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So I'll be taking a two week trip over seas on a couple months and I'm hoping to bring some JRPGs and stuff along with me on my DS. I'm also bringing my iPhone but I wont have an internet connection on the plane or a reliable one in the new country. My question is what do you guys do when trying to load a text walkthrough or guide on your phones for cases like these? My current thought it to try and download a PDF version of the official guide or download any sort of guide-like material and convert it to a PDF. I have a PDF reader on my phone so I could just load it up when I get stuck and flip through the pages as I progress. Anyone have any thoughts or insight?

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I'd like to hear input on this if anyone has some. I always assumed the app store would be full of this kind of stuff, like you could search for a Persona 4 guide and boom it's right there for you but as it turns out there's not much at all in the way of guide apps.

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I would just throw the .txt. files from GameFAQs guides onto dropbox. But I don't know if there would be any formatting problems with that stuff, though.

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There is software that will allow you to create PDFs from web pages, and some browsers even support this. I've also come across game guides on the Play Store before, but they tend to be for mobile games and I can't speak to their quality.