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  After our community starcraft stream last night I played about an hour's worth of Slender, with varying success and horror. I didn't see a page on the site for Slender so I'm posting here I hope that is OK.
Video is long but for point of reference I lose my shit at the following time stamps (language warning):  

7:08,  8:00,  17:30,  24:00,  27:55 ,  50:25 

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Excuse my ignorance, but how do you get this game?

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@Moztacular: LMAO!

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After watching that vid I had to watch this.

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Yeah. Call me a wuss, but this is bred from the worst of my nightmares, so every time I boot up the game, I end up slamming the escape key about 30 seconds in. At least I can stand someone else getting scared for me!

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Haha I totally jumped with you at 15:41!

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Getting chased is always how my nightmares go so this looks terrifying

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I am so going to get this game

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I am so not going to get this game

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I knew nothing of the Slender Man until I heard about this game. Now I'm fascinated with this shit.

I need to play this game, especially because I've been playing Amnesia lately.

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@jakob187: It's definitely worth playing, it pretty much takes the scariest aspect of amnesia and makes that the entirety of the game (pick up an object and spawn a freakish thing behind you!)
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Does that noise remind anyone of Final Fantasy 7?

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Just finished uploading my video of it. Scariest shit I've ever played :'(