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More games will be greenlit on April 17, help Inquisitor to be one of them!

Inquisitor is a unique blend of action-oriented combat with a deep and involving tale of betrayal, torture, madness, and infernal damnation. Put your wits to the test as you collect evidence against possible heretics and put them to trial once they have been charged. Use the might of the Inquisition to extract a confession from your subjects, but be warned, use your power wisely or you will face the consequences.

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You can vote for Inquisitor here:

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Well that was unexpected!

What weapons are in the game? Fear? Surprise? Ruthless Efficiency?

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Actually, Inquisitor is a dark medieval drama, not "The Spanish Inquisition" type. But if I had to choose one, I would say "ruthless efficiency". But... there's also a good portion of fear involved. NPCs definitely aren't glad to see you wandering about their towns... Not with what they've heard about the Inquisition.

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Too bad, I'd gladly pay for a Spanish Inqusition game. That'd be hilarious.

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@azteck said:

Too bad, I'd gladly pay for a Spanish Inqusition game. That'd be hilarious.

I'm stealing that concept

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I think that I already own this game. I should get around to playing it.

Apparently I've already voted for it on Greenlight too. Huh.

You get a ton of extras with the game (I have the gog version) and it's all good stuff. The soundtrack is great, a lot of moody ambient tracks as well as bgm, artbook(s), there are in-fiction codexes for weapons, armor and magic, an in-fiction handbook for Inquisitors - there's a frigging 80-page novella. I guess that they couldn't be bothered to find a way to transmit a cloth map through the internet though.

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Way ahead of you, bought it from GOG and voted for it on greenlight.

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I tried sooooo hard to get into this game when I got it from GoG. Just bummed me out that despite really the concept and parts of it, I just found it to be way too tedious.

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I bought this on GOG and have been hoping it'd get on Steam (and that, hopefully, the dev would give steam keys to prior owners). :)

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Yeah, I would... except for the part where I think that Inquisitor is a poorly made game that tries to imitate the RPGs of yore without understanding why they were good.

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@branthog: That's actually the plan, to give free Steam keys to those who have bought the game elsewhere already.

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Games Workshop's Inquisitor? No? Well screw that then.

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