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The guys talked about this on the bombcast after the XBone announcement, but who the hell that it was a real possibility?


Skip to the 5:11 mark and listen to the whole answer.

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Hmmm he did say that didn't he? Interesting, we'll have to get confirmation this one though

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I think that you can view anything connected to the HDMI as a video source. You could even plug your PS3 into the Xbox One HDMI input and view the video. Now you will not have communication for example it cannot sense what you plugged into it. I am sure Xbox One will have wireless/or Infrared means of controlling your cable/dish/direct tv box. It is not really control as in communicating data back in forth but mimicking the remote commands. Using the guide it will know what channel you switched to since it switched it for you and can lookup what is playing on that channel and allow overlays with related content.

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Yep, if it really has an HDMI in on the I/O panel you could plug anything into it. 360, PS3, PC, Cable Box, Hell even Apple TV. Whether or not you get signal from these devices is another matter entirely. there may be some degree of HDCP involved but I don't really know how all that works.

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Let's take this to the next level. Plug the Xbox One into itself.

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@blastroid said:

Let's take this to the next level. Plug the Xbox One into itself.

I'm as much for thinking outside the (X)box as the next guy, but there are some things man was never meant to achieve. My god, man, consider the implications! Where does it end? An ouroboros of Xbox Ones (the Xbouroboros One)? What if the massive chain gains sentience, becomes a mech (Mechsbox One) and destroys Mexico (Mexbox One)? And what if it invades Texas (Texbox One)? Everything's bigger in Texas, so it would gain even MORE power!

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But then you'd miss out on that amazing cable integration technology...