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I know it can't be Vinny, but this cat looks eerily similar.

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Oh man, you've exposed @vinny 's troubled past as a teen model for Party City.

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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Kids! Like dems Ninjas Tooortles? Jus' get in my van and I'll take youz to meet dems.

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That man is not even nearly as ripped as Vinny. Never crimped in his life.

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Yep, because shaved head + beard = Vinny.

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He had to make some how back in the day.

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@jjweatherman: It's the smile that pushes it over the edge for me, the pained grin of a man trying to master the art of ham radio and still keep the streets clean for his family.

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Vinny is too cool headed to be Raphael. Although his use of language matches...

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While I know this thread is in good fun these "omg this guy looks like one of the staff" threads are sort of annoying and kind of serve no discussion purpose.

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Okay guys pack it up, @demoskinos has decided this is stupid.

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@demoskinos: if you know they're just for fun why do you feel the need to spoil it? That's pretty annoying.

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@manaseviglietta: Because its spam and per the rules of the forum anything that doesn't warrant a discussion is such and isn't allowed.

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I try to sleep, they're wide awake, they won't leave me alone.

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Don't we have a staff look a like thread?

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Now it looks like Vinny

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He's even wearing the black shirt like Vinny.

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It goes to show by wearing a mask you can disguise yourself as anybody.

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