#101 Posted by streetninja (181 posts) -

If I won I would start getting some Mass Effect 2 DLC, because I just got the game again for my 360 a few months ago and I have yet to play any of them.

#102 Posted by Evilsbane (5149 posts) -

I would get the steam version of Terraria, game looks surprisingly awesome.

#103 Posted by ThePhantomnaut (6283 posts) -

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition download on Xbox Live.

#104 Posted by OneAndOnlyBigE (469 posts) -

1600 MSP.  I would pick up Torchlight and maybe Stacking. 

#105 Posted by Amilmitt (245 posts) -

I'd like some Left 4 Dead 2 on steam.

#106 Posted by lebkin (341 posts) -

360. Probably Mass Effect 2 and Costume Quest DLC.

#107 Posted by Sjupp (1945 posts) -

Can't go wrong with $20 worth of Steam stuff!

#108 Edited by SmasheControllers (2951 posts) -

If I win I'd probably buy somethings off Steam.

#109 Posted by RedRocketWestie (381 posts) -

360. I'd go for Stacking (+Lost Hobo King pretty please).

#110 Posted by Maotou (75 posts) -

 In the event that I win I would most likely use the MSP to go towards buying Deathsmiles 2 from Games on Demand. 

#111 Posted by strangone (189 posts) -

Since I'm Canadian I'll go for the $20 on Steam. Not sure what I'd pick up.

#112 Posted by Redbullet685 (6222 posts) -

1600 ms points. I'll buy the Honest Hearts DLC for Fallout New Vegas and some Rock Band DLC.

#113 Edited by Kaj235 (50 posts) -

A Steam game please,  Puzzle Quest 2 would be good. If we win do we get 1 game under $20 or $20 to spend on games? 
edit: alright then I would like Terraria as well!

#114 Posted by Manhattan_Project (2223 posts) -

Xbox 360. Most likely L.A. Noire DLC.

#115 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5712 posts) -
@c0l0nelp0c0rn1 said:
What happens if I can't decide what I would spend it on? 
You die.
#116 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5712 posts) -
@Kaj235 said:
A Steam game please,  Puzzle Quest 2 would be good. If we win do we get 1 game under $20 or $20 to spend on games?
You tell me what you want (up to $20 total) and I gift those things to you. 
#117 Posted by blitzkriegblizzard (199 posts) -

With 20 dollars on the PSN I would be able to buy BFBC2: Vietnam that I've always wanted.

#118 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5712 posts) -
@SSully said:
Also I might have a game or two to contribute to your next give away, should I just PM you the details? 
#119 Posted by JCTango (1485 posts) -

Heya Vito, congrats on your milestone contest!
If I get chosen, I would like to spend that 20 bucks on a steam purchase of Left 4 Dead 2!

#120 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5712 posts) -
@JCTango said:
Heya Vito, congrats on your milestone contest!
Thanks! It's already the most successful one so far!
#121 Posted by igloodude (74 posts) -

If I were to win, I'd probably spend the MSP on Stacking or some Mass Effect 2 DLC.

#122 Posted by SirOptimusPrime (2037 posts) -

Amnesia's been staring at me pretty hard lately, so the $20 for Steam would be nice. 

#123 Posted by c0l0nelp0c0rn1 (1959 posts) -
@Vito_Raliffe: Good thing I decided on Warhammer 40K, then.
#124 Posted by Little_Socrates (5834 posts) -

I'd probably spend a majority of the 1600 XBLA points on Outland.

#125 Posted by LittleBigJono (291 posts) -

I'm gonna say Terraria on steam, save you 10 bucks that you should use on something nice for yourself for running these great giveaways

#126 Posted by litrock (172 posts) -

360.  I would probably go and pick up Sega Rally Online or one of the random shmups I don't have.

#127 Posted by Halberdierv2 (1987 posts) -

PSN - I need my SSF2HDR groove on. Either that, or the Call of the Dead Map when it comes out.

#128 Posted by RipTheVeins (1609 posts) -

Most likely Mortal Kombat DLC  
Then whatever's left toward Shank or MvC2.

#129 Edited by InfiniteGeass (2143 posts) -

Hard Corps Uprising probably.

#130 Posted by dorimajmun (50 posts) -

Magicka! One of the best indie games ever!

#131 Edited by GJSmitty (685 posts) -

I would get Terraria on Steam and use the rest to buy a game to donate to the next giveaway! 
I also made a Facebook just for this :)

#132 Posted by MrHeist (19 posts) -

I'd finally nab Beyond Good and Evil on XBL

#133 Posted by Patman99 (1642 posts) -

I would use the Steam bucks to purchase Terraria for two of my friends so we can start building a world together!

#134 Posted by AjayRaz (12678 posts) -

steam! i'd buy AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaAAh a total disregard for gravity or Terraria 

#135 Posted by RWL_MU_OSU (124 posts) -

I would buy Bastion on XBLA whenever it comes out this summer.  Gotta support the Supergiant Games crew!

#136 Posted by ESREVER (2830 posts) -

PSN. I'd like to get Outland when the Store comes back up. Either that or Might and Magic Clash of Heroes. 
Grats on giveaway #20. Mad awesome what you've done and STILL doing.

#137 Posted by MrOldboy (1037 posts) -

I would add them to my account and hoard them until a sale. I usually never buy download only games until there is a steam or XBLA sale.

#138 Posted by Juno500 (497 posts) -

I'd probably get The Witcher on Steam.

#139 Posted by rawrsair (836 posts) -

PS3 - I'd probably use it to take advantage of some of the PS Plus discounts during the free month when the store comes back online.

#140 Edited by FesteringNeon (2229 posts) -

When PSN comes back up, I'd love to buy Hustle Kings and a new release from the many we should see update!
-Also liked you on facebook. -Todd Bukko 
Did I miss the post with the winners last week?

#141 Posted by Rebirth1337 (849 posts) -

1600MSP, I don't know what I would pick. But Trials HD, MK DLC, Battlefield BC2 DLC, and I know theres like 4 or 5 arcade games I would like.

#142 Posted by LOTR_Dan (88 posts) -

I would grab Neverwinter 2 on Steam. Been meaning to play the Expansion Packs, and it would be nice to not have to dig out the discs.

#143 Posted by Cerogravian (382 posts) -

Steam, since I'm not in the U.S...
I think I'd go with the combination of Magicka & Terraria... 
Haven't been able to purchase them, and I'm looking forward to trying both!

#144 Posted by 5socks5 (234 posts) -

$20 Steam Terraria? I really wanna play this at the moment.

#145 Posted by redbliss (669 posts) -

$20 on steam, and I would get team fortress 2.
#146 Posted by Vari (30 posts) -

I would get some Mass Effect 2 DLC on XBLA.

#147 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -
#148 Posted by Kibblez (754 posts) -

Comic Jumper.. I guess

#149 Posted by Landon (4134 posts) -

I just played Outland and that new Might and Magic game on the XBLA, I'll buy those if I win.

#150 Posted by Panpipe (483 posts) -

I'd love to get Bit.Trip.Beat on Steam.