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Hello fellow Bombers!

I'm having an issue lately that the quality of the video I am watching is not very good. I will even let it sit and load for 20-30 minutes and do other things before I start it. I looked at the settings and I only have access to streaming or progressive, both of which have an "Auto" option. I can't find the usual 420p 720p etc like the old layout had.

Am I missing something? Or am I stuck with this screen tearing (and honestly not being able to tell apart things in the Sim City quick look)?

Thanks for any help!

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I initially had the same issue when they changed the player. Apparently now if you have it in 'Streaming' it will automatically figure out your available bandwidth and choose a stream quality (there's a thread somewhere here, but can't remember where off the top of my head). You have to switch your player to 'Progressive' which should replace 'auto' with three quality options (low, high, and HD).

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@espm400 thank you so much! I thought I had checked that option, but must not have let it refresh or something