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\±/ Praise the Sun! \±/

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@humanity said:

So were people really that bothered by having to not use their devices during take-off and landing? I mean if you're taking any sort of substantial trip you still have a good 5-8 hours of dead air time when you're cruising to your destination.

It just doesn't make any sense. Devices have airplane modes.

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I always turn electronic things off for most of the flight anyway, never understood why people feel like they need to have them on - better safe than sorry in addition there are plenty of other things you could be doing.

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All I wanna do is Praise the Sun!

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What's the point of playing Mario Kart against the guy sitting next to you if it isn't dangerous?

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@jeffgoldblum: ok i was just wondering if this is a first world problem sort of thing or not

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This is a GYM BATTLE do you understand?? If I don't win this badge I'll take the whole plane down with me!!

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If only I could be so grossly incandescent.

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I understand that this is a "first world problem" or whatever, but I fly enough that this is fantastic news. I hate having a flight attendant come tap me on the shoulder to take my headphones out. When I fly, I want as little human interaction as possible. I have horrible anxiety issues, and retreating into my world of music and podcasts is the only thing that makes flying bearable. Those thirty minutes at the top and bottom of the flight are godawful for me.

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My absolute favorite quote from my favorite character of my favorite game.

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Praise the sun!

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I always found people who complain about that to be kind of ridiculous. Like what is the matter with just shutting down an electronic device before take off, to ensure you don't die to unknown reasons. Maybe I just haven't been on enough flights but take off doesn't last that long in my experience.

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@killroycantkill: I think it's less about the inconvenience and more about the principle of it being a dumb nonsensical rule.

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Very cool. Now I just need to get a Vita. Tempted to buy a 3DS but if I get a handheld it'll probably be a Vita.

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@snail: Of course he did. I mean, it's what we're all thinking, right? Finally, I don't have to ever stop looking for StreetPasses.

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There are some folks out there, obviously, who ignored the rule because it didn't seem to apply to them. Finally, we don't have to give those rolling eyes anymore.

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I'm that guy that is pretty much passed out before the airplane even takes off, so this is not a big deal for me.

That being said, "Dark Souls"!

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Sure - but they'll still keep telling me to put my bag under the seat in front further and further...