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Hey folks!

We created a game based on the GB API, and are hoping to get some feedback on it. It may be of interest to some of you, seeing as your wiki contributions are the foundation of the whole damn thing.


Excuse my pasted one-liner for a moment, as it describes it better than any other way I could think of:

Examine randomly selected screenshots, themes, concepts, characters, locations, and more to identify videogames from all eras and platforms.

If you've made some wiki contributions and are wary about dropping a buck on this, just PM me and I would be glad to give you a free code (at least until I run out.) Constructive criticism is worth more to me than 70 cents. :D

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That looks awesome!

Any chance of it coming on android? :)

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Turns out you did ask, so I return to my original sentiment, this looks cool.

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Dave retweeted this guy's game so I'm sure it's fine.

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@Phatmac: Oh shit, now Dave is in violation!

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As guessed, yes, we did receive permission from Dave months in advance to use the API for commercial purposes. :)

Right now there are only plans to add iPad support in the near future, though Android is not out of the question. It depends on the response we get from this initial release.

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@lamperIIe: All right.

I'll just say that I would definitely buy it if it came out for android :)

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Most of my remaining free codes:







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I have made the purchase! Thanks, duder!

Been enjoying it a lot.

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@lamperIIe: Thanks for the code! Look forward to an iPad version. This should be in the community spotlight.

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Since all is fine and dandy and legal here, color me interested. I'll hold back for an Android release, since I plainly refuse to give one more cent to Apple. I'm getting out of that ecosystem as soon as possible (probably in two weeks).

But when (if) you release an Android version, I'll get a copy of the game for sure.

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@Little_Socrates: Much appreciated! We haven't heard much feedback, so it's good to know someone is enjoying it. :)

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@lamperIIe: Got the last code, thanks! I'm gonna go try it out now.

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I wish I had a iPod touch or somesuch.

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Awesome Game, Great Job!

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This is phenomenal. Well done, sir!

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Went to download, no android version. Booooo

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@lamperIIe: This game's really neat. I do have a couple questions and criticisms, though.
1) Does it pull the info from online while I'm playing (I'm assuming yes, because the app download was very small). Basically, I'm asking whether I need to be on WiFi to play this instead of burning all my 3G data.
2 (2 and 3 kinda go together)) Often my first bit of information will be enough for me to have an idea of what game to pick, but then I'll get to the choices and they're all incredibly similar games. Is there no way for me to get more clues once I've hit guess to see the list of games?
For example: it'll start by telling me a few clues:
Concepts: NFL, Football, (some football team)
Genre: Sports
(some other clue I can't remember)
And then I'm like "alright, I'll recognize the title of a football game."
So I choose to guess, and then my list of four choices is like:
NCAA Football '10
Blitz: The League
Madden NFL '10
Madden NFL '12 (or something)
So basically, three out of the four choices are 100% valid for the clues I got, but I have no idea which one to pick. Am I basically forced to burn through a few clues before guessing, in hopes that it'll give me some information to differentiate the answers which I may or may not need?
4) The app has crashed on me a couple times. iPhone 4, from what I can tell I'm running iOS 5.1.1 (9B206) (I haven't upgraded to iOS 6 and don't really plan to any time soon).
Other than that, like I said, I think it's an awesome concept and is handled pretty well. I just often feel cheated by the structure.
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I'll give it a whirl and let you know how it turns out. Always up for some good trivia.

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@ajamafalous said:

@lamperIIe: Other than that, like I said, I think it's an awesome concept and is handled pretty well. I just often feel cheated by the structure.

I'd say the structure is designed to put weight on the decision of using a clue or not. It's like a gamble.

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@phatbhuda said:

@ajamafalous said:

@lamperIIe: Other than that, like I said, I think it's an awesome concept and is handled pretty well. I just often feel cheated by the structure.

I'd say the structure is designed to put weight on the decision of using a clue or not. It's like a gamble.

Yeah, but the problem is that I can use three clues and then decide to guess, but then have multiple answer choices that still fit the clues I've received.
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slick game, nice job!

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I'll gladly pick up an Android version, should one ever arrive. Looks great!

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I bought it. My only issue is that sometimes I feel like I don't have enough to answer. I hit "clue" and get "difficulty levels" which isn't so helpful because every game has that. Maybe omitting some of the more general clues would be better. Other than that I'm having a good time with it when I'm on the can.

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First of all: Big thanks to the mods that promoted the thread, as seeing our game on the front page damn near gave me a heart attack.

Additional thanks to everyone who is enjoying (or not enjoying) the game and took the time here to say so. I am getting a good feel for what people like and don't like, and will be doing what I can to improve the game. Onward to direct responses!

@GalacticGravy: I find few clues are universally useless, but what I would love to do is build dependencies. For example, I don't want to know that a game has guns if I've already been told the game has ammo. Both of those clues are perfectly good on their own, just not together. Defining what clues should be skipped after certain clues are displayed could be key in maintaining clue diversity, while eliminating clue redundancy, within a given round.

@ajamafalous: Limiting this to the point where it added to the game was something we spent a good amount of time doing, but I also occasionally run into scenarios where I have to straight up guess. The huge problem was with sports sims, as your example illustrates, and that's why I made hundreds of wiki edits to make sure sports simulation games were marked as such and thus kept out of all default cabinets. Perhaps we should keep sports sims out of all cabinets in general to ensure users don't collide with them when using custom cabinets. If you run into this with non-sports sims, please shoot me a message with the Challenge URL!

@mancopter, @jking47, @JoeyRavn, @Chronologist: I can't make any promises about an Android port at this stage, but out of curiosity what devices are you using?

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@lamperIIe: Droid RAZR with Android 4.0.4

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Bought it and I've enjoyed it so far, although it crashed about 7 questions in on iOS 6.

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Will pick it up when I get paid! Sadly serious. I may have gone negative and don't want a bank fee. :)

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@jimmy_p said:

Bought it and I've enjoyed it so far, although it crashed about 7 questions in on iOS 6.

Gah! Sorry about that. We're working on a memory leak that likely caused this. Was it an iPod Touch by any chance?

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On behalf of the starving masses I hereby politely demand a version for Windows Phone 7. Thank you and good night.

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Make an android version, and I will buy it.

I have a Nexus 7 and a Galaxy Nexus.

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+1 on the Android idea. I'm on a Galaxy Nexus with 4.2.1 and will get a Nexus 10 soon. Once iPad support is out, I'll have a try.

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The game is neat from the couple of times I have fired it up this morning on my iPhone.

Some "food" for thought:

1) I don't know if it is easy to add it into the code, but possibly forcing either Developer or Year of release to be the "second or third hint" would make it more accessible for people having trouble.

2) Maybe I just suck (Only made it 18 rounds so far), but it would be nice to gain extra "life" after going so long. That, or add a "Survival Mode" and a "Quest Mode" where you are able to gain back life to keep the trivia going longer.

3) Definitely like that you can Tweet out URLs but Game Room functionality would be nicer for folks that like to keep a "pure" Twitter feed.

Also, dat game name acronym is fantastic. Thanks for building this, duder!

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Cool, although I'd need an Android version, too.

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Just a quick update to those who don't follow me elsewhere: we have submitted the patch that adds support for the new Giant Bomb API (among other things) and are awaiting approval from Apple. The game will be broken for a few days while we wait. Thanks for your patience. :)

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I would love to toss in a buck for this, but I use a Windows Phone. Congratulations though, it seems to be pretty well received.