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I returned home from taking finals today and got into a spirited discussion with my father about violence and videogames. He takes the stance that the increased presence of videogames in youths' lives are what is causing an increase in these shootings. I disagree with him, but want to know what you guys think. I was under the impression that this discussion was pretty much over, but apparently there are still people sticking to the idea that "games are causing our youth to go bananas."

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yes that and rap music

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Enoch Brown school massacre. On July 26, 1764, four LenapeAmerican Indian warriors entered a log schoolhouse of whitesettlers in what is now Franklin County, Pennsylvania, near present-day Greencastle. Inside were the schoolmaster, Enoch Brown, and twelve young students. Brown pleaded with the warriors to spare the children before being shot and scalped. The warriors then began to tomahawk and scalp the children, killing nine or ten of them (reports vary). Two children who had been scalped survived.
After meeting with the board of trustees for showing extreme malice towards some of his pupils, school teacher Henry Toews shot the three school trustees and three of their children, one of them fatally, before fleeing from the school ground and shooting himself in the head. He died of this wound on January 19, 1903
Bremen school shooting.1913. 30-year-old unemployed teacher Heinz Schmidt entered St.-Marien-Schule and indiscriminately shot at students and teachers, killing four students and injuring 23 other people. Another student died from injuries she sustained while falling down a flight of stairs while trying to escape the shooting. A furious crowd outside the school eventually subdued Schmidt and he was arrested by police
Bath School disaster. 1927 School board member Andrew Kehoe set up a series of explosions in the Bath elementary school. That morning he killed his wife and detonated a bomb inside the school. As people amassed outside, Kehoe detonated his shrapnel-filled vehicle outside the school, in which he took his own life. The bombings constituted the deadliest act of mass murder in any type of school setting in U.S. history.
Vilnius school massacre.1925 A massacre occurred at Joachim Lelewel high school in Vilnius, Poland. At about 11 a.m., during the final exams, at least two eighth-grade students attacked the board of examiners with revolvers and hand grenades, killing at least one teacher, several students and themselves
1940. After being removed as principal of South Pasadena Junior High School, Verlin Spencer shot six school officials, killing five, before attempting to commit suicide by shooting himself in the stomach. He was later sentenced to five consecutive life sentences, and was released early on parole in 1970

Goddamn video games!

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Everything I can say on the subject has already been said here.

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In the 50's, it was comic books.

In the 60's, it was hippies and the counter-culture

In the 80's, it was heavy metal music and Dungeons & Dragons

In the 90's, it was first person shooters and rap music.

There's always a moral panic that the older generation loves to use as a scapegoat against the younger generation as the cause of society's ills.