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We Metal Gear Solid fans probably LOVE the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection. I used to be a newcomer to the series, and ever since I got the Legacy Collection on PS3 for Christmas, I fell in love with the series. And now, with my Alienware M14x arriving, I would love to play the collection on PC, since the games are great. And so I found this petition, and I would love for everyone of you fans to sign the petition, so that Konami can become aware of what the fans desire. We fans are important, and imagine playing MGS games on the go.

Imagine your on a road trip, and you're bored. You pop in Metal Gear Solid 4 into your gaming PC, and you begin playing. Help us reach 50,000 signs, by voting on the petition link below. Please raise awareness, and create your own polls on this, please. Thanks.

Vote on this link:

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I love MGS4, but a story-based game with hour-long cut-scenes isn't exactly my ideal "road trip" game. Also, don't drag my gaming rig along on vacation. Also, most MGS games are available on Vita. Also, I bet porting PS3 games to PC isn't as easy as you think.

...Also, 'lol.'

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Look, if there is anyone that LOVES Metal Gear, and would love to see it on PC. It's me.

But petitions don't get things to happen 99.99% of the time.

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As much as I would love to have them on PC, I think the Legacy Collection for PC is a lost cause.
You're better off just hoping for Konami to announce Ground Zeroes/Phantom Pain for PC.

As for playing MGS4 on a road trip, most peoples laptops would run out of power before getting into actual game-play.

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@viciousbearmauling: Yeah... well. Also, guess what? You know, 6 of the 8 Metal Gear games in the collection are available on the PS Vita. Metal Gear 1 and Metal Gear 2 can both be found in the HD Vita Collection. Metal Gear Solid 1 can be found on PS Vita via the PSN store (and also on the PC). Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 are both HD available via the Vita HD collection, and Peace Walker can be found on the PS Vita via the PSN store.

I guess I better get to collecting.

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Honestly you'd be better off buying Metal Gear Rising on Steam and showing them with your wallet there is interest in the franchise on the PC.

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@vextroid: Yeah, maybe. But, games like Crysis 3 and Battlefield 4 still run on PC's.

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Your best bet of getting to play the MGS series on PC is to wait for Playstation Now

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@miko1222 said:

@vextroid: Yeah, maybe. But, games like Crysis 3 and Battlefield 4 still run on PC's.

He's talking about the 30 minute cutscenes...

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Jesus christ.

AND you're buying a gaming laptop. Good luck, man. Good luck with everything.

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No. Thanks.

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sigh, I won't lie, I keep the sound files from the PC port of MGS1 and often use them as IM chat sond effects and windows start up for the past 15 years. MGS2 was just nice to own on PC but as one of those joke gifts read too many problems on installation.

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I still have a copy of MGS2 for PC around here somewhere, had the PC version of 1 at some point as well.

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@miko1222: You're the guy that didn't bother playing Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2 and Metal Gear Solid, and have only played Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater, right? Why exactly are you on this Legacy Edition crusade, again?

Also, this won't happen. Porting the games from the various architectures to the PC would take a lot of work, require a lot of manpower, be a massive headache and most importantly would require a sizable money investment to make happen. Also, you've gotten 23 signatures since July 2013.

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@sharkethic: AND i've played Guns of The Patriots. Why am I on this crusade again... well, you don't think it would be cool to have the collection on PC?

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@miko1222: You've made 2 topics in as many days about a collection of which you've played 2½ games...while perhaps not a crusade, you seem extremely excited about your Christmas present.

I've played every game in the series, and love it to pieces. I've played through Metal Gear Solid and Sons of Liberty twice, but I can't see myself going back for a third or second run at any of the games ever again (it's just a sizable time investment, of which I have very little these days). I'm not appose to the idea, but I think I'm good.

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@sharkethic: Also, it's not JUST that I didn't bother to play those games. Bear in mind I got the collection at the 25th December 2013, and MGS: Ground Zeroes is set to be released 20th March 2014. You really think I could best 8 games in the span of 86 days. Bear in mind I live in a house with many siblings, so I have to share the TV... ALOT, and I do go on trips sometimes, and Metal Gear Legacy Collection isn't portable. You must believe i'm some sort of god to be able to finish 8 games in 86, AND go to school on time for 6 hours AND share the TV with my siblings AND have to deal with the complex nature of those first 3 Metal Gear games. I just think I have to clear this up, because i'm obviously getting a lot of hate for not finishing those games. Oh, AND homework. Not all players are Uni students.

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@miko1222: I'm not suggesting you spend your every waken moment playing through the collection (and I most certainly don't think you're a God), but you sure are singing the series high praises for someone that hasn't actually played very much of it, is all.

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@sharkethic: Yeah, well, I get you. They are pretty tough games to complete, so I can see where you come from.

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@sharkethic: How much do I really need to play. I've played Sons of Liberty -and I judged that on it's great story and characterisation, as well as emotion - and i've played Snake Eater -the gameplay was greatly refined and was nicely ported onto the PS3 system - and i'm MORE then halfway through Guns of Patriots, and i'm judging that off emotion, soundtrack, enjoyable gameplay, great stealth and a great bossfight. Oh, and great dialogue.

Besides, which game from the series is your fav?

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@miko1222: Do yourself a favor and go back and play Metal Gear Solid to completion. It's a great game, and there's a moment in Guns of the Patriots which will have a lot more impact if you're familiar with the game and Shadow Moses.

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@sharkethic: Well, I did watch the Digital Graphic Novel for it. You think it's still worth going back to. Problem is, if I do that, that might slow me down on Peace Walker, and I have to complete that and MGS4 by March 20th.

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@miko1222: My nostalgia for that game might be overshadowing my judgement, so take that for what it is. If you're prepping for Ground Zero by playing through the games, you're absolutely right to prioritize Peace Walker over Metal Gear Solid.

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@sharkethic: Yeah, thanks for understanding. Some people were being just idiots. So, you played MGS in 2001?

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@miko1222: Sure did, and it was my favorite game for years to come.

Edit: Wait, I thought something wasn't right. Metal Gear Solid came out in 1998, which is when I played it.

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I appreciate that you'd like to see more Metal Gear games on PC, but honestly, online petitions are worthless 99.999% of the time. Threads primarily intended to direct people to an online petition or survey are also spam.

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