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Where have you wandered from to find GiantBomb?

I guess a lot of you will be from GameSpot, but some of us may be from other places... I came from the Official Nintendo Magazine UK Forums where someone posted a thread about this place... It looks pretty cool!

Where are you from on teh interwebz?

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You guessed it right. Game spot. They are not worth my time anymore.

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Gamespot, and still use both.
People just say Gamespot crap because it's considered cool.

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No i say Game Spots crap because they are not helpful and there site constantly crashes on me.

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I was pretty much everywhere. IGN, Gamespot. Then I saw Jeff on X-play and I was like "Hey, I remember that guy. Might as well check the site out"

Been with GB for a year.
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This is the 1st place I've spent any real time at since the G4tv forums way back before the merger with TechTV, back when the whole networks lineup was about gaming.