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@jz: Just because we can say something doesn't necessarily mean we should. In this case, dealing in hyperboles does us no good whatsoever. Freak out once things actually go downhill, but flailing around before anything has actually happened only makes us look silly.

Change is a part of life. If Patrick taking a different role leads to Giant Bomb falling apart, so be it, but until we actually start seeing that happen, I'm more inclined to believe in the capabilities of the crew over just bailing overboard before there's even water in the boat. So, just calm down. It's happening. You and I can do nothing about it. And no matter how it turns out, we'll face it when it actually happens.

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@jz said:

@truthtellah: but I'm scared

Well, then suck it up and try to think rationally instead. We all feel scared sometimes, but it doesn't mean we have allow our fears to control us. Plenty of things are alarming, but you have to find a way to either express your fears in a rational way or keep them to yourself. This is a worrying and sad thing; no doubt. We just have to face it and take it in stride. If we see issues resulting from it, we can bring them up, but shrieking today isn't going to do or change anything. All it does is get us in an unnecessary huff.

It's okay to be scared. But we have to learn how to deal with it. And in this case, this is a decision that is done. And the most we can do is hope that they will pick up the slack and make things work. If they don't, they don't. But for now, we can accept what is happening and have some hope.

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@jz said:

@truthtellah: the rational thing is what scares me.

Then respond rationally. See the reality before you. Right now, all you have are fears for the future that you can't possibly control. Worrying about them and telling people how awful it is does no one any good. It's happening, and whether you're scared or not, the rational thing is to wait and respond to what actually happens and not just what you fear will happen.

Just simmer down a bit, accept that this is a sad and maybe even scary occurrence, and then move on until real problems arise.

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The only thing I worry about is this would probably the last time we see the guys as game journalists. Jeff was already getting offers to do inside reviews for game companies and Vinny and Drew are so talented at what they do that they could easily transition to cbs broadcasting.

I'm not saying the end is coming, but enjoy it while it lasts.