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Simple rules:

Make a list of your top 10 games from the 7th gen (Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, and/or PC games from 2005-2013). In 5 days I will add the lists together, and post the results. Games ranked #1 will be given 10 points and so on down until games ranked #10 will be given one point. You can list more games if you want, but I will only be counting the top 10.

EDIT: Go head and list games from the Nintendo DS and Playstation Portable. The timelines don't match perfectly, but they match well enough, and I don't want anyone feeling left out.

EDIT: You have until this Friday evening at some random time (Pacific Standard Time) to edit your lists. Take your time, enjoy the ride.

Also, I love you guys. But it's a platonic love. So keep those hands where I can see them.

FINAL EDIT: Shop's closed. Time to start the record keeping.

Here's the thread with the final tally and my horrible commentary: (Click Me!)

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Oh boy, this will be...difficult.

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*deep breath*

Though it needs to be said that there are still many games across this gen that I haven't played (either because all of my gaming consists of what's available on the 360/PS3 , or just haven't gotten around to it yet), these are the ones that I often like to fondly look back on the most:

  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Uncharted 2
  • Saints Row 2
  • Dead Rising 2
  • inFAMOUS
  • Demon's Souls
  • Borderlands
  • The Last of Us
  • Gears of War 3

EDIT: Oh, er... that's not in any particular order by the way... Crap, now that's going to take a while O_O

EDIT2: OK...

  1. Red Dead Redemption
  2. Dragon Age: Origins
  3. Uncharted 2
  4. Gears of War 3
  5. The Last of Us
  6. Demon's Souls
  7. Saints Row 2
  8. Borderlands
  9. inFAMOUS
  10. Dead Rising 2

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  • Fallout 3
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Uncharted 2
  • Arkham Asylum

I hate ranking games in order but these are a few to start.

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  1. Mass Effect 2
  2. The Last of Us
  3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  4. Bioshock
  5. The Walking Dead
  6. Halo 3
  7. Fallout 3
  8. Dragon Age: Origins
  9. Metal Gear Solid 4
  10. Super Mario Galaxy 2

There are a lot of games that I'd consider honorable mentions, because honestly I could put my 4-20 picks in any order and still feel ok about the list, but I'll just leave it at 10.

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1. Red Dead Redemption

2. Hitman: Blood Money

3. Mass Effect

4. Assassin's Creed II

5. MGS4

6. Max Payne 3

7. The Walking Dead

8. Fight Night Round 3

9. Dragon Age: Origins

10. The Witcher 2

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My List:

  1. Civilization IV
  2. Dark Souls
  3. BioShock
  4. Fez
  5. Portal 2
  6. League of Legends
  7. Dragon Age: Origins
  8. Mass Effect 2
  9. BioShock Infinite
  10. Orcs Must Die! 2

Close calls:

  • MinecraftFTL: Faster Than Light
  • Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer

Should be pretty obvious that I didn't own a handheld or a PS3 this generation. I'll probably look back on this list and sigh many years down the road.

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Having people give a top 10 list is going to make it impossibly difficult for you to come up with a definitive list of the top 10 best games and will make it hard for people to give you info, because coming up with a top 10 list requires a lot of thought and consideration. You should have just asked everyone to give their favorite game of this gen, counted the 10 that got mentioned the most, and then made a poll of those 10 games for people to vote on.

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  1. Fallout 3
  2. Just Cause 2
  3. Terraria
  4. Dance Central 3
  5. Red Dead Redemption
  6. Demons Souls
  7. Portal 2
  8. Gears of War 2
  9. Assassin's Creed II: Brotherhood
  10. Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

I think?

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  1. Red Dead Redemption
  2. Mass Effect 2
  3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  4. Fallout 3
  5. Assassin's Creed 2
  6. Forza 3
  7. TES Skyrim
  8. Need for Speed Most Wanted
  9. Gears of War 3
  10. Dead Space

nnnngggggghhhhhh ahh there's so many I like....

okay I guess these are my 10 favorite, don't act surprised if RDR takes spot #1 or #2 on a whole bunch of lists, that game is amazing. Good luck mr Viking!

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  1. Plants vs Zombies (360 version, if we're counting. Collecting sun wasn't such a pain. Also had couch co-op)
  2. Orcs Must Die! 2 (Still playing this every few days, shit I'll probably play it tonight!)
  3. Starcraft 2 ( I feel that expansions are included with the original game as they would not exist without it)
  4. XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  5. Borderlands 2 ( You don't see many couch co-op games that the wife can play with you)
  6. Jamestown ( Another couch co-op)
  7. Trenched (AKA Iron Brigade)
  8. Bastion
  9. MAG (Kids just kept sitting in my poison gas grenades, making it so fun)
  10. Infestation: Survivor Stories - Nah, just kidding, League of Legends
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I wouldn't necessarily call them "best", but these are the games that I've enjoyed the most or blew my mind away when I played them.

  1. World of Warcraft
  2. Dark Souls
  3. Mass Effect
  4. Fallout 3
  5. Borderlands
  6. Civilization 5
  7. Gears of War
  8. Binding of Isaac
  9. Resonance of Fate
  10. Arkham City

There are some games I feel really bad about leaving out, and I'm sure there's one or two I'm forgetting, but off the top of my head that's what popped out. I'm fairly confident the top 5 is pretty spot on at least.

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  1. Fallout 3
  2. Skyrim
  3. Civ 4
  4. Mass Effect 2

  5. The Walking Dead

  6. Super Mario Galaxy

  7. Assassin's Creed 2

  8. Saint's Row The Third

  9. Sleepy Dogs

  10. Braid

Something like that at least. Weird that this is the first console generation where JRPGs have completely fallen off of my list. Only one Japanese game at all, for that matter.

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This is actually pretty hard, particularly because of how some sequels have changed how I feel about other games in the franchise. Who knows maybe I'll reconsider and edit my post later...

  • 10. Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • 9. Mirror's Edge
  • 8. Mass Effect
  • 7. Borderlands
  • 6. Portal 2
  • 5. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
  • 4. BioShock Infinite
  • 3. Binding of Isaac
  • 2. BioShock
  • 1. Braid

Edit: Added Ghost Trick, removed Half-Life 2: Episode 2

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  • Fallout 3
  • Burnout Paradise (seriously no one?)
  • Skyrim
  • Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
  • Portal 1&2
  • Dance Central
  • Dead Space 2
  • Bioshock
  • CoD (4) Modern Warfare
  • FEZ
  • Mass Effect

I only considered console games. Attaching generations to mainly PC-titles feels akward. Civ 5 and Crusader Kings 2grabbed me more than most of these titles.

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alot of civilziation 4, if your counting the mac version i guess so but that game was out before the xbox 360, will get my list later

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@beachthunder: You can include handheld games. I'm going to limit them to games on the Nintendo DS and Playstation Portable, though. Wikipedia lists both those portables under the 7th gen of video games, and as we all know, Wikipedia is the indisputable source of perfect information on all things that has never been wrong... ever... not even once.

Sarcasm aside, go ahead and list them. I don't want people to feel like they left anything off their lists.

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1. Journey

2. Portal

3. Fallout 3

4. Uncharted 2

5. The Last of Us

6. Gears of War 2

7. The Walking Dead

8. Mass Effect 2

9. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

10. Bioshock

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1. Left 4 Dead

2. Dark Souls

3. Orange Box (specifically Portal)

4. Battlefield Bad Company 2

5. The Witcher

6. Crusader Kings 2

7. Rock Band

8. DotA 2

9. Bastion

10. Saints Row The Third

Sadly, Unreal Tournament 2004 and World of Warcraft just barely miss this list because of their age.

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@chiablo: WoW came out in 2005 in Europe, so I'm counting it! =) (also, you can't really deny that it's been a presence this entire generation).

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Alright, here goes:

  1. Dark Souls
  2. Super Mario Galaxy 2
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  4. The Last of Us
  5. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
  6. StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty
  7. Grand Theft Auto IV
  8. Batman: Arkham Asylum
  9. Bayonetta
  10. Tales of Vesperia (PS3)

Haha this was a lot harder than I thought but here it is. I listed Tales of Vesperia specifically as the PS3 version, since it has a lot of extra content that the 360 version doesn't have and without it the game wouldn't reach top 10 for me.

As for those games that I listed for myself while thinking that didn't reach top 10, here's a list of runner ups:

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Bioshock Infinite

Deus Ex: Human Revolution


Mass Effect 2

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Far Cry 3

Hotline Miami

Uncharted 2

Xenoblade Chronicles

No More Heroes 2

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FYI I'm planning on starting a 64-title, week-long Ultimate Game of the Generation Bracket later this week. It's a really dumb way of picking a GotG but that's what makes it perfect for the site, and it should be a lot of fun seeing people argue the case for their preferred game.

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  1. Nier
  2. Crusader Kings 2
  3. Witcher 2
  4. Fallout: New Veags
  5. Binary Domain
  6. Hotline Miami
  7. Dark Souls
  8. Europa Universalis 4
  9. Tomb Raider
  10. Resonance of Fate

I'm going to try and not over think this

edit; welp forgot fallout

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@mracoon: How were you planning on picking the 64?

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I decided to just order everything based off of my hours played in Steam

  1. Victoria II
  2. Crusader Kings II
  3. Dark Souls
  4. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  5. Fallout: New Vegas
  6. Europa Universalis IV
  7. Civilization V
  8. Hearts of Iron 3
  9. Total War: Rome II
  10. The Witcher 2

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It's a good thing I made a thread about my top 10 games. Oh wait, I totally changed my opinions since then, so here's a altered list.

1. ICO & Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection (just in case you don't count HD remakes, ignore this and include the 11th game)

2. Dark Souls

3. Red Dead Redemption

4. The Last of Us

5.Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

6. Batman: Arkham City

7. Bioshock Infinite

8. TellTale's The Walking Dead (season 1)

9. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

10. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

11. Dishonored

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Welp here goes nothing,

  1. Metal Gear solid 4 (because I have yet to see a game top this SPOILERS-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_lIdiMM0Tc)
  2. Red Dead Redemption
  3. Hotline Miami
  4. The Walking Dead
  5. X-com
  6. Bioshock Infinite
  7. Grand Theft Auto 5
  8. Bioshock Infinite
  9. Bayonetta
  10. Batman Arkham City

EDIT: Switched Portal 2 with Batman

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@ares42 said:

@chiablo: WoW came out in 2005 in Europe, so I'm counting it! =) (also, you can't really deny that it's been a presence this entire generation).

Well, with PC games, it gets really really fuzzy where the line is drawn when people start talking about "console generations". So I drew the line on release date. :p

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  1. Fallout 3
  2. Super Street Fighter IV: AE Edition
  3. Dark Souls
  4. FTL
  5. Mass Effect
  6. Terraria
  7. Saints Row The Third
  8. Bayonetta
  9. Just Cause 2
  10. Grand Theft Auto V
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Ugh, this will be hard...

  • Mafia 2
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Assassins Creed 2
  • Mass Effect trilogy, yes I'm choosing it as one >:D
  • Gears of War
  • Batman: Arkham City
  • Metro: Last Light
  • Far Cry 3
  • Halo 3
  • The Darkness

Honourable mentions: BioShock/Infinite, Crackdown, GTA IV, Call of Duty 4.

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We don't need no polls.

1. The Last of Us

2. The Witcher 2

3. Dark Souls

4. Assassin's Creed IV

5. Uncharted 2

6. Arkham City

7. Uncharted 3

8. Arkham Asylum

9. Saint's Row: The Third

10. Rogue Legacy

Honorable mentions: Mass Effect 2 (still the only good bioware game to come out this generation) and Red Dead Redemption (ACIV kind of does what Red Dead does but much better). FTL is sort of interchangeable with Spelunky and Rogue Legacy, just think Rogue Legacy got the shortest end of the stick. MGS IV is an alright game, good for when it came out but vastly inferior to more recent stuff and MGS3 for that matter. You can't call a game that's 75% long, overly drawn out and poorly written cutscenes "great." That and disgusting fanservice remove it from contention, Bayonetta has the latter issue but in a pure gameplay race it would probably beat everything except Dark Souls.

Note: Haven't played through GTA V yet

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@beachthunder: I just went through a list of games that came out each year and picked out ones that were critically well received or had passionate communities. You can see my draft bracket here. I think I've chosen a pretty good cross-section of games which would at least include one game from someone's personal top 5.

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1.Arkham Asylum

2.Red Dead

3.Sleeping Dogs

4.Dead Rising

5.Witcher 2

6.Dead Space

7.The Last of Us

8.Metro 2033

9.Fallout Vegas

10.Alan Wake

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  1. Red Dead Redemption
  2. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  4. Fallout 3
  5. Bioshock
  6. Portal
  7. Civilization V
  8. Bastion
  9. Skate 2
  10. Gears of War 3
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@mracoon: Seems like a reasonable selection of games, although I would remove Wii Sports - it's obviously a notable game, but I can't fathom many people actually voting for it.

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  • Mass Effect 2
  • Skyrim
  • Halo 3
  • Gears of War 2
  • Just Cause 2
  • Fallout 3 (ultimately I liked this one better. It's largely interchangeable with New Vegas, though)
  • Portal 2
  • Dead Space 2
  • Deus Ex Human Revolution
  • Bioshock

This was just made on a whim so a) there's no numbering - Mass Effect 2, Skyrim, and Halo 3 are the only ones in their proper places and b) I would probably switch things around if I gave this a lot of thought.

Skyrim is my favorite of this generation, but I place it second because Mass Effect 2 is probably the best summary of this generation. Third-person cover-based shooters got pretty popular this generation, it's got a glossy AAA sheen all over it, it's got RPG elements, it's got a pretty good narrative (though the focus is definitely on the characters). If someone 20 years from now asks for a game representative of the seventh generation of video game consoles, I'll tell them to check into Mass Effect 2 before anything else.

That said, this generation's greatest games are pretty varied. Some unfortunate things seemed to have been lost (Exploration and looking in nooks and crannies doesn't seem to be a big focus anymore - it's either wide-open or super-linear) but in return we've got a greater array of talent, a new focus on smaller and indie titles, and gaming has become more popular and accepted than ever. I'd say the industry made some really good progress.

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  1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  2. Portal 2
  3. Dark Souls
  4. Mass Effect 2
  5. Grand Theft Auto V
  6. The Last of Us
  7. Uncharted 2
  8. Batman: Arkham Asylum
  9. Team Fortress 2
  10. DmC Devil May Cry

I like this top 10. I'm probably the only one who will put DmC up there but screw it, i think this game is outstanding.

Of everything else i played this generation i can think of maybe 3 other games i legitimately considered for the Top 10, Civilization V, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Redemption i really need to replay one day. I probably just wasn't in the mood for that kind of game when i first got it because it didn't capture my imagination the same way it did for so many others and yet i normally consider Rockstar's open world games to be in a league of their own.

Other than the games already listed i never played the 2 Super Mario Galaxy and any of the Assassin's Creed games. I plan on remedying this for AC during the Steam Holiday sale but i'm not buying a Wii or Wii U no matter how much i'd like to play the Mario games. If Assassin's Creed 2/Brotherhood are as strong as people have said they are over the years and if Super Mario Galaxy 1/2 really are the successors to Super Mario 64 i always wanted then i suppose some of them could crack the top 10.

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1. Dark Souls

2. Mass Effect 2

3. Uncharted 2

4. Saints Row 3

5. Skyrim

6. Fallout 3

7. Bayonetta

8. Dead Space

9. Arkham Asylum

10.Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012

It's hard to make a list that isn't just games I like personally. But I chose to put games that I very much liked this gen but also were very influential, groundbreaking, or completely original. Some are from franchises but I wold say these are the pinnacle. That said there is a fair bit of favoritism among this list, that can't be helped :P

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Crap. Pretty much on any given day, these could be interchanged, but here goes:

1. Skyrim

2. Borderlands 2

3. Fallout: New Vegas

4. Civ V

5. Saints Row 3

6. Super Mario Galaxy

7. Fallout 3

8. Ni no Kuni

9. Mario Kart Wii

10. Dragon Age: Origins.

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Edit: Updated list

  1. Fallout 3
  2. Geometry Wars
  3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  4. Dark Souls
  5. Crysis
  6. Prince of Persia (2008)
  7. Assasins Creed: Brotherhood
  8. Batman: Arkham Asylum
  9. Bioshock: Infinite
  10. Red Dead Redemption
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  • Bioshock Infinite
  • The Last of Us
  • Assassin's Creed 2
  • Mass Effect
  • The Walking Dead
  • Bayonetta
  • Civilization V (Gods and Kings + Brave New World)
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Gears of War
  • Bioshock

A LOT of games didn't get mentioned, but if 10 is the limit, that's how it is. Those 10 games immediately sprung up when I thought about it.

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I'm just putting some games down for now that came to mind. Don't pay any attention to the numbering yet (other than the top 2 probably), I'll reorder them when I get the chance later tonight.

  1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  2. The Last of Us
  3. Crusader Kings II
  4. Forza Motorsport 4
  5. Civilization IV
  6. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
  7. The Witcher
  8. Halo 3
  9. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  10. Assassin's Creed II
  11. 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
  12. The Walking Dead
  13. Grand Theft Auto V
  14. Hotline Miami
  15. Tokyo Jungle
  16. Phoenix Wright: T&T

EDIT: There. That'll do (for now).

EDIT 2: Just realized The Witcher and Civ IV can be included. Good bye, inferior Civ V! Aww, adding The Witcher bumped 999 down to 11. Oh well.

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So fuck, man. I could take until the years end and still not have an answer for you. So fuck it, here's ten games that I thought of quickly -

10. Dark Souls

9. Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare

8. Xcom - Enemy Unknown

7. Metal Gear Solid 4

6. Red Dead Redemption

5. Bioshock

4. Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves

3. The Walking Dead - Season 1

2. Skyrim

1. Super Mario Galaxy

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I've tried to put these more in order of how into the game I was at the time rather than how I feel about it now.

  • Team Fortress 2
  • Mass Effect
  • Fallout 3
  • League of Legends
  • Battlefield 3
  • Portal
  • Dark Souls
  • Limbo
  • Arma 2 - Dayz/Wasteland
  • Saints Row The 3rd

Reluctantly left off the list: Xcom, GTA5, any of the worms remakes, Skyrim, Bioshock, Dragon Age: Origins, Endless Space.....endless list :/

#45 Posted by Juzie (182 posts) -

1. Dark Souls

2. Mass Effect 2

3. Super Mario Galaxy

4. The Last Of Us

5. Batman: Arkham City

6. Demon's Souls

7. Red Dead Redemption

8. Uncharted 2

9. Call Of Duty 4

10. Dishonored

#46 Edited by Dalai (7788 posts) -

This list is subject to change. Perhaps significantly.

  1. Super Mario Galaxy
  2. Portal 2
  3. Bioshock Infinite
  4. World of Goo
  5. Team Fortress 2
  6. Braid
  7. Wii Sports
  8. Portal
  9. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  10. Borderlands 2
  11. Bioshock
  12. Terraria
  13. Xenoblade Chronicles
  14. Super Mario Galaxy 2
  15. Hotline Miami
  16. Grand Theft Auto IV
  17. Sleeping Dogs
  18. No More Heroes
  19. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
  20. The Sims 3

I had to make a top 20 since I feel pretty passionate about all these games.

#47 Posted by liquiddragon (517 posts) -

So many games I haven't gotten to play yet but here it goes...

1. Valkyria Chronicles
2. Uncharted 2
3. Bioshock/Bioshock Infinite (fuck, I don't know which. pick for me, would ya?)
4. LittleBigPlanet
5. Portal 2
6. Mass Effect 2
7. Super Mario Galaxy
8. Bayonetta
9. Metal Gear Solid 4
10. Lumines/Lumines 2 (pick for me again?)

#48 Edited by nikkoship (15 posts) -
  • Starcraft 2
  • World of Warcraft
  • Red Faction: Guerrilla
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • Portal 2
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Fallout 3
  • Skyrim
  • Mass Effect 3
  • Dark Souls

Runner-ups : Bioshock, XCOM, Last of Us, Gone Home, Call of Duty 4, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. In the end, I guess the ones on my list gave me more long-term enjoyment. I find it hard to say I enjoyed a 9 hour game more than months or years playing another. This was a really long generation, theres tons of great games - I'm sure I'm missing some that I really liked. EDIT: I'll throw Borderlands 2, Super Meat Boy, Spelunky and Rogue Legacy in there too as I'm ashamed at the lack of indie games mentioned.

#49 Posted by white_sox (226 posts) -

I'll do my best. Top 3 is pretty well secure going forward, but everything after that is tentative.

  1. Rainbow Six: Vegas
  2. Gears of War
  3. Fallout 3
  4. Deadly Premonition
  5. Halo 3
  6. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  7. Left 4 Dead 2 (could probably have both games in my top 10, but went with 2 because of the content + continued support)
  8. Mass Effect 2
  9. The Last of Us
  10. Alan Wake

Games I need to replay that could totally make this list: MGS4, Uncharted 2

Games I need to finish that could totally make this list: GTA: V, Beyond: Two Souls,

Worthy mentions: Read Dead Redemption, Xcom: Enemy Unknown, Heavy Rain, The Walking Dead, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

#50 Posted by OLph (28 posts) -
  1. World of Warcraft
  2. Call of Duty Modern Warfare
  3. Metro 2033
  4. Portal
  5. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim
  6. Fallout 3
  7. Syndicate
  8. Saint's Row the Third
  9. Mass Effect
  10. Vanquish

And some honorable mentions:

  • Sleeping Dogs
  • Alan Wake
  • Batman Arkham Asylum
  • BioShock
  • Borderlands
  • Halo Reach
  • Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
  • Plants vs Zombies
  • Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords