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Hey guys, I made this tribute as my own way of saying goodbye to Ryan. I hope you guys like it. This actually helped me a lot dealing with this since I was laughing so hard going through old clips of him. The man sure knew how to be stupid in the best way possible.

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Good work! I really enjoyed it, but that ending......

Would've been nicer to finish with a happier image.

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This was great, thank you.

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Good job duder.

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Thanks man. It's good to celebrate his life!

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Brought a few tears to mine eyes. Good show.

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This deserves to be on the front page. Awesome work!

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damit it I thought i was done crying.. that ending was a crusher. Loved the tribute just, urf...

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Supreme quality duder. Makes my tummy hurt again though.

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That was really well done. I'll miss Ryan dancing.

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I'll miss everything that is and was Ryan Davis. I sincerely hope that everyone involved is doing just a smidge better today than yesterday, and I hope it continues that way. God speed Mr. Davis. China don't care!!!

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Thanks a lot guys for the positive feedback. I know the ending is kind of harsh, bit I thought it was important to give the man a moment of silence. Thank you for watching though. I hope you guys enjoyed it and had at least a few laughs.

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Duder, dat ending! I was grinning like an idiot at all the clips until that final image popped up... :`(

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The feels.. they have returned.

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@barrier: That was really nice! Thanks for putting it together.

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Good job man. Really enjoyed it.