agent
-Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force 2

#139 Posted by crusader8463 (14433 posts) -
Red Dead Redemption- I really wanted it, then it was console exclusive and I didn't want it anymore. Then I found it for $20 and really wanted to play it gain. Then I finally got to play it and then I didn't want to play it anymore. Then a few months later I picked it up on a whim and I liked it again! It was quite the roller coaster of like/dislike. 
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood- I bought AC2 and Brotherhood on the same day after watching Ryan's QL of ACB and the idea of ranking up a guild of assassins sounded god dam amazing. Then I actually got the POS. Excluding that I couldn't see the top half of my screen because it was all whited out the entire fucking time, the reason I bought the game, the assassin's guild, was a pointless joke that had zero depth and lived up to none of it's potential to be awesome. Add that with it just being the exact same game as AC2 with a different map and twist ending, I was extremely annoyed when the game was over.
Runner ups that I'm too lazy to go into any detail about why I disliked it that happen to be in my Steam games library as I scroll down the list: Alpha Protocol, Borderlands, Brink, every Command and Conquer since EA destroyed, I mean acquired, the franchise from Westwood, Darksiders, DC Universe Online, Star Trek Online, Dragon Age 2, Fallout 3, GTA 4, Far Cry 2, Guild Wars, Mass Effect 1& 2, Just Cause 2, Risk Factions, Saints Row 2, Section 8 Prejudice, Dawn of War 2 series.
#140 Posted by Devilb0y (131 posts) -

GTA IV and LA Noire. Didn't really rate either with GTA IV in particular just making me frustrated.

#141 Posted by TwoLines (2862 posts) -

7 pages of people saying what they don't like. No one is ever going to read through all that. Eh, whatever, I really wanted to like both Halo and Deus Ex, so I played both (Halo 3 and Deus Ex 1) and ended up disliking them even more.

#142 Posted by TerraMantis (283 posts) -

 Dragon Age 2 i would have to say was the biggest disappointment i can think of as far as gameplay and story go when compared to its predecessor.  Usually a game can have a great story or fantastic gameplay that can "carry" one or the other if one aspect is lacking. Dragon Age 2, on the other hand, was just plainly boring. The gameplay couldn't carry the lightly intriguing and seemingly aimless story and the story couldn't sledge through the game's repetitive encounters and simple gameplay mechanics. By the halfway-point of the game i found myself forcing myself to play the game just because i was hoping for a fleeting spark of life that the game my redeem itself. As the hours went on you realize it isn't going to happen and then you realize that you're just continuing to finish it. 
Many people said "DA2 is a good game in its own right" and that just isn't true. We don't live in a vacuum in which Origins was not created and DA2 MUST be compared to absent but associated titles. The sequel fell short in nearly every aspect of the first game. The bare minimum that gamers deserve--and i do not think this is asking much at all-- is that game successors live up to the standards that the developers set (for themselves) with the game's predecessor. DA2 simply missed that mark. It was such a large departure from the first game, only one installment later in the franchise, that it begged the question "if Origins was the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate...what is this the sequel to?"
I wanted to love DA2 so much and after playing it and beating it i really wished i had never pre-ordered it and had just bought the Origins' Ultimate Edition instead.

#143 Posted by Klei (1768 posts) -

Halo, CoD. Zeno Clash, L.A. Noire ( liked at first, but I was done with the game before I finished it. ) 
Can't think of anything else right now.
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@Bassman2112 said:
The first time I played Mass Effect I just barely got into the point where you control the Normandy, and then had given up on it. Found it too boring, slowly paced and not intriguing.  Came back to it 5 months later with a different mindset (doing every sidequest, getting the full story, etc) and adored it. It's in my top 10 games (series' included) now.
Happened to me too. Didn't even finish the first planet, it all felt so weird and unresponsive and it felt stiff. After coming back more than a year later and getting a handle on the combat and characters, absolutely loved that game to bits. 
Oblivion, as many have said. The world was big, but it felt so cookie-cutter in terms of dungeons. NPCs looked and sounded bad, the combat didn't feel right to me, and it was super easy, considering you could wait to regain health. I wanted to like it and I put ten hours in, and I wish that I could have those hours back. 
Grand Theft Auto 4 is a big let-down for me. I was keeping up on all of the hype and the inclusion of Euphoria physics had me all giddy and excited. Actually played it, and the handling of everything from Niko to the cars to the guns all felt wrong. It was too heavy, like you were fighting Niko to get anything done. His rants about moral righteousness and leaving behind his cruel past were all undermined by the actions the player could take. Everyone says Read Dead falls into the same trap, but if you listen to Marston, he often talks about how his actions are justified because his family is held hostage and he's not denying that what he does is wrong, and he leans on that for vindication of any wrong-doings. 
Borderlands, but to a lesser extent. I really enjoyed it with friends, but it was playing with other people that saved it. The enemy variety made me super sad. Each area had it's version of a constantly respawning enemy and then bandits. Not to mention that, as long as you did sidequests, you were always way above the recommended level. 
The original Half-Life. It's been a couple years, but I just remember it being a face-fuckery of headcrabs and ninja spec-ops and shitty Xen boss fights. There were some cool parts, like that monster that reacted to sound, but overall I didn't enjoy it. However, I absolutely adored Opposing Force. It had creative weapons and a cool protagonist, and seeing G-Man directly affect your progress gave it a pretty great air of mystery. I was blown away by how awesome Opposing Force was, to be honest. I'd cream my pantaloons if they re-introduced Adrian Shepard into things. 
Recettear. I got it for a few bucks and enjoyed it for an hour and then I was just tired of its cute anime bullshit and the dungeon crawling lost importance, which was the part I enjoyed.
#145 Posted by subyman (684 posts) -

I liked LA Noire. I had to be in a certain mood though. Toward the end, the Lie/Truth/Doubt thing got so arbitrary and vague that I just looked up the answers. The interviewing system was very disappointing.

I could never get into the Uncharted series, Dark Siders, Infameous, or Final Fantasy 13. FF13 was probably the biggest disappointment. I bought it on launch day and was super excited. After the first 4 hours, I was very sad to see how combat had devolved into frantic button presses instead of thoughtful strategy like the previous games. Then FF14... lol

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Singularity, Chronicles of Riddick, Quake 4, Medal of Honor, Rainbow Six Vegas, Far Cry 2 (Campaign), Mass Effect 1, Mercenaries 2, Sonic 4, Bioshock, Spolsion Man, Stacking, Bulletstorm, Fable 2, Force Unleashed. 
Those are the ones that come to mind right away. I'm sure there are plenty more.

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Gears of War 1

#148 Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4284 posts) -

i wouldve said Fallout 3 if i didnt get passed Megaton but that was a fantastic game...  and Lego Star Wars.  it was like 2 bucks new at Best Buy but man, what a boring game.  i used to like the first Lego Star Wars game when i was like 10 or something but damn...  i cant play it anymore without wanting to do something else

#149 Posted by krazy_kyle (715 posts) -

Bioshock, Oblivion, Fallout: New Vegas, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Splatterhouse.

#150 Posted by astrodoggy (145 posts) -

mass effect 2