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YES whatever the question is.

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Why is this not on the actual site? =\

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@beachthunder: The site was down at the time so he just tweeted a direct link.

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Cool, thanks for the heads up. I'll check this out for a little bit.

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Did they get rid of the NDA?

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No plug.dj room or GIFs on the stream. And for that reason, I'm out.

Also, Ryan is playing like he dreamt away all of his SimCity skills.

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But I can't watch this stream because Twitch TV is telling me I've reached the "maximum number of streams" for my country.

What the fuck? Why am I able to watch Giant Bomb streams but not this one from Ryan's Twitch account? Apparently that was Justin.tv and I just hadn't noticed. Well that website sucks.

I'm a paid Giant Bomb subscriber, and apparently there's content I can't watch. Hmpf. Well, technically this is Ryan content and not Giant Bomb content, but still hmpf.

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@snail: Yeah he did not want to use twitch for some reason.

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It seems a little "tame"? I know its odd to say that about a city building game. I tried it during Beta 1 and it was okay, but seeing it again now as someone else is playing it, well it doesn't provide for an entertaining watch.

I'm wondering if the game amps up the difficulty and stuff to manage as the city grows. If I've understood it correctly we only get the same size of space to build on for the full release. I'm thinking it'll be interesting for a few hours, then seriously start to drag on as you've maxed the building space.

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Stream is over but there is a archive for those who enjoy davis playing strat games

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Thanks for the link, fella! Bookmarked for later viewing.

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What is the official reason for limiting players to 1 hours? They don't want to test gameplay beyond that?

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Test gameplay? It's an hour long demo to get peeps hyped as well as to test out their server capability. They aren't going to be making any changes to gameplay this close to release.

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Ryan is bringing sexy back!

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It seemed really sparse with how many buildings were actually on the streets but maybe that was due to how often Ryan separated his zones with streets

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@fattony12000: A "Closed beta" means testing the game, that's what I've been used to, perhaps the meaning of beta is changing and I'm simply not up to date.

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@funkydupe: They are testing things. Just not anything that a developer working on art or animation or internal tools or sound effects or music or engine or shaders or plot or features or writing or cinematics is going to be able to change at this point. It's been a commonly said thing (not by me, I've never said this thing publicly) these past few years, that many demos are labelled as betas to make them look sexier to gamers I guess question mark?

No doubt they are gathering data from this test, but how much and how useful it'll be is where the lines get blurry between the terms demo (a portion of a finished/nearly finished video game that the public/a selected group of people play) and beta (a classification of a video game whilst in an unfinished state).


It's a damn shit that I didn't get a second code.

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@damisterchief: The archive link isn't working. Looks like Ryan is getting his twitch account and now the video gets stuck in a page load loop.

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So I got into the closed beta today and I kinda like it.

Having to connect to a server for a single player game is still bullshit though.

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@lclay: I think it is the future of video game DRM.

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Why is Ryan at hospital in those pictures?

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Well that was boring. Why didn't he just get a massive bond so he could spend like crazy, there is only so much road laying I can watch in a hour.

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Why is Ryan at hospital in those pictures?

He's doing/did a sleep study.

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@mempf said:

@damisterchief: The archive link isn't working. Looks like Ryan is getting his twitch account and now the video gets stuck in a page load loop.

same here

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I am pretty confused here...

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damn, now that I know this exist and I cant watch it ...it's driving me insane


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Dammit! I want to watch.

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@mbdoeden said:

@cheesebob said:

Why is Ryan at hospital in those pictures?

He's doing/did a sleep study.

I'm glad someone explained this. I thought he was doing LA Noire style performance capture there for a minute.