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I was in my local Gamestop this evening and I noticed that they had piece of paper with 7/1 written on it next to the Watch Dogs display case. The store manager told me they had just gotten official word in the latest marketing materials and that this is not a place-holder date. Take this all with a grain of salt, but was interesting to me nonetheless.

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7/1 has already come and gone though :o

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I heard it's coming out on July 4th

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Its a place holder, expect an October release date announced at E3, that's my guess. Take it with some salt.

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I stopped giving a shit awhile ago.

If its good, then awesome, i'll play it and enjoy it. If its bad, it'll probably be an interesting failure to discuss.

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Fingers crossed! I certainly don't want yet another year filled with releases in the latter half. Spread that stuff out.

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What if I prefer pepper instead of salt?