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G-g-g-g-g-g-ghoooooossst streeeaaaaaaaam!

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Audio seems really fucked.

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Vinny says he's testing equipment. Don't know why he's using The Devil's Cartel tho.

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How did you learn about this?

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@nickscorner: I have the twitch app and it notifies me everytime a channel that I follow goes live. He just said the stream is exclusive to twitch because he's just testing some new capture equipment

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Only Vinny on a test stream would still dump in the air

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Yeah, the audio seems messed up. Is anyone else getting little half second microstutters too? no matter the video quality. Its not like normal video stuttering either.

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@phished0ne: Yeah, me and some others told him on twitter. Now only if he was actually watching his twitter account (like he said he would, since the video has no chat)

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@naru_joe93: Good, i wanted to make sure i wasn't going crazy.

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@naru_joe93 Im new to twitch.tv. Thats a pretty neat feature, thanks.

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Why is there no chat on the giantbomb channel on twitch? I remember it being there before.

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why am i even watching this... -_-

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Lol I was wondering the sme thing.

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what is going ooon. Vinny must be testing something.

Maybe some surprise live show is coming on ?!

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Army of two 3 live endurance run confirmed!

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@simkas: Apparently he turned chat off (I have no idea why though, maybe it helps with stability or some techno mumbojumbo)

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