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I posted this earlier in the Chicago meet up thread but I figured we should formalize it for those interested. If you live in the area or feel like you can travel to meet up then lets celebrate our love of Ryan Davis and Giant Bomb together.

If you are interested then please leave a comment and we will start to organize an event.


Where- Bedrock Billiards in Washington D.C. (http://www.yelp.com/biz/bedrock-billiards-washington)

When- Friday July 19th, 2013 @8 pm

How Much- Billiards and Shuffle board is $5 a person. They also have Foosball which is quarter based. Drinks are at your own volition but feel free to share with your fellow GB members.

What to bring- The Bar has multiple TVs and has already given us the OK to have video game consoles plugged in. If you wanna bring a console then please list it in the comments so we know what games to bring. Also, if you have a 3ds or PS Vita, bring it, we can street pass or near.

This is the sign you need to look for inside Bedrock Billiards.

How to find us- I am gonna make a sign that says "Love Ryan Davis" and will be outside until more people show up before we start the festivities inside the bar with our own area.

Important- Please bring cash if you wanna play Pool or Shuffle board as they work on a tab system. Let's keep this as positive as possible guys. (It's a good idea to bring cash in general, just an FYI.)

I hope everyone can make it and celebrate the life of the irreplaceable Ryan Davis. See you soon GB community.

edit 2: I spoke and confirmed with the General Manager, Ben, that we have our own area that is separate from everyone else.

edit 3: Unfortunately because the event is in a Bar, it is 21 and over only. Sorry to anyone who doesn't meet the age requirement.

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Dammit, I'd love to do something like this but I'm about to leave for Michigan for a month. Hope something gets set up for all the DC area duders anyway!

#3 Posted by Sanity (2042 posts) -

Also would love to be part of something like this, but its a bit too far from PA. Hope you guys do something though, take lots of pictures!

#4 Posted by christopherson329 (285 posts) -

is there an age requirement

#5 Posted by cannonballBAM (659 posts) -

@christopherson329: I want to include as many GB community members as possible; so the goal is to find a place that will mediate everyone's interests. If you under 18 then we will put some stuff in place to make both parties feel comfortable. Honestly, it is all about getting some duders and dudettes together to talk GB, Ryan Davis and their love of everything video game related.

If we get enough people to confirm then we can delegate a place of meeting and date/time. I would love an arcade of some sort.

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I'm in No. Va. I definitely wouldn't mind getting together and hoisting one for the man.

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I'm also in N VA around Annandale and would be interested in meeting some fellow bombers.

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I'm in martinsburg WV. Any way we could do DC? Its only like an hour and 15 minutrs from me. I would love to meet at a bar, talk about ryan, and just chill. I got a buddy who would come too. Please pm me with details. I would really LOVE to do this. I kinda need it.

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@cannonballbam: Cause i am 16 and my Mom probably wouldnt let me go to a bar soooo.. maybe a restaurant with a bar?

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About to move to DC in two weeks... if this goes down let me know! That would be a cool thing to do when I get there.

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If we do something that involves games I'd definitely bring my Neo-Geo supergun setup and Money Puzzle Exchanger. And I guess the Famicom would be appropriate as well.

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Im like in the middle of VA near down town Richmond.

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Yeah, I live in northern VA, always wanted to know other GB community members in the area. I'm down for the cause.

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I'm in Baltimore, MD. Yes, my username is unoriginal. Would love to meet up.

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So what's the verdict on this?

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If it were nearby I'd attend if I was able. Sounds like it'd be fun as hell, albiet easier for me if it were later on in the year / early next year, but either way, I approve, and will go if I can + it happens.

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I am near Frederick and would love to meet up

#18 Posted by Skywarpgold (180 posts) -

This sounds like a great idea. I'm in Arlington, VA and would love to throw one back with some fellow duders and duderettes!

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Would everyone be okay with the weekend of July 26th-28th? Friday July 26th? Friday June 12th or Saturday June 13th? around 8pm or so.

Also considering with the fact we have people under 18, would somewhere like Dave and Busters/Chuck E. Cheese be okay with everyone?

I wanna have drinks, food and games for everyone.

The only other alternative I can think of is we get a hall at a hotel and just bring game consoles and order in food.

If that is too much, feel free to suggest. I want this to be a community thing.

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I live on the MD side in Rockville. I think I have plans for that night but I might be able to work something out.

#21 Posted by spookytapes (283 posts) -

You should do it in Frederick. I'd make the drive in from Johnstown, PA for this. At least, this week when I'm a mourning mess, I would.

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@cannonballbam said:

The only other alternative I can think of is we get a hall at a hotel and just bring game consoles and order in food.

Is...is that something people do? That actually sounds really amazing.

Whatever end ups happening, I'll clear my schedule to make it. Right now, this is the most important.

#23 Posted by christopherson329 (285 posts) -

@cannonballbam: i think if we go to chuck e cheese we would get put on some list and wont be aloud back

#24 Posted by cannonballBAM (659 posts) -

@christopherson329: Haha.

Does anyone know a good pizza place around MD/VA/DC, that serves alcohol and allows us to play some games?

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@christopherson329 said:

@cannonballbam: i think if we go to chuck e cheese we would get put on some list and wont be aloud back

LOL. No doubt. I'm too grown for that. A hotel hall doesn't sound crazy at all. It would fit the needs of everybody. The hotels by Casino live or down by the harbor in DC maybe.

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I'm in Alexandria and would love to make it to something like this. I'm traveling this weekend and next week for work, but if something is arranged and I can make it, I'll be there.

#27 Posted by Rubyeye (18 posts) -

I'm in Alexandria as well. I'd be down for a bar scene.

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Hard Times Cafe in Rockville has a side room that holds 25 (?) people. Chilli and beer. They might let us plug into the TV(s) in the room (haven't been to that one in a while [so long, in fact, that they didn't have TVs hanging up everywhere then, but you'd think they would nowadays -- the one in Bethesda does])...

#29 Posted by cannonballBAM (659 posts) -

Alright guys/gals, I have set up a place and time.

This billiards has a bar and a lot of games including table top games.


There are a lot of places to eat nearby but the only drawback is the parking is on the street and first come/first served.

I will add the information formally at the top of the thread. I am also pushing it back til next week. Hopefully this will accommodate everyone. I hope to see you guys/gals there.

#30 Posted by SpaceRunaway (885 posts) -

Thanks for putting this together. I'll see you folks there.

#31 Posted by cannonballBAM (659 posts) -

I added more information to the original post.

  • We now have our own reservation in our own area within the bar.
  • We now have 2 pool tables that allow up to 4 people at once. Its five bucks a person per hour. (Bring cash since we are on a tab.)
  • We now have the ability to use multiple TV's for video game consoles.

They are expecting 20+ people, so I hope everyone can make it.

#32 Posted by vegetashonor (822 posts) -

I will be there!

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Perfect - I'm in! And hold me to that, or my crippling social anxiety will help me find ANY excuse to blow it off, and I don't actually want to do that!

Edit: I have a full set (base and 3 expansions) of CAH. Bringing that would be a good idea, right?

#34 Posted by SpaceRunaway (885 posts) -

I'm guessing it'll all be flatscreens in there, but I'll bring the Neo Geo setup and and the Famicom just in case. If there's not a use for it I can just leave it in the trunk of my car.

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Edit: I have a full set (base and 3 expansions) of CAH. Bringing that would be a good idea, right?

That would be a perfect idea.

#36 Posted by cannonballBAM (659 posts) -

@asmo917: Awesome, I haven't played CAH yet so I'm interested to try it. Also, I have the same thing with social anxiety but let's do this for Ryan buddy.

@spacerunaway: Yeah, they have the LCD televisions. I think they have composites, component and HDMI ports but I will call to confirm.

#37 Posted by JohnDudebro (954 posts) -

This sounds pretty fun! I'm a pretty short Metro ride away, so I'll come down and have some beers with fellow GB fans in honor of Ryan.

#38 Posted by christopherson329 (285 posts) -

@asmo917: i feel you brother anxiety sucks

#39 Posted by Asmo917 (483 posts) -

@cannonballbam: Yep, I said here I'd be there as a way of holding myself to it. Hope the bartenders are prepared for a lot of orders of "Bourbon, one rock"

#40 Posted by Branthog (5717 posts) -

Why not just make it a meetup for all thirteen of the original colonies? Everyone can get together and sing songs about the red coats! :D

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I'd be interested in going. Looks to be a good bar that I can't recall going to before. Also have another friend I recently turned onto the bombcast so we'll see what happens.

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@asmo917: Hey man, I got them all too, (Christmas expansion included), so if you can't make it, then let me know.

#43 Posted by vegetashonor (822 posts) -

I am really looking forward to this! I have 2 other GB members and my wife that are coming too, so mark me down as 4 total please!

#44 Posted by SpaceRunaway (885 posts) -

I'll also be bringing one other person.

#45 Posted by christopherson329 (285 posts) -

i can bring my SNES/NES thing and we can play tetris battle gaiden?

#46 Posted by cannonballBAM (659 posts) -

@spacerunaway: Bring it anyways man. That way if we have a lot of people then we can have multiple games going.

@christopherson329: Bring anything you want man as long as you have the correct cables and a few controllers. I have never played a famicom or superfamicom before. That would be a treat.

@vegetashonor: you got it man.

So far we have a few copies of CAH and some retro consoles. Anyone wanna play some modern fighters?

#47 Posted by TurboMan (8129 posts) -

I would love to join if I didn't have to drive back that night since I have to work the next day. Norfolk, VA to Washington DC at night is no joke.

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I'm in NoVa near Springfield. I'm going to try to make it, but I already have plans. I'll try to move them.

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This sounds great! While the drums might be a little unwieldy, I could bring a 360 with over 800 Rock Band songs and a couple of guitars if people would be interested in that? Not sure how the sound in the bar will work with it, but let me know what you think! I also have a full CAH set I can bring as backup.

Looking forward to this!

#50 Posted by beej (1675 posts) -

@artisanbreads: I'm moving to DC in a month, we should set something up again in the future.