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I display videos in full screen on my plasma and I kind of don't like having that text down there - it comes up over the video ,it's not encoded in it.

Anyone have any ideas if it's possible? I'm watching the unprofessional Fridays from the 20'th for example - and it does it in all video modes (streaming , html , progressive)

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@abrasion: So you're browsing the Internet on your TV and you see text near the lower right corner while watching on Giant Bomb?

Or have you downloaded the videos and are playing them with a program on your TV? Because I've never seen video title information on any videos. -Except- some video players do that, and you have to change it in your video player settings.

If you're just online in a browser, what browser are you using and on what kind of setup?

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I'm using chrome.

http://i.imgur.com/HgIcAlx.png you can clearly see it's in the lower right?

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Hey I've just tested this further and realised it's bloody chrome. It's a hover box of some sort.
If I use FireFox the problem doesn't occur, if I used IE, I also don't get the box but I get a single solid white 1 pixel tall line at the bottom.
Firefox is the only "perfect" one - full video, nothing stays on screen besides the video so no chance of burning. Surprised I didn't test this earlier. Can provide more pics if this would help anyone. Thanks